How To Create Your Own World With Her

A fundamental part of LTR Game is triggering an attachment in her through building your own world together and creating a safe environment where she can be completely open, which will draw her closer to you and help her become more attached.

This is good.

Maintaining a LTR is at it’s easiest the better you lay the ground work for one.

Lay a firm foundation of Frame and Ground Rules and the less ‘work’ you’ll have to do to keep her attraction for you strong.
There are two ways that work extremely well for creating this world. You may be taken back at first, but trust me, if you want to have a standard LTR that blows up in your face, then read a mainstream dating for life book. If you want the cold hard facts and practical shit that works, then continue reading…I know from whence I write.

Pet Names and Stuffed Animals

“Whaaaat?”, You’re probably thinking. That’s okay, keep reading, it’ll make sense in a bit.
First off, let’s start with Pet Names.

If you’ve already been in a LTR, then pet names are probably not odd to you. Almost everyone comes up with little nicknames for each other and use them constantly. Here’s where you’re different: Choose a nickname(s) that’s both ‘cute’, but teasing. The teasing part could be about a specific part of her body, her face shape etc. It’s said in a kind manner and a term of endearment. Examples: Little Foot, Dollface. (This is specific to the girl, so get creative)

You use them sparingly as a reward for good behavior and only when it’s the two of you. Do NOT drop pet names around anyone else. She has to know that it’s ‘you guys thing’ only. This creates a bond and helps with intimacy.

If this sounds nuts, then good, you’re sane, because dealing with women has nothing to do with logic or reason.

Doing the mundane will drive you insane. Alright enough jokes, back to the facts.
At the core of using pet names on a very LIMITED scale, is that it allows her to be childlike and ‘innocent’ again. While you’re tearing her pussy up in the bedroom, due to my Deep Conversion Techniques you have to balance that with tenderness in certain moments OUTSIDE of the bedroom.

A brute with no heart is one-dimensional.

Show a glimpse of a ‘soft’ side here and there and she will melt even more. A girl in a LTR has to know she’s with a real man, but also wants to know he doesn’t have ice running through his veins. It’s a balancing act.

The second way to create your own world together is something I’ve NEVER seen written anywhere or discussed and this is probably due to people being embarrassed. Well fuck that. Revealing the truth can be as shocking as swallowing the Red Pill, but better to know how things REALLY work, then live life blinded. Stuffed Animals. Yep. Stuffed animals can create a closer bond. I’ll explain.


Stuffed Animals

Depending on the age of the girl you’re dating, let’s say she’s 22 years old, they usually grew up with stuffed animals of some kind. As they got older, they probably boxed them up and put them in their attic or donated them to Goodwill. As you enter her life, she is excited about this new boyfriend and how manly he is. After a few months of dating, let’s say around 6 months, you surprise her one day with a small stuffed monkey (This could be a reward for her completing Tasks). She thinks the monkey is very cute and puts it on her bed. The end.


When you give her the monkey and side note, this takes BALLS to pull off, but works EXTREMELY well, you say she has to name the monkey (As an example. Whatever type of stuffed animal you get her). She’ll pick a name, probably something trite and life carries on.

For example purposes, let’s say she names the monkey Fuzzy Jack.

When you leave for trips, tell her to make sure she has Fuzzy Jack in the bed with her. Tell her she has to keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn’t run off while you’re gone. I shit you not, and I don’t fuck with dumb girls, they will actually subconsciously attach a meaning to that stuffed animal and it’s like your presence is in the room when you’re gone and it’s just her and Fuzzy Jack. This might sound crazy as fuck, but I will tell you: just try it.

As she grows attached to the stuffed animal she grows closer to you.

This is some Next Level Game I’m busting out for you, so listen up: The stuffed animal could be a roll of tape, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that you have created a world where an inanimate object is a link for the two of you to connect.

The reason for a stuffed animal is because it’s soft and makes sense from a practical stand point, but obviously it’s just a piece of fabric with stuffing inside. In her eyes though, she starts to value the stuffed animal as ‘ours’. You get it? Now it’s you, your girlfriend’s and Fuzzy Jack and NO ONE knows about it. It’s your own world.
Remember the SIMS computer game? Create a world and then run shit, right?

Creating your own world with a girl is less complicated than that damn game and enhances the relationship. You might be thinking, “Well Christian, why wouldn’t you just get a pet together, like a dog?”, and of course you could go get a cute dog together that you’ll both be attached to, and if you two should break up, guess who’s probably going to get the dog? Her. IN addition, it’s not about it being a living, breathing animal. It’s about it being an inanimate object that she will grow attached to you even more due to it.
Use Pet Names sparingly and utilize the Stuffed Animal dynamic and watch as she melts even more. If you really want to see how a girl is, underneath her selfies, makeup and bravado, get her into this world and see her real self. You’ll see an innocence that you didn’t think she had (especially after fucking her in the ass in the club bathroom), which opens her up to you and allows you to pull her in even more. Moving on…

This article was an excerpt from my best-selling ebook The Alpha Playboy Part II which you can get here.

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