4 Tips For Physically Escalating With A Girl

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A common question I get from readers and fans is “How do I know when to get physical, i.e. kiss etc with a girl?”.

It seems that the initial aspect of getting her number and setting up a date isn’t too difficult for many of you, but knowing how to escalate is.

Here’s 4 tried and true tips that I use personally that work very well.

#4. Get The Physical Obstacles Out Of The Way

Let’s say your first date is grabbing drinks at your local bar.

This is one of the best first dates because it’s somewhat casual, alcohol loosens you both up and you’re not dropping half your rent for a fancy dinner.

The key to this point is to make sure that you’re not putting a physical barrier between yourself and her.

An example of this would be the two of you sitting in a booth or at a table where the actual table is between the two of you and you’re sitting opposite of her. That’s boring, sets up an interview like setting and makes it difficult for the flirting to happen.

Make it easy on yourself: stand at the bar, or even sit at the bar so the two of you are right beside each other. This puts you in close proximity for you to touch her leg, hold her hand or go for the kiss. Tables cockblock, don’t forget.

#3. Go For The Seductive Hug

When you first meet a girl for a date, I hope you’re not shaking her hand.

This isn’t your new friend, a buddy or a job interview.

Give her a hug, hold her close, but hold her at the waist when you hug her.

None of this over the shoulders “bro hugs”. She’s a girl.

Give her a close hug while keeping your hands on her waist just above her ass.

After you hug, take a second while your hands are still on her waist and look her in the eye with a small smile. This is how girls start to get the tingles.

If you don’t know what the tingles are for women, then imagine how you start to get a hard-on when you see a smoking hottie prancing around the beach in a bikini. That’s the equivalent for a girl.

#2. Take Her By The Hand

At some point on the date you should be changing venues.

The best way to do this is to initially pick a bar or lounge that is in walking distance to another bar or lounge.

At some point on the date, say, “Let’s check out this other spot XYZ”.

Don’t hesitate. Take her by the hand and walk to the other venue.

This creates a natural state where she’s becoming used to you touching her in a romantic/sexual manner.

I have yet to meet a girl who doesn’t like to hold hands if they like you.

Go for the hand hold and lead her to another venue. This is key so don’t skip it.

#1. Go For The Kiss On The First Date Every Time

You’ve now done the venue change and everything is going well.

She’s probably grabbed your arm or playfully ‘hit’ you after a witty and teasing remark you made.

She’s into you physically.

Now here’s where you go for the gold. At some point and your GUT will let you know when, but I recommend when you’re standing or sitting close to each other and the flirting has hit a peak, you take your hand and gently move her hair away from her face behind her ear. 9/10 times girls will wear their hair down on a date, so this won’t be awkward. Girls are constantly getting their hair in their face so it’s a smooth move that shows an element of tenderness.

After you tuck her hair behind her ear, gently place your hand on her neck and pull her into you so that your faces are almost touching.

Kiss her.

If she even remotely likes you, she’ll know the moment you move her hair away from her face that you’re going to kiss you and in anticipation will move towards you to kiss you as well.

This is essentially one full move that when done smoothly is fucking money.

Lastly, ALWAYS go for the kiss on the first date (assuming you haven’t already kissed her when you met her).

Girls have a very hard time forgiving a guy who won’t take initiative to even kiss them.

Everyone likes kissing. Girls love to kiss, so don’t wimp out and second guess yourself. Go for the gold and you’ll see it wasn’t that hard at all.

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5 Replies to “4 Tips For Physically Escalating With A Girl”

  1. Great article, Christian! Another reason to go for the kiss on the first date is that you know, at the very least, she’s physically attracted to you. If she rejects your attempts on a first date, there’s no good reason to waste your money on a second date with her.


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