*FREE* Episode #51 Interview With A G: The Rollo Tomassi Interview

11.16.2014 (7)

In Episode #51 of A Man In Demand Interview, I welcome none other than my very first guest, Rollo Tomassi from TheRationalMale.com, back to the show. It’s been well over a year since he’s graced the show with his intellect and on this episode you’ll have your mind-blown at the level of high quality info that can improve your life presented on this episode.

In short, if you only listen to one podcast this year, listen to this one. It’s that damn good.

Without further ado, here’s an overview of what we discussed.

Show Notes:

-The Brexit vote results and what that could mean for the rest of the world

-The state of hypergamy in 2016 and practical solutions for men with a girlfriend or wife

-Marriage: should a man get married and the specific questions he should ask himself before deciding (I even find out how Rollo asked his wife)

-Readers questions answered ranging from dealing with one’s family through a red pill lense to answering the common question, “Where do you see this going?”

-Whore houses in Nevada and why Rollo doesn’t use them

-The 2016 Presidential election here in the states

-And much, much more! This interview is THREE HOURS long, so there’s a ton of gold. Enjoy!

You do NOT have to be a member of A Man In Demand Radio (although you should do yourself a favor and join anyway) to listen to this episode.

This episode is FREE

Just click the link below and you’ll be directed to the podcast page. Click the ‘Play’ button and listen to the gold Rollo drops. Enjoy!


Episode #51 Interview With A G: The Rollo Tomassi Interview


3 Replies to “*FREE* Episode #51 Interview With A G: The Rollo Tomassi Interview”

  1. Thx for the time chatting and putting this online for us to learn from.

    Interesting point about outlawing what amounts to day game approaches in some near-term future.

    Actually, check out this event in (very left wing Toronto): http://itsnotuits.me/powerplant-2016/

    The disclaimer is interesting:

    “Please note this is a harassment-free event. Harassment refers to any conduct that is known, or ought to be known, to cause offense or humiliation, and may include persistent unwanted attention and deliberate infringement of personal space. We believe that every person is entitled to an environment free from hate speech, violence, predatory and discriminatory behaviours. Please contact the organizers or security if you witness or are on the receiving end of acts of this nature. We hope to create a dancefloor that is welcoming and inclusive – a sanctuary for people from all walks of life. Entry to the event is up to the discretion of the staff to ensure these conditions are met and a positive vibe is maintained.”


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