5 Ways To Know You’re Acting Like A Beta Bitch Boy

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In the course of you becoming a playboy, you may find yourself slipping back into the quicksand of being a beta bitch boy. This is dangerous territory, but thankfully I’m presenting you with a check-list of sorts to put yourself back in check. If you identify with any of these take a long look in the mirror and fix it.

#5. You Start Asking For Her Permission

If you have a girlfriend or a main girl as a part of your harem and you start asking her for permission to hang with your buddies and do as you please, then you my friend are slipping HARD. This is the most common way men start to slide back into the beta bitch boy zone is by placating the hell out of their significant other.

Like I’ve said a million times:

“A woman might forgive you for being a dick, but she’ll never forgive you for being a pussy constantly asking for her approval”.

Write that down and post it on your bathroom mirror for 1 week. Read it everyday and don’t be a pussy constantly asking for her damn approval. Live your life and allow her to be a part of it on YOUR terms. Sounds harsh? It’s not, it’s just reality.

#4. You Allow The Girl To Monopolize Your Time

If you can’t move without having her be your shadow, then you need to assert yourself and get some space. Hear me loud and clear: It’s not healthy on any level to be with a girl 24/7. Period.

You need time to pursue your goals. You need time to hang with your male friends.

You need time to yourself to be alone and recover from exerting yourself socially and with work.

You need time to dive into step-by-step self-improvement video courses that can help you make money, start a business and build the life you’ve only dreamed about.

If you find it hard to say ‘no’ when she wants to hang out, then you need to check yourself.

Put yourself first.

If that sounds selfish, it’s because it is, but being selfish is NOT bad. It’s called that you know that your life is the most important thing and you will protect your space so you can pursue your goals.

If you put the girl first over your goals, then the goals are clearly not that important to you and you will never achieve them.


#3. You Constantly Feel Guilty

This is a deep issue that even I struggled with for a period of time, before I learned to operate as an independent man.

If you find yourself feeling guilty for cheating, having multiple girlfriends or even with having sex, you have to look inward and figure out exactly what it is that’s causing you to feel this way.

Generally, the two factors that cause guilt are religious upbringing and society ‘standards’. Society will say that a man is ‘lucky’ to find a girl who will ‘put up with him’ and he should ‘treat her like a princess’.


Learn to form your own decisions based on FACT, not emotion or peer pressure. You’ll be healthier, happier and I can guarantee it.

#2. You Abandon Your Goals In Pursuit Of A Girl

This is a BIG one that even I was guilty of for a couple of months in my life, before I checked the fuck out of myself and got back on the right path.

Listen up gents: A woman who truly loves you and wants the best for you will NEVER dissuade you from pursuing your goals.

Never. Ever. Never. Ever. Yes, I just repeated those words because it’s that important that you understand this key point when dealing with relationships.

If your girl, or a girl you’re casually dating, is trying to pull you away from your calling in life, then instantly dump her. I don’t give a fuck if you’re feeling lonely, have no other girls to fuck, whatever you name it, you have to be strong.

If you choose her over your goals, then your goals really aren’t that important to you and you will never achieve them.

#1. You Can’t Look At Yourself In The Mirror

Now obviously you can see yourself in a mirror, but I mean that look you give yourself almost subconsciously when you can’t quite hold your reflection’s gaze.

You know you’re acting like a bitch.

You know you’re not being strong.

You know you’re being weak.

You know you’re not being true to yourself.

And that’s why you don’t feel happy inside. That’s why you feel like your life is spinning out of control on a path you don’t really want to go down.

Stop. Breathe. Re-assert yourself and your life.

If you don’t, you will wake up one day miserable as fuck and you will only have yourself to blame.

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4 Replies to “5 Ways To Know You’re Acting Like A Beta Bitch Boy”

  1. Spot on! The one thing I feel different is about #3 the cheating part. In my opinion if it’s clear that you are seeing other women and she is part of your harem, then there is no reason to feel guilty. The problem is when you tell her you are exclusive, yet cheat behind her back. If you are dating a girl and the exclusivity convo comes up, you should grab your balls and explain your views and offer her the option to stay or leave, as opposed to pussying out and promising exclusivity when you don’t really want it out of fear. Just my 2 cents.


  2. This list should be printed out and stuck on every guy’s bathroom mirror. It’s important to keep vigilant of these behaviors every day. Sometimes we slip around a particularly hot chick, but as long as you get it back in check, you’re good.

    Awesome stuff McQueen!


  3. The last one says a lot about extreme ownership and being better than you where before the next day or hr or minute is all about improvement.
    Being Alpha is a mindset because you own everything you do and don’t do.
    Its all internal. Beta seems to be all external.


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