The little lie that could…

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When I was a young lad I used to tell myself a lie.

It was a damaging lie. It held me back for years.

While I was telling myself this lie, I worked hard.

My first job was delivering newspapers. I had a bike that I outfitted with side baskets. I hated the baskets, thought they looked stupid, but riding a bike with the newspaper bag full of freshly rolled newspapers caused me to take a tumble more than once, so I resigned to looking ‘stupid’ and delivering papers every morning at 5am.

I became a beast in my neighborhood and was at one point delivering up to 250 newspapers per day.

I learned about customer service with that job. I learned about charming older women.

I knew if I delivered the paper just right, sometimes setting it up on its end leaning against certain older ladies doors so it’d be easier for them to stoop down and pick it up, that come Christmas time they’d have a cash tip for me.

You learn little things here and there with step-up jobs that culminate into when you create your own cash machines.

No matter if it was snowing out (Chitown winters are brutal as hell) or blazing hot, I would deliver the newspapers.

Meanwhile, I kept telling myself a lie.

I continued telling myself the lie even as I ‘moved up’ from delivering newspapers to working at a local grocery store. There at the grocery story I would bag groceries and I can tell you I was a badass bagger.

No, the milk and eggs do not go in the same bag. Perishables in one bag. Deodorant doesn’t go with the meat. This should seem like common sense, but tell the 2016 baggers who clearly aren’t using their brains while putting my bread under my grass-fed steaks.

There were two main positions most guys went into when starting at the grocery store: bagger or stockboy.

I chose the bagger position for one very specific reason: girls.

The cashiers were mostly cute high school girls and what would I rather do: break my back stocking the shelves with cans of beans, or having a cute girl in front of me all day with her side profile giving me an easy look at her cute ass?

No brainer.

Before I knew it I was promoted from bagger to cashier, because of two reasons:

  1. I was fast as fuck. I scanned more items than anyone else in the store besides when the manager would jump on a register in a rush. If my memory serves me correct, I would scan 62 items per minute. Yea, that’s fast as fuck.
  2. The other reason was because I actually spoke to the customers and started to develop my social skills. You have to work with what you have in the moment. I was only 15 years old, but it made sense to me that the better you learned to speak to people the easier your life would be and the more opportunities you would get.

Meanwhile I kept telling myself that lie.

The years passed and I found myself working every job imaginable.

From loading UPS semi trucks (received Employee of the Month in one of their massive hubs during my time there) to doing back-breaking work with commercial construction to being ‘that’ guy at Abercrombie, to promoting, to VIP Hosting in Vegas and Los Angeles, there’s nary a job I haven’t held.

In every job that I had, I excelled, was usually promoted and found favor with my bosses.

But, I kept telling myself that lie.

For some reason or another, a certain person in my life had planted the idea in my head that I wasn’t good at business. That I wasn’t business-minded and that I should always be a wage slave.

There were no facts to back up this statement by this certain person, but for some reason the statement started to take root in my head and I started to manifest it in my life.

I’m not good at business, so therefore, I won’t even try. I’ll just watch others do it.

At some point I decided to test the lie. Maybe I was being delusional. Maybe I could at least TRY to be good at business.

So I tried. And I ‘failed’.

Multiple business ventures continually exploded in my face to the point where I decided that the lie must be true.


I resigned myself to be a wage slave and never attempt again.

Then, an opportunity arose and I took it, taking a floundering small business,  growing and then selling it for a tidy profit.

So I repeated the model and did it again. Suddenly, the lie didn’t have such a hold on me.

The lie I had been repeating to myself for years was only ‘true’ because I made it so.

When I decided that it was a lie and that I COULD control my destiny, that’s when the pieces started to fall into place.

If you’ll notice, even after I ‘tested’ the lie that didn’t mean instant success. That didn’t mean at that very moment I would be successful with business, but what it did mean was that I would no longer get in the way of myself.

That lie was my own worst enemy because it prevented me from trying for years. Even after failing multiple times, the persistence, dedication and determination to succeed helped overcome that lie I kept telling myself.

If you’ve found yourself repeating a lie that someone has told you, whether that’s, “You’re not good with girls and never will be!”, or “You suck at business and man, you might as well give up”, then I challenge you to kick that lie to the curb.

What you tell yourself everyday, you will become.

If you constantly tell yourself negative shit, then you’ll feel like shit and become shit.

Some of the most common lies that men will tell themselves sound something like this:

  • “I’m short, thus I’ll never get hot girls because they don’t like short men” (Funny, the best players I know are on the short side. Why? Because they crafted their skill set in dealing with women and decided that they would take control of EVERYTHING they COULD control)
  • “I didn’t come from money, therefore I’ll just be average or a schmuck” (Felix Dennis didn’t let it hold him back, or MJ DeMarco, or Sir. Richard Branson)
  • “I didn’t attend an Ivy League school, so I probably will never be in the right circles or really be influential” (You’re only limited by the lack of effort you put into extending your circle and influence)
  • “I’ve failed multiple times, so I guess I’m just a failure” (You only truly fail when you quit trying)

If you rebuke the lies, take action and dedicate yourself to success, then guess what? You’ll make it. It might be after your 5th business endeavor. Or, it might just be on your FIRST endeavor, but if you tell yourself the lie over and over again, then you’ll never get started and getting started is half the battle.

Don’t lie to yourself. YOU can, if YOU will.

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3 Replies to “The little lie that could…”

  1. CMQ
    Are you moving to NYC and getting out of LA? Is NYC more fun?

    You’ve got experience with Americas best tier 1 citites(being from Chicago, doing the Vegas and LA club promoter gig, etc.) – which ones are likely going to have more of an abundance of agreeable and feminine girls for ltr?


  2. It blows my fucking mind how people keep themselves down. you try to talk to people about making money and they are fucking closed minded haters. They say most people inherit their wealth, or they take advantage of others. Well you I wasn’t born wealthy so fuck you, stop being a fucking hater. People have slave mindsets, they would rather work for someone because it’s safe and they like it easy, they like being fucking corporate cattle so they have more time to graze on tv, sports movies and porn. Fuck that shit you have to free your fucking mind realize this shit is a matrix. Then you start seeing how you can make that matrix work for you. Don’t even try to talk sense into normal people, it’s like talking to a prisoner in his cage who has forgotten his freedom to create and give meaning to his own life. You could open the cage door for them and they wouldn’t leave the fucking cage. I can’t even talk to people because they think I’m fucking weird, fuck you, you stupid closed minded matrix drone… I’m be laughing all the way to the bank… Then I’m going to go hard till history remembers my fucking name.


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