How To Connect Emotionally With The Staff (Free Video)

Getting a venue On-Lock requires much more than just a simple tip. In order to really connect with the staff, management and owner(s) you need to connect emotionally as well.

Instead of writing a few thousand words on this subject, I’m showing you in video format of me teaching about this concept from my new three-hour video seminar style course, On-Lock, available now only on SelfFlix here.

The video is 11 minutes long and was filmed in 1080HD, so I recommend switching the settings on the YouTube clip below to 1080HD to get the highest quality viewing experience.

If you have a question on the topic or info I share, drop it in the comments and I’ll answer you.

Have a great weekend gents!

Reviews are rolling in on On-Lock and they all agree: On-Lock is pure GOLD.

“I’m halfway through On-Lock and it’s my favorite course so far. Everything is so straightforward and actionable. Already applying some principles with success.”

“Had time to watch up to How to Emotionally Connect with Staff Part 1 then dipped solo downtown. Hit up a rooftop patio that honestly I’ve been kinda rattled going up solo – hit it off with the bartender, cool cat, used the lines McQueen taught and bam seeds are planted. Grateful.”

“Just finished watching the entirety of CMQ’s new On-Lock course. There is so much gold in the course that I’m sure I didn’t absorb anywhere near all of it. Need to go back through and re-watch while taking detailed notes. Overall: 10/10, would recommend, will watch again.”

Click the button below to watch On-Lock Full Course and learn my secrets of how to get Celeb Status in your city!



7 Replies to “How To Connect Emotionally With The Staff (Free Video)”

  1. Hey Christian,

    Dope video. I bought the ebook a while back but i’m glad you’re expanding on the ideas in video form. Quick question though, not sure if you address this in your earlier videos for the program but how would you recommend finding out the hot spots that you want to get on lock?

    Do you have a personal criteria you follow? I live in NY and i know the crowd moves from one spot to another and I’m not the kind of guy who likes doing that so how do i know which venues to begin with?



    1. Check reviews.

      Whichever ones have multiple simpletons bitching about a ‘hard door’ and ‘rude bouncers’, then you know it’s a good spot.

      But first, you should get joints On-Lock that YOU prefer. Whatever is ‘hot’ at the moment might not be where you want to go. It’s a personal preference.

      I subscribe to the multiple range venues method. I have spots that are ‘in’ and spots that are not, spots for dates, spots for business meetings, etc.

      Another thing is as you get tied in with the staff they’ll be able to let you know what’s good and what’s not and they’ll know when new spots are opening up before the general public. Inside info if you will.


      1. Hahah i literally laughed out loud at ya “hard door” comment. I’ve never heard of a hot girl complain about a long line or rude bouncers so that just goes to show.

        But thanks for the advice. I’ll try and implement the multiple venues as well. I know personally i’m more of a relaxed hip-hop lounge type and didn’t really want to make the effort of just having to go to EDM places in the city where all the hot girls tend to go now a days.

        Keep up the good work, bud!


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