How To Memorize The Name Of Every Girl You Meet

When a professor who has taught at Rutgers University, York University and Universität des Saarlandes reached out to me about doing a guest post on this blog about memorizing girls names, I was more than intrigued.

I was hooked.

See, I used to be REALLY good at memorizing girls names.

Back in college I could memorize her name, address, and bra size within minutes of meeting her, but then about 10,000 vodka-tonics happened and my memory isn’t as good as it used to be. Namely, with memorizing girls names.

I’ve even ‘lost’ out on sex with new girls because I couldn’t remember their damn name.

I remember this one time in particular in Vegas where immediately after she told me her name I couldn’t remember it. Not a big deal right? I’ve bedded many women where I truly didn’t know their name even after the deed was done, but this particular girl at some point in the night (somewhere between the fog of leaving Drai’s and the hot wings at Spearmint Rhino) she randomly asked me if I knew what her name was.


I pulled a few tricks out of my bag, namely the ole “Your name? It’s Miss Beautiful”, but she wasn’t having it. She hopped off my lap and left in a huff and what was a pretty sure thing blew up in my face, because I simply couldn’t remember her name. Granted that was a fuzzy night where I somehow wound up with my shirt off and bottle in hand at a stripclub of all places, but here at this blog we don’t use excuses. If improvements can be made, then by hell we’ll make them and in our quest for becoming the best men we can be, this guest post will help us.

Here we go…

(This guest post is by professor and best-selling author Anthony Metivier, a memory expert and ‘owner’ of a great beard. Find out more about him at the end of the article in his bio)

Ever experienced this soul-crushing moment with a woman? Everything’s going well, you’re having a great conversation, maybe some innuendo and then you’re forced to say …

“I’m sorry, what was your name again?”

Guess what?

You’ve just belittled her. No matter how many times she says “it’s okay” …

It’s not okay! You’re now in the Phantom Zone and not even the Friend Zone is anywhere in sight.

But here’s the good news:

Forgetting the names of the women you meet doesn’t have to happen anymore. You don’t have to let your poor memory destroy your chances.

Nor do you have to pull sneaky tricks like getting her to show you her driving license to prove her age so you can learn her name on the sly. That’s not a bad trick in a pinch, but without a reliable memory technique in place, you’re going to forget her name again anyway, so ask yourself: Isn’t time that you took care of your poor memory?

You’re in? Excellent. Here are 3 memory techniques you can use to ensure that you never forget the name of a woman again. The best part is that by developing your memory, you’ll not only have greater confidence with women. You’ll also grow as a man.

The Spelling Bee Technique

When we meet new women, we’re often so caught up in the moment and thinking about pick up techniques that we don’t register a new name when we first hear it. But as Harry Lorayne teaches, you can’t remember information if you don’t give it your attention.

Luckily, this is easy to do. For example, no matter how simple a name is, you can repeat it, ideally twice and then spell it out loud. Like this:

You: Hey, what’s your name?

Her: Laura.

You: Laura? What a nice name. Like L-A-U-R-A or … ?

Now you might be thinking as you continue reading this post that a quality woman is either going to think you’re an idiot or challenge you on your spelling act.

This should present you with no problem. You can pre-empt the first by possibility by showing your higher self or turn her challenge into an opportunity to flirt.

For example, you could say (once again taking the opportunity to repeat her name again for the benefit of your memory), “You know, Laura, the reason I ask you about the spelling is because I really care about the new people I meet. Repeating and spelling names is a foolproof way to do that.”

You’ll need to tailor exactly how you say this approach for different contexts, but done well, you’re establishing your value and telling her that she’s welcome in your universe.

If she challenges you, you’ve got endless opportunities to respond back in fun and witty ways that will turn her engine on.

If you don’t want to spell her name out loud yourself, you can get her to spell it for you or just spell it silently in your head. No matter which route you choose, the Spelling Bee Technique focuses your memory on the name and helps ensure you won’t forget it.

The Nursery Rhyme Technique

Except under special conditions, you’re going to want to keep this one inside your own head. This memory technique, as with the next one, can border on insulting, so share it with caution.

All you do is rhyme the name you hear silently in your mind. If you hear “Laura,” you can say “Laura Bora,” “Laura Snora,” or “Laura Fangora.” You’ll rarely run out of options.

This technique focuses your attention on the name, gets you repeating it a couple of times and establishes a flavor for the sound. You’ll have to work hard at forgetting it after these 20 seconds of effort, and that’s not a bad thing at all.

The Salvador Technique

Ever see those wacky paintings by Salvador Dali? The guy was always cramming weird elements together in ways so strange they’ve become part of the popular imagination.

Well, you don’t have to be a painter to use weird images to make names memorable. You just need to create them in your mind and attach them to the names of women you meet. Ideally, you’ll use other women you already know as part of the paint on your palette.

For example, let’s take Laura again. You probably already know another Laura, but if not, there are famous Lauras like Laura Bush, Laura Dern, Laura Haddock and many more.


Pick a Laura and then create a surreal painting in your mind. You could see this new Laura in a fist fight with Laura Bush, for example. Or you could incorporate the rhyming technique by seeing Laura “boring” into Laura Dern’s arm with a swizzle stick. The more Lauras you compress together, the more memorable the name “Laura” will become.

And these examples make for bizarre image, right? That’s what makes them memorable. And the best part is that you can incorporate all three techniques if you wish all within the first 30 seconds of meeting a new woman to ensure that you never forget a name again.

How To Become Visually Creative So You Can Master These Memory Techniques

One surefire way to develop your visualization skills so you can instantly memorize names is to exercise your brain.

No, you don’t have to spend hours twiddling with some boring app. The reality is that you can get more creative by writing down a list of ten ideas a day as suggested by James Altucher in Choose Yourself. The trick is to make the ideas visual and for the purposes of this exercise, attach the ideas to names.

For example, let’s say one of your ideas involves a colony of female leprechauns burrowing down to the center of the earth. As part of visualizing this scenario, give the leader of the leprechauns a name. The more unusual the better. Practice memorizing it and also give as many of her minions names as you can before listing your next idea.

As you engage in this exercise, be sure to concentrate on making the images you see vibrant, large and incorporate crazy action.

The more you fill your image with energy, the more memorable it will be, as well the names.

This exercise is really just the beginning if you choose to develop your creativity. There are more unconventional brain training exercises to engage with, so please do invest the time. It’ll help your memory as well as many other areas of your mental life.

In sum, you can remember names and learn to do it so well that you never forget another one again. The ability to memorize and recall names with ease will increase your confidence with women and show women that you’re a person worthy of their attention. Plus, you’ll get a chance either then or later to teach them how they can memorize names too, and nothing is sexier to women than a guy who can teach them a new skill.

Go forth and impress.

About the author:


Anthony Metivier is the author of over 12 bestselling books and video courses on using your memory for specific topics and host of the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast where he teaches you to learn, memorize and recall any information with ease and speed. Get his FREE Memory Improvement Kit now and start memorizing speeches, poems, names, numbers and more using the natural powers of your imagination. He’s a friendly guy too and looks forward to answering your pressing memory questions.

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8 Replies to “How To Memorize The Name Of Every Girl You Meet”

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I’d love to hear if you from you about what happens when you use the techniques.


  1. Hey Thanks Anthony Metivier
    “The more you fill your image with energy, the more memorable it will be, as well the names.” I sometimes ask how do they spell their name? Than apply the spelling and ussually get them to help after the first 2 letters.


  2. Pro tip on the Spelling Bee method — it takes approximately 6 repetitions to remember something. So after “Tell me, what’s your name?” your follow up is, “You strike me as unique, in a good way. Tell me, do you spell your name the standard way, like Mary, M-A-R-Y, or do you do something crazy, like change the Y for an I?” She’ll respond with her name again, and will probably spell it again. All the time you should stare at her forehead and imagine the letters being written there. Then say, “Well, Mary with a Y, it’s quite fortunate you met me.”


    1. Great tip, WMD. There are lots of other opportunities to fit the name in as well, such as “So, Mary, tell me, what’s it like when you … ?”

      You can also make associations with a name by asking if she’s ever looked up other famous people on the Internet like Queen Mary or Mary Poppins or the Biblical Mary, etc. There are very few names you can’t play a game of associations with.

      Liked by 1 person

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