These 3 ‘gifts’ will get her soaking wet and chasing you…

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One of the main problem areas I see with gents new to the dating game, is that they do too much too soon. Learning to give her space and build mystery is key to keeping her attracted to you until the point she is consumed with you as a man and they’re the BEST gifts you could ever give a girl.

The common sense approach that the world tells you to do is give, give, give and heap attention, gifts and time on a girl and that’s how you win her.


Take it from a G who has been on both sides of the coin and can tell you firsthand what works and what doesn’t.

Here are 3 ‘gifts’ that will have her wet and chasing you.

Gift #3. Text And Call Less Than Her

You might be thinking “Well how do I get ahold of her if I text and call less than her?”, but what I’m talking about specifically is AFTER you’ve had sex with her.

You see, a girl’s ‘power’ is in her withholding sex from a man.

They know you want it.

Every straight man does. So what girls will sometimes do is hold out on their Ace card until you chase them. As you know once a guy learns Game, then he learns how to navigate around this issue and can have sex with her without jumping through hoops.

In fact the more you jump through hoops, the less inclined she is to have sex with you.

Confused? It can be, but women aren’t logical creatures and the first rule of Game is to not use logic when dealing with women.

After you’ve had sex with her, you now have the ‘power’.

You see, women’s power is sex, but a man’s power is commitment.

She may want commitment from you before having sex again, or at least be given some sort of title on the ‘relationship’ she believes the two of you to have. This is where you hold back until she proves she’s relationship material, if indeed what you want is a relationship.

A very easy rule to remember when dealing with texting and calling women is to do it one less time than they do.

For example, if Jack texts Becky once, then Becky texts back and they begin a conversation via text, Jack should only text her for twice for every three times Becky texts him. Sometimes you can even only do once per every three texts she sends depending on how attracted she is to you.

The last rule of this is to remember less is more.

Use texting to build some comfort/flirt and logistics.

Don’t spend an hour a day in text hell which generally goes nowhere. Too many schmucks are doing this and guess what happens?

They DESTROY the anticipation, mystery and attraction she INITIALLY had for him.


Gift #2. Learn To Disappear For A Time

Listen, unless you two are married, you have every right to disappear.

Take a couple of days off and don’t respond to her texts and calls.

This will drive her nuts and cause her to become consumed with where you are, what you are doing and if you are seeing someone else.

Absence can make the heart grow fonder and it’s also a great way to test if she’s really hung up on you.

It also shows that you’re a man who does what he wants, when he wants and that is attractive to women. No woman wants a man who is at her beck and call, unless she has serious issues.

Gift #1. Cut ‘Dates’ Short

If you really want to amp the ante then cut a date short right at its peak of fun.

This will cause her to leave the interaction enthralled with the time you two had and will have her daydreaming about the next time you two hang out.

Also, there’s nothing wrong with having her come over, have sex and then you tell her you have to get up early for work so she needs to bounce.

If you do this consistently then she’ll get the message that you just want her for a fuck buddy, so err on the side of doing this less if you actually wouldn’t mind dating her on a more serious level. Girls want to have fun too, they enjoy sex as well, so sometimes this can be beneficial to both parties.

Remember that each of these points will have her wanting you more so don’t overdo it, but use each one at certain times to build mystery and attraction.

Nothing kills a relationship quicker than being around each other 24/7.

It’s boring and stifling. Use the gift of absence to naturally increase attraction.

Good luck getting her wet and craving you this weekend…

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