Episode #38 Travel Tips for Playboys


In Episode #38 of A Man In Demand Radio I share some of the most exclusive travel tips geared for your lifestyle: the modern playboy. From how to meet hot girls in the airport, to the #1 thing you should do when you check-in to your hotel (or an Airbnb), to how to make your solo trips your best yet, this episode is PACKED with info you won’t find anywhere else. Grab your boarding pass, tune in and get ready for some Next Level knowledge.

Show Notes:

  • When your trip really starts (hint: it’s well before you step on the plane)
  • The proper research and resources to utilize BEFORE you go, so your trip is a success
  • Airport Game: who to talk to and what to say
  • The #1 most important aspect of booking your spot and why it can make or break your trip
  • Best travel sites to book on
  • What you should do immediately after checking in to your room
  • Why it’s a good thing to stand out when you’re traveling and how you can use this to your advantage
  • The one ‘line’ to use immediately with girls to weed out the time-wasters: this line is very effective for finding the DTF girls
  • The Travel Formula you should use with your new contacts to ensure you have the city On-Lock when you return
  • And much, much more!

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Episode #38 Travel Tips for Playboys