Escaping Is Not “Making It”



Drew glanced at the clock wondering if it was possible to speed it up, just by shooting daggers at it through his intense glare.

The clock didn’t move.

He leaned back in his supposedly ergonomic office chair and let out a soft groan. More like a “I hate you all and go fuck yourselves” mumbled softly and hidden by his groan.

The office pest, a dude named Robert, waddled by stuffing his face with a jelly filled donut. Drew looked at him in contempt and decided to fuck with him.

“You have jelly on your face Robert”.

Robert clambered to wipe his face his eyes bulging like a toad’s as he get’s speared in a Louisiana swamp.

“Really?! Where? Did I get it?”

Drew continued the gag. What else could he do? He was bored out of his mind at his generic office job that made him contemplate suicide more than once. Well, not suicide, but thoughts about how this job couldn’t be all there was to life.

And the damn fluorescent lights. Who invented those anyway? And why? They buzzed and crackled above him every day like an alien descending down with a smirk on his face and anal probe outstretched in his hand.

Fuck aliens and fuck fluorescent lights, Drew thought, as he egged Fat Robert on.

“Dude, it’s right THERE. How can you be missing it?”

Robert started to stammer, but then decided the best thing would be to continue his gluttony and shoved the rest of the jelly filled non-gluten free donut into his massive mouth.

Drew laughed.

Jelly dropped on the floor.

And then their boss walked up.

Their boss had the look of a man who had been handed an opportunity once before and due to his lack of confidence and overall low T-levels, had rejected it and now lived the most average life a man could live. His name was Bob.

Bob stood silently critiquing Drew and Robert, when the joke was really on him. His whole life was a joke, Drew thought as he stared back at Bob silently counting down the hours until he walked out of the office a free man. Finally fucking free.

“Drew, we’re going to miss you around these parts. You weren’t the perfect employee, but you did well with what you have”, Bob said as he chuckled. Jelly flew out of Robert’s mouth as he laughed along with Bob trying to score brownie points. Drew smirked. Fuck all of you morons.

Bob continued prattling sharing why it’s foolish to go into business for yourself and why Drew should really consider staying on and perhaps could get a $1 raise in 6-9 months. Drew just kept smirking.

The clock struck five and Drew walked out of the boring office building a free man. Today was the first day of living he thought and in some ways Drew felt he had already made it.

Drew set on a schedule of getting up early, doing affirmations, working out and reading success and mindset books all the while letting a small part of himself think that he had already made it, just by escaping his 9-5 grind.

Drew hadn’t made it. He was far from ‘making it’.

Sure, he had decided to take a plunge that so many never do embarking on an entrepreneurial journey, but what Drew didn’t realize was that just by quitting the job didn’t automatically make his dreams of owning his own business come to fruition.

Drew needed to work. Drew needed to realize that just by switching your situation doesn’t give you liberty to sit back and feel satisfied.

Drew needed to work 18 hour days on his business.

Drew needed to pour every waking minute into putting lifeblood into a business where he hadn’t even made a dime.

A business isn’t a business until it’s making money. If it’s not making money, then it’s just a damn hobby, but Drew didn’t realize that.

Drew got some business cards made, because a popular article on Yahoo! Finance said that’s what you should do.

He’d attend parties and dates with girls, when he should have been focused on his business, handing out his card, but when people would ask how business was, he’d stammer and his face would get red.

Drew hadn’t made it. He was far from ‘making it’.

Drew isn’t real, but there’s some ‘Drews’ reading this.


If you’ve been paying lip service to getting ahead in life, but haven’t done jack shit to do so, then it’s time to make a firm commitment to your cause.

If you’ve been ruminating about how you’re going to break free from the job you despise so bad, then stop talking about it and start doing.

It won’t come easy.

Working for yourself never is, until you build it up, but if you truly want it, then be prepared to fucking bleed for it.

Be prepared to sacrifice everything.

Be prepared to cut the bullshit out of your life so you can live the life you really want.

I can’t light the fire in you, only you can, if that’s what you really want.

100% of you will read this.

70% will nod and agree, but do nothing to change their situation.

20% will start to put in effort, realize it can be hard as fuck and the comfort of average is just oh so enticing and quit.

10% of you will decide right here and right now you’ll do whatever it takes to achieve your dreams, goals and the life you want.

It might have nothing to do with starting your own business. It might just have everything to do with something in your life that has been off for a while, whether that’s an unhappy marriage, a dissatisfied relationship, or yes, even dealing with a boss like Bob that you hate seeing everyday.

The choice is yours. It always is. What you do is now up to you.

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3 Replies to “Escaping Is Not “Making It””

  1. Can you ever really “make it”, though? I always figured there was an end goal of some kind, but it never feels like it. When I started out Jon told me all I needed to make to contribute “my part” was £50 a week. 5 lessons a week. And that was kind of hard at the beginning. Then when I hit it, I wanted £100, so we’d have a little bit extra play money for the weekend, so I started writing and translating and proofreading. Then I had to take over bills as he swapped jobs and needed to make £900 a month. But when he got into his new job I didn’t want to stop doing the work, it was rewarding and I had worked out how to maximise my income/hour ratio. Then I started counting my income and business in savings instead of in net income or clients. And now after bills I’m putting away around £1k/month. And it’s never really enough. The next goal is saving £2k/month. Then £5k, then £10k. Although we are comfortable and I cover my side of the costs and more with this income, I’ve never really “made it”, it’s an endless relay race where every success is the starting point for the next goal. There’s nowhere to “make it” to.

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  2. I swear to God I’m going to fucking make it, I was born for greatness mediocrity is slow death, fuck this bullshit life. I’m going to do whatever the fuck it takes. Fuck nailing another slut, fuck watching the game, fuck having a drink, fuck everything but the mission. Die for successes. Keep inspiring McQueen

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