The sex is the icing on the cake…

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When deciding what to write for this weekend’s game tip, I realized after combing through the hundreds of articles on this blog that I had never written about flirting.

What. The. Fuck.

If I could chalk up my favorite aspect of the game it wouldn’t even be sex. It’s actually flirting.

The male/female mating ritual of dancing around each other verbally gives me a rush and makes me feel very much alive.

The sex is the icing on the cake.

How had I never written about one of the most key components to game? That error will now be corrected and here is a practical breakdown on how to flirt with girls effectively.


The key to effectively flirting is not using canned lines and thinking from a rigid mindset. The key to flirting effectively is getting in the correct mindset which should be a permanent mindset. That mindset is simply:

Don’t Take Girls Seriously.

One of the biggest issues I have seen prevalent with gents struggling to meet women is that they do the following:

1. Take girls at face value.

2. Take the girls seriously in everything they say and do.

3. Get stuck in ‘no man’s land’ of discussing boring shit that is irrelevant to amping attraction in her.

The moment you start answering mundane questions with straight answers is the moment her pussy dries up like an old abandoned well in the Sahara.

Now this doesn’t mean that you can’t hold a normal conversation and overdoing sarcastic quips can be annoying as fuck and a turn-off to her as well.

I remember a guy years ago that I set up with a girl in Vegas. Myself, him and two fly girls were at a restaurant in Vegas before a night of clubbing. This girl was a solid 8.5 with a body to die for. I literally put her on his lap and all he had to do was be charming, FLIRT and it was in the bag. Instead he shot himself in the foot by being sarcastic about everything she said and was insulting instead of flirting. Needless to say she wound up leaving him inside the club and that was that.



The most effective formula that works for me when flirting and it’s worked for many of my clients, is a combination of Teasing + Charm. Too much teasing and you come across like a dip-shit. Too much charm and the ‘sweetness’ is too much and it can come across try-hard.

They key is that the charm usually comes from your Facial Expressions and alpha body language.

The tease is the verbal comment, but it can amplified or softened by a smile, smirk, wink, raised eyebrow, or even a dead serious face for a dry humor comment. The more you practice flirting the more these will come naturally and you can calibrate for the girl.

By the way, get to flirting today. Gas station clerk chick? Flirt. Front desk chick at the gym? Flirt.

Flirting is like approaching, once you get in the habit of doing it, it becomes a part of you, which is the end goal of game: You’re never having to turn on your Game mode, instead you and Game will become one where neither is imperceptible. This the point where people will perceive you as a ‘Natural’.

Here’s some examples of what I mean:

Girl: “What are you doing?” (text)

You: “taking over the world” (mysterious, ambiguous and screams alpha activities)

Girl: “So do you come here a lot?” (in person)

You: “I actually have a cot in the back”

Girl: “What do you like to do for fun?”

You: “Long walks on the beach” (smirk)

Girl: “Are you going out tonight?”

You: “Depends. Are you going to be wearing panties?”

Girl: “How do you know her?” (if you run into a girl you’ve fucked with her)

You: “You didn’t know? I’m famous”

Girl: “You really think you’re the shit don’t you?” (said with a small smile and glowing eyes, aka a shit test)

You: “I don’t think doll. I am”

Girl: “I’m not sleeping with you tonight”

You: “I’m a virgin.” (this works very well when it’s obvious you’re not and are good with women. I’ve used this line many times successfully)

Girl: “I bet you say this to all the girls” (shit test)

You: “Just the pretty ones like you” (wink. You’re a ‘cad’, you know it and own it)

Girl: “I love your pocket square/suit/outfit”

You: “Flattery will get you everywhere” (not an original line and has been around forever, but I’ve used it for years because who doesn’t like flattery from a pretty girl? I do)

Girl: “You’re so much fun!”

You: “Wait until I take your clothes off”

Girl: “My car broke down” (text)

You: “AAA(.)com” (this can be a light way to establish you’re not her errand boy, even if you do decide to help)

Girl: “How come all the strippers know you?” (if you’re a regular at a stripclub and bring other girls there with you)

You: “All my baby mommas work at the same place” (laugh)

Girl: “I bet you have sex with a lot of girls” (you will hear this a lot as you progress with game. I hear it almost nightly when out now, so learning to almost tone down my ‘player vibe’ is essential)

You: Raise Eyebrow, look her in the eyes, subtle smile, then look off in the distance. (this is a great move because her imagination will come up with more than you could ever say. Using silence effectively is a key component to flirting)



Flirting is fun as fuck when you let go, don’t care about the outcome of the interaction with her and incorporate Teasing + Charm into the conversation.

Start practicing today with any cute girls that come across your path. If you’re scared of jumping in do it WITHOUT intent. You don’t have to be hell-bent on getting her number, just do it for practice. You’ll learn though that the natural progression of flirting is getting her phone number. If you’re more bold, then start trying out different responses to girls questions. Taking risks is the main element responsible for progressing as a player. No risk = no reward.

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