Episode #47 The Goldmund Interview


In Episode #47 of A Man In Demand Radio, the #1 premier podcast in the world for men of action, I welcome my good friend and fellow Casanova Goldmund from GoldmundUnleashed.com to the blog.

If you haven’t read Goldmund’s blog, or books, then you’re in for a real treat.

If you’re already a fan, then get ready to be blown away, because in today’s episode we cover a ton of ground and as always on this show it’s applicable, practical and step-by-step advice to help you become the best man you can be.

Show Notes:

  • Ayahuasca. You’ve heard about it, you might be curious, but let’s find out from someone who’s experienced it firsthand
  • Goldmund’s play-by-play account of his recent trip into the rainforest of Peru
  • How Goldmund met a runway model chick in Peru and how he connected to her without having sex
  • Connecting with women WITHOUT having sex: how does one do that? We cover it on this show!
  • What type of guy would be good for the Ayahuasca experience? Which would not?
  • Dealing with e-fame and getting recognized
  • The GENIUS line that Goldmund has discovered, refined and perfected: you’ll learn it inside
  • And much, much more! When I say ‘more’, I do mean this episode is PACKED with pure GOLD that will help YOU!

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Episode #47 The Goldmund Interview


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