Episode #45 How To Have A Great Weekend In Vegas


In Episode #45 of A Man In Demand Radio, I share my tips for doing Vegas right. Summer is rapidly approaching and I’m getting inundated with emails from readers asking for tips on everything from meeting girls at vegas pool parties, to the nightlife scene, to whether daygame works there and everything in between, so it’s time to drop a knowledge ‘bomb’ of info all things Vegas related.

Show Notes:

  • Best way to hit up Vegas: with a group, your best buddy, or solo? Find out inside
  • Do you need bottle service to get laid in Vegas?
  • Does daygame work in Vegas? What’s the best way to get girls outside of the club?
  • Two tips that will have you drinking for next to nothing
  • What clubs are ‘hot’ right now and where has fallen off in a BIG way
  • Is it better to stay in a cheap hotel off the strip to save money, or stay on the strip and spend a bit more? Are logistics that important?
  • How to spot an escort, so you don’t waste your time approaching working girls
  • The two main aspects of having a great weekend in Vegas and why it’s key
  • And much, much more!

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P.S. Next week I have Illimitable Man on the podcast as my Special Guest: don’t miss it!

Episode #45 How To Have A Great Weekend In Vegas



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