So you want to start a harem? (here’s what to do)

6 Tips for how to (13)

Building a harem is the pinnacle of playerdom. To start from scratch and build a circle of beautiful women who adore you and most importantly, are cool with the arrangement of you having multiple girls, is something that many guys wish for, but never get the right advice on HOW to make it happen successfully.

I realized the power of creating a harem many years ago and not only did it supercharge my life, it also revealed to me the power of true abundance.

I’ve been asked to create a harem product over the years of blogging, but while I considered it, never got around to doing it. A product on building your own harem would take significant time and ‘free’ time is something I’ve had less and less of the last year.

Then, Kyle from created a product on building a harem and with the creation of The Harem Handbook, I can honestly say that he’s fulfilled the niche for a product that will walk you through step-by-step on how to build your own harem.

Kyle gave me access to his course, The Harem Handbook, and I was blown away.

I don’t say that lightly.

Creating a great dating product that teaches someone a skill (it’s a learnable skill as anything game related is) and does it in an entertaining way, isn’t easy. I should know as I’ve created a few dating products from scratch. Kyle truly knocked it out of the park with the level of quality and detail in this course, as well as how much content it contains.

Here’s a screenshot from within his course to give you an idea of what it contains:


To give you a comparison: the level of detail in my A Man In Demand Academy on meeting girls and becoming the best man you can be, is the equivalent to the amount of detail and info in The Harem Handbook, but his course is all about building a harem. There’s that much great content that will essentially ‘hand-hold’ you through the process.

If you’re sick and tired of only having one girl, or you’ve always wished to create a legit harem, then do yourself a favor and check out his course.

FYI the price will go up in 48 hours, so take advantage of his super low launch price. He throws in a 3 month 100% refund return policy, so it’s a zero risk play.

To get a better idea of what he’s offering in this course, go ahead and check it out at the link below, or click on his logo.

Check out The Harem Handbook


Disclaimer: is this an affiliate link? Yes. I’ve never made an affiliate post on this blog, because it’s rare as heck that I come across a product that I feel like is worth getting behind, but Kyle’s course is an exception and a product that will 100% help you if you’re interested in building your own harem. It’s fantastic.

Here’s to a great week gentlemen!

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