G Manifesto Interview: Part I

If you don’t who the prolific writer G Manifesto is, then perhaps come out of the cave you might be living in. Blunt, in your face and constantly spitting gold, G Manifesto drops some valuable knowledge for you gents in this interview.

G Manifesto is no stranger to controversy. But hey, anyone who’s crushing the game of life is used to being back-stabbed and mocked. But that’s addressed in this interview as well.

Because we received so many questions from you all, we’re splitting this interview up into a few parts. Here’s Part 1.

P.S. I’d highly recommend printing these interviews out and framing them on your wall. Your life will thank us later.

Part I

Q: Your blog has been a prolific force on the web for quite some time even if you haven’t dropped fresh content in years. Was there a reason you stopped posting in particular, or was it more that you didn’t have the time or interest anymore?

Really a combination of things. The kind of money I am making these days, the time spent writing and editing really doesn’t make sense anymore. Writing is an artistic release and a labor of love, but it is a lot of work and time.

But you are right, what I wrote had a huge impact. Name a “manosphere” writer (that term always sounded like a gay nightclub in Amsterdam or Tampa or something) that I haven’t influenced?

People always ask why don’t I write a book? Why don’t I want to monetize The G Manifesto? What’s a successful internet author make? 250k per year at most? The most successful ones? I can make that in a couple of months. Hell, you know it has taken me forever to even get back these interview questions to you.

Plus, right now I am starting two new companies, so I could never really put the effort into it right now. The future? Maybe I will start writing again. The “manosphere” is very stale if you hadn’t noticed.

Furthermore, my lifestyle these days is insane. I live in the dopest building in the best Model hood in the world. I go out 3-5 nights per week. I run my hood like a fiefdom. I got everywhere important on complete Lock Down. Everywhere new that opens up I have on “Insta-Lock” because of connections.

And the harsh reality is if you are making big money, dressing sharp and living in a town with beautiful girls on every corner, you don’t even have enough days and nights in the week to swoop all the girls you got cooking.

Write a blog post? Or go out to a restaurant on complete Lock Down with two beautiful 21-year-old Ukrainian girls? Tough decision.

My advice to young kids these days is basically the same, make Money, get freedom and be top of the food chain in a model hood. From there, everything else falls into place.


Q: You’ve mentioned starting with nothing in life and creating a great lifestyle. What do you think has been the biggest factor in your success?

I really think I was destined for this. I have always been a student of The Playboy Lifestyle. A lot was self actualization. But the more I have learned, I have come to the realization that Playboys are born, not made. Think about how many guys come strong for a year, or two, or ten? They just aren’t built to last. They aren’t born in The Hunt.

My advice to younger guys is look up to people in history. One will learn more from Miyamoto Musashi, Jack Johnson (the boxer, not that weesh singer), Harry Greb, Bruce Lee, Willam H Bonney and Muhammad Ali than they will from any game figures on internet (present company excluded).

Juice, eat healthy, workout everyday no matter how hungover, stretch, foam roll, box, surf, watch the sunset and sunrise everyday.

Most guys that bitch all day simply aren’t putting in the work.

Take a hard look at yourself. Are you throwing on the Custom Suit 3-5 nights per week? Are you boozing hard 3-5 nights per week? 10-20 cocktails per night? Bottles of champagne? Are you getting up watching the sunrise and heading straight to the boxing gym and working out so hard that you are puking your guts out the next morning?

Or are you on Hinder, Okstupid and Plenty of Shrimp while you cry?

If you are not doing those things, then stop bitching and get to work.

Straight up, there has never been a Man that wore a Custom Suit 3-5 nights per week carried a huge bankroll didn’t give a fuck, lived in a model town and smoked and boozed heavy that didn’t swoop tons of beautiful girls. Not once. Ever.

Q: Do you believe that your posts you used to write were ahead of their time?

Is there any doubt?

Think about it:

In 2005 I was writing about lifestyle, the big realization from everyone else in 2015 was “I think I should focus on lifestyle!”. (The sub-title for The G Manifesto has always been, “The Guide to Getting More out of Life”)

I was talking about custom suits in 2005, in 2015 guys were like, “maybe I should dress well!”.

I have been talking about boxing since 2005, and in 2015 guys are like, “maybe a martial art is a good idea!”

Want to read the 2016 manosphere? Just read 2006, G Manifesto.

The more advance stuff is a good 20-30 years ahead of its time.

But if you think about it, it makes sense. I have been swooping girls for a long time. I come straight from the old-school, bare-knuckles Playboy lineage.

PUA’s and Manosphere guys were crying dorks in the 90’s and the early 2000’s until they picked up a book by a balding guy in 2005 or so. A book that I read a few pages and chucked off my balcony.


Q: On a scale of 1-10 (1 being least and 10 the most) how smart was the move out of Cali? Do you wish you would have done it sooner?

The single greatest move ever I have ever made. I think my only life regret might be that I should have done it sooner. That being said, my last 5 years in California, I was only there maybe three months of the year.

I mean, what’s to miss? The only things to miss are the Craft Beers and guacamole. And fortunately I hate craft beer and I can make guac. Extra guac.

Do I miss The Police State? Travel times? Early last call? The Taxes? Come on. The money I save on taxes alone plays my place and a good portion of my booze tab.

Yeah, but time was right.

California doesn’t really appreciate The Playboy. California appreciates packs of guys in beenies when its warm out.

No smoking laws ruined California. Everywhere you go there are always more guys than girls. The girls dress terrible. It’s for a different type of guy. The kind of guy that likes dudes, I guess.

I could write 50 pages about why the place completely sucks, but I think you get my point. And keep in mind, there are no sour grapes. I used to run that place and had all the key spots on Lock. Bottom line, being a top Man where I live now is a million times better than being a top Man in California.

My advice for others is find a place you like i.e. the best place. Then Lock it Down completely. I think it is better to have the world come to you than to chase the world.

Q: Haters. Anyone making waves has them. What’s your rant for the socially stunted guys who anonymously hate on you?

Haters hate themselves, that is the harsh truth. If 99% of regular guys hate you, there is a 99% chance you are doing 100% of the right things.

The funniest thing about guys with Money, Women, Freedom is they never hate. They are way too busy making Money, swooping and enjoying life. Those guys are always the most positive people and focused on the most positive things.

The reality is there has never been a better time in history for a Man to swoop mass amounts of beautiful girls.

But keep in mind if you If you are making that 7 figures plus, in a sunny paradise, and swooping 50 plus beautiful Eastern European and South American girls per year, expect the hate to be loathing. That is about the level where regular guys will just simply despise you.


I used to care a little and waste time smacking people around. I went about 850-0 with 850 KO’s. My job is smacking people around so it comes real natural to me.

Show me a hater and I will show you a guy from a D grade city, making minimal cash, with a Tinder account.

Guys today bitch all day long about technology. As if dorks in the 1990’s were really cleaning up or something. The truth is that technology allows you to manage huge pipelines of girls. Want to go back to writing letters to that girl you met visiting from Colombia? Want to go back to making 15 calls on a pay phone at 1:30 am?

It was impossible to have 5-50 different girlfriends cooking before technology. Now it’s common place for an Enlightened Man at the top of the food chain in a Model town.

Manosphere guys bitch about how women today don’t want to settle down. The harsh reality is girls today don’t want to settle down with them. An Apex Man has girls wanting to settle down with him non-stop. Regular guys just don’t get how good it is for those at the top. And they never will.

This concludes Part 1. There’s more timeless knowledge coming, so look for Part 2 out soon. In the meantime, check out G Manifesto’s blog and follow him on Twitter.

Learn the skills that separate the men from the boys here.

12 Replies to “G Manifesto Interview: Part I”

  1. Thanks G. Been rocking dope suits and sportscoat for the last 2 years. Its really elevated my life- both domestically and internationally.

    Its a slow percolation process with your stuff and it really takes time to absorb, process, experiment and push boundaries to see what works for the individual person.

    You have been missed…


  2. Here are my questions:

    What’s a current day in the life like for G Manifesto from sunrise to sunset?

    Also, if you were just getting started today, where would you focus your energy to make BIG money? Stocks? Affiliate marketing? Real estate? Etc.


  3. I thought it was going to be audio interview, wanted to hear his voice. Oh well… Maybe one day.

    If you can get Roissy on, I would be in your debt.


  4. Great post but if you follow manifesto twitter feed this just looks like you cut and pasted his words and put them up as an interview. I could be wrong and hope I am. Big fan of the G and hope he is a real person but this seems strange.


  5. Suggestions and concepts leading to making money, in fact MORE money which has always been one of my favorite amounts. Women are easy and I have a good stable for the moment, money provides more choices and fun. Thanks, and for the interview as well, good stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I always dug G. I would comment every so often under One Dope Mexican. I didn’t even know what the Manosphere was. I just thought the writing was dope and I listen to ol’ school hip-hop like G did. Glad to hear he;s still around. Big up to G Manifesto.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. If you could give one piece of advice to guys fresh out of college (say early to mid 20s), who want to have the freedom and flexibility – what would it be?

        If more specifics are needed: Start with the career/money and the rest will come? Start working on the swooping skills? What’s the best path to setup long term success with women, money, and therefore – freedom?


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