How To Avoid Being A Thirsty Man

The Thirst Trap is where many men in 2016 find themselves. Desperate, pleading, and willing to sacrifice self-respect for a few minutes of ‘pleasure’, men in the Thirst Trap are willing to do anything to get some sex (and usually get nowhere).

How does a playboy such as yourself avoid the Thirst Trap?

Keep reading because I’m breaking down exactly the actions to take (and not take) to make sure you never come across like a thirsty schmuck to that sexy girl you just met with these 6 tips.

#6. Know Your Value

This is simple, but the essence of it is: if you KNOW you’re a High Value Male, then the thought of begging a girl to get into her pants is never an option.

You won’t blow up her phone with texts.

You won’t blow up her phone with calls.

You won’t bend and break to her every whim just to MAYBE get some sex.

You understand that your value is such, that you simply don’t NEED to act like a beta bitch boy in order for her to want to have sex with you.

You’re a High Value Male and HVMs don’t beg for sex or the attention of a girl.

#5. Have Multiple Options

A player with options is a player with power.

Let’s say there’s a player named Jake. Jake has a lot of great things going on for him, but he finds himself getting infatuated with Becky, a chick he JUST met two nights before.

He’s never had sex with Becky.

In fact, all he’s done is exchange some text messages and stalk look at her social media accounts.

He SHOULD be working on himself to better his life and meeting MORE girls, but instead he wastes almost two hours at work scouring through her photos.

Jake is slipping.

The end story of this hypothetical character is that Jake never beds Becky. He never even gets her on a date and reason is simple: women have a 6th sense for men who are thirsty and it’s a complete TURN-OFF. They hate it. They despise it. They know deep down that they generally don’t deserve to have a guy worship them and it makes them feel uncomfortable. There’s a reason why women are scientifically drawn to ‘bad boys’.

Maybe Jake will smarten up and realize if he had 10 girls he was talking to, then he would give off a vibe of having options which would in turn cause women to chase HIM. If you’re a semblance of Jake, then you know what to do: meet more girls, get more ‘prospects’ cooking and this will help prevent you from getting thirsty.

P.S. There’s a reason why many men in stale marriages act thirsty as fuck. It’s because they KNOW they don’t have any options (or so their negative and limited self-believe tells them), so they’re willing to be treated like shit for the hope they may receive a hesitant Birthday Blowjob once per year.


#4. Let Her Be The Last To Text In The Convo

This is Game 101, but it’s crucial.

If you find yourself pulling this kind of shit below (a sample text convo), then you’re borderline thirsty, or you’re already on your way to Thirstville.

Sample Text Convo

John: Hey there, what are you doing tonight?

Jane: Not much

John: What to hang out?

Jane: Sure. What did you have in mind?

John: Let’s go watch that new movie Revenge of The Thirsty Fuck

Jane: Okay…

John: I’ll pick you up at 8 sharp!

Jane: Okay

John: Can’t wait to see you : )

Jane: (no response)

Now this text exchange didn’t start out terrible, but it quickly become worse.

He would have been better off ending the convo with this text: “I’ll pick you up at 8. Skirt and heels” (note the change). When she responds with “Okay”, then that’s it. There is ZERO reason to respond with more.

If you’re having trouble with your text game, then download your copy of The Player’s Guide To Text Game here.

This also allows mystery to build in her mind which leads me to tip #3…

#3. Mystery Is Your Best Wingman

No, I’m not talking about the fuzzy hat PUA cat from back in the day, but about the actual use of mystery with a girl.

A girl will ALWAYS fill in the blanks more with her imagination then you could ever do. That’s how they’re wired. Don’t believe me? See how science backs up what I know to be true already. Yea, my game knowledge is the real McCoy. And author Robert Greene agrees as well.

“An elusive, enigmatic aura will make people want to know more, drawing them into your circle…The moment people feel they know what to expect from you, your spell on them is broken.” -Robert Greene, The Art of Seduction

Source (note the bolded parts are mine for emphasis)

Erin Whitchurch and her colleagues conducted a study of 47 female undergraduates to find out. Each woman was told that several male students had viewed her Facebook (link is external) profile and rated how much he’d like to get to know her.

One group was told that they would be seeing the four men who had given them the highest ratings (the “liked-most” condition). Another group of women were told that they would be seeing four men who had given them average ratings (the “liked-average” condition). Finally, another group of women (the “uncertain” condition) were told that it was unknown how much each guy liked her. The women then viewed four fictitious Facebook profiles of attractive male college students.

After they viewed those profiles, they reported their mood and rated multiple aspects of their attraction to the male students (e.g., “someone I would hook up with”). The participants then rated their mood again, and also reported the extent to which thoughts about the men had “popped into their head” during the prior 15 minutes.

The researchers found evidence of the reciprocity principle: Women liked the men more when they were led to believe that the men liked them a lot, compared to when they thought the men liked them an average amount.

Women in the uncertain condition, however, were the most attracted to the men.

Women also reported thinking about the men the most in the uncertain condition, and there was tentative evidence that the effect of uncertainty on attraction was explained by the frequency of their thoughts. In other words, it wasn’t the uncertainty per se that made the men attractive, but the thoughts it induced.

Women in the liked-best condition reported a more positive mood than women in the liked-average condition, but there was no difference in mood between the women in the uncertain condition and those in the liked-best condition. Women felt just as positive under uncertainty as they did knowing for sure the guys liked them.

This study is important as it’s the first to manipulate different degrees of certainty. It also puts a new spin on “playing hard to get”: It seems that being unavailable isn’t attractive, but being mysterious is. According to the researchers, “People who create uncertainty about how much they like someone can increase that person’s interest in them.”


#2. Let Her Chase

Here’s a simple tip that’s quite easy to implement: for every one time you invite a girl to hang out, she should initiate to hang out as well.

Here’s a simple example:

Jack invites Michelle to hang out (for the first time). Michelle accepts.

They have a good time and then Jack invites her again to hang out. Michelle turns him down. Jack wonders why. The reason is simple: Michelle WANTS to chase a bit. She YEARNS to feel the strong emotions of chasing Jack, but Jack doesn’t know game, so he doesn’t realize this. So he chases. And chases, until Michelle blocks his number.

Here’s how it should go:

Jack invites Michelle to hang out (for the first time). Michelle accepts.

They have a good time and then Jack does what every good player knows to do: let her chase a little. It IS a game after all. And he also knows that if she’s REALLY interested in him she will scale Mount Everest to see him again. If she’s on the fence about seeing him, she will not initiate seeing him again.

This comes down to: do you want girls who have a STRONG desire to spend time with you, or do you want lukewarm girls who are on the fence about you?

This will determine the QUALITY of girls and relationships you have.

Now note that this doesn’t mean you don’t take the lead. Odds are you’ll always be the one to initiate the first date, sex, etc, but there should be a balance. Is she initiating as well? Is she offering suggestions of things for the two of you to do? If she’s not, then consider pulling back to see if she will. If she doesn’t, her interest is simply not high enough. Eject and replace.

#1. Have Self-Respect

Let’s say you have succumbed to being thirsty before. Hell, it happens to ALL of us at least at one point in our lives.

How did you FEEL?

You didn’t feel good did you?

Let’s say maybe it even worked out and your thirst got you a lackluster lay with her. Was the sex that great? Did you look at yourself in the mirror with pride after you did the deed?

Odds are you felt a bit shitty. You felt a bit like you might have lowered your standards. You might have felt like “I’m BETTER than this!”.

Not being thirsty stems from having self-respect.

If you don’t respect yourself, you can’t expect others to respect you.

Now granted, there are some people who will never respect you and those are referred to as morons and yes, the world is full of them, however, a healthy good relationship starts with attraction + respect.

If she respects you, she’ll follow. If she respects you, she’ll be happy for you to lead. If she respects you, she won’t constantly shit-test you and treat like a beta bitch boy.

Start fostering healthy self-respect in yourself and you’ll see any thirst dissipate quickly.

Don’t fall into the trap of being a thirsty fuck. You won’t get girls consistently like that, you’ll eventually hate yourself and you’ll demolish any chance of you having a happy and healthy relationship.

Thirst is for schmucks and you’re not a schmuck.

Have a great weekend gentlemen and look for Part 2 of the Single Father Series this Monday.


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