An Open Letter To The Women Of Los Angeles: Why You Can’t Find A Man To Date You; Only Fuck You

Today’s post is from a Los Angeles local, a grown man, a successful man, a man who’s fed up with the women of Los Angeles. I met ‘D-Dub’ (his pen name due to business purposes) at a cigar bar in Los Angeles.

We were doing as men do in cigar bars. Smoking and chopping it up discussing everything from business to chicks.

During the conversation a tall blonde woman most men would give their left nut for, stumbled over and sloppily sprawled across his lap. She was drunk. It was only around 8pm on a Saturday evening. He rolled his eyes and gave me a look of exasperation. He knew the girl, she being in his group located a few tables away.

The lack of class didn’t shock me.

It’s common to see giraffe leg models stumbling around bars, clubs and rooftop lounges here in Los Angeles like a blind man trying to find the curb.

But his response did surprise me. You see many guys have ZERO game in Los Angeles. Hell, in the world for that matter. But the fact that he didn’t cater to her every whim intrigued me. She stumbled away in search of her next ADHD ‘fix’ and he mentioned how he had written something about how women in Los Angeles are undateable.

Note, he didn’t say unfuckable.

There are thousands upon thousands of fuckable women in Los Angeles. It’s like a Pussy Buffet.

Want an asian? Hit up Koreatown, or a downtown rooftop.

Want a blonde white chick? Throw a rock in Hollywood and you’ll surely peg a bottle blonde in the head.

But what about DATING?

What about actual GIRLFRIEND material?

What about *gasp* a chick you could maybe marry and have kids with?

Do they exist in the city of Lost Angels?

Fast-forward and D-Dub sent me the article to post here on my blog.

Now note that this article is based on interviewing MULTIPLE OTHER MEN in Los Angeles, so this isn’t just one man’s opinion of the dating scene.

It’s a myriad of opinions from men from different backgrounds, incomes, etc.

And for the ladies reading who might think, “Well, D-Dub is probably a short, fat. balding, guy who doesn’t make money and lives in his mom’s basement!”, you’d be incorrect in that judgement. D-Dub resembles Kaskade (the Dj for you people living in caves), has a great career etc. So take what he’s saying with an open mind and maybe, just maybe if you apply it you’ll ‘find’ the men who actually want to date you and not just fuck you.

Lastly, do me and every man who’s ever stepped foot in LA a favor. It’s easy.

Send this article to EVERY girl you know. Post it on Facebook, any social media you use apps, etc. Let’s get this article out there together.

Here’s his thoughts on the undatable women of Los Angeles.

On a recent guys night out, my friends and I discussed the challenges we face dating girls in LA. I realized quickly my friends and I had very similar challenges. I decided to take this discussion outside of my small group of friends and interviewed friends of friends, random guys at the bar, etc.

Although there were many common challenges that came up, there were three that came up the most.

Here are the top three recurring reasons that single guys say they struggle with dating L.A. girls and ultimately can’t, or won’t get in a relationship with them.

1. Texting (a mandatory step in the pursuing process):

Girls simply put too much emphasis on what a guy says in a text and when he sends the text.

It seems, If a girl get’s one text she doesn’t like, the whole thing is finished.

He rarely even gets a chance to clarify, explain, defend or apologize for the text. It meant what she thinks it meant and that’s the end of it!

Almost every guy said they have had at least one girl stop corresponding with him because of something they did or didn’t do in a text.

Here are what the guys assumed went wrong: They texted too soon; They texted too late; Their text made them come off too mean, too nice, too needy, too allusive, too interested, not interested enough; too ordinary, too creepy (misinterpreted texts, very common answer).

The bottom line is this; guys feel that girls have made it almost impossible for guys to send a text without getting over judged on its content and/or timing.

Guys feel they can’t live up to girl’s expectations of what has now become a mandatory step in the dating process.

2. Too many distractions.

Most guys stated they can’t compete with all the different options a girl has on any given night in Los Angeles.

They feel they have to compete with all the bigger better events at a girl’s exposure.

Back in the day people had to hunt down places to go and people to see. Now Facebook, texting, apps, etc. are constantly reminding girls of all of their options, all the time, right at their fingertips.

Men feel like unless they have an amazing event to offer the girl (great seats at the Staples center, reservations at a 5 star restaurant, etc.), they can’t expect a girl to accept a date.

They say its common for a girl to hold off on getting back to them or make an excuse why they need a day or two to decide if they are available.

Guys feel there is never a right time to ask a girl out on a date anymore. If you ask a girl out 2 days away or more, she won’t accept it because something better might come up. If it’s less than 2 days away, she won’t accept it because she feels he asked her out at the last minute.

3. Sense of entitlement.

This was the #1 reason guys said they have a hard time finding a relationship worthy girl in L.A.

Traditionally, guys pay for everything on the first date. Taking a girl out for dinner and/or drinks in Los Angeles, even an inexpensive night, is usually around $100.

Most guys said they are completely fine with this tradition and insist on paying, but they say the girls of LA show very little gratitude, if any, at all.

Somewhere along the line spending your money and time on a girl isn’t special to them at all. It’s expected.

They said most girls give a half-hearted thank you or don’t even thank them at all for the date.

The guys also said it is commonplace that girls almost never offer to pick up a tab or even a single round of drinks even after their third or fourth date.

Is it asking too much for girls to make a little more effort?

To relax their emphasis they put on texting?

To offer to pay for something on at least the 3rd date? Yes it is. At least that’s what the guys I interviewed think.

They believe most LA girls who read this, will not only disagree with this, but they will also feel insulted. But it’s not fair to give problems without solutions. So, here are the remedies for those who are interested.

Remedy #1: Texting.

Well, a remedy for the texting sounds easy enough; just have a phone conversation instead.

When we asked these guys why not just call instead, almost 100% say they’ve tried, but most girls will not take a phone call anymore.

The guys said they asked girls why they wont take a call anymore and they said because they are so used to texting, they find phone calls awkward.

Some girls even admitted calling makes a guy look too interested/desperate.

So, the remedy for the text problem is that girls need to put much less emphasis on texting.

Don’t read too much into (over interpret) a text. Worry less about “when” he sent it and focus more on the fact that he did reach out.

Worry less about how interesting or perfect the content of the text was and focus more on the fact the he did reach out. If you were interested in him when you met, then why does he need to go through another whole round of qualifying through texting?

Just trust your initial instinct and get in front of him again, person to person.

Remedy #2: Distractions.

If a guy is nice enough to ask you on a date, you should immediately tell him yes or no.

Don’t tell him you need to get back to him or wait 24 hours to get back to him.

If you think that you have something else going on the proposed night out, immediately tell him no and give him another night you are free.

When you don’t get back to him or tell him you need time to figure it out, he thinks you are optioning him for something bigger and better.

Even if you have a legitimate reason that you aren’t sure if you are available that particular night, it’s still better to say no and plan another night because he will think you are optioning him, whether you are or you aren’t.

He will interpret this as flaky, unreliable, or assume you lost interest in him. If you are still interested in him, and you still want to see him again, then you need to avoid the distractions or at least handle them properly and keep yourself dateable.

Remedy #3: Sense of Entitlement.

Ironic that the biggest problem is the easiest fix.

Simply take the time at the end of the night to tell him thank you.

Extra points if you get specific about things that you enjoyed about the night: the food was good, the place was nice, etc.

And now to the hardest part of this remedy: pay for something.

Not on the first date, but probably shortly thereafter.

The reality is this, the guys we interviewed said they are so used to always paying for everything, all the time, that it’s not a deal breaker if a girl doesn’t pitch in, but when a girl does buy even just one round, it’s so unusual and unexpected, it means everything to the guy.

It makes that woman look confident, caring, considerate and most importantly, not entitled. It sends all the right messages to the guy.

There is simply no easier way to say you are dateable than by showing this good gesture that practically no other girls are doing. So buy an occasional drink for the guy, or at least offer. And always say thank you everytime someone takes you out.

You lost your attraction to him? I wonder why….

One last thing girls should take away from this.

A guy will come off as unattractive to the girl he is pursuing when she doesn’t do the things that make her dateable.

Why? Girls don’t like when guys don’t act like a confident man.

They don’t like when he acts needy, desperate, cheap, weak, too sensitive, etc.

When a girl blows off a guy’s text because it wasn’t the perfect text or wasn’t sent at the perfect time, he can either not follow up with her again and that will likely put an end to it or he has to follow up with her again and she will perceive that as weak or desperate and he will seem less attractive to her now.

When a girl options a guy for another event (distraction), if he accepts this he looks weak, if he doesn’t, he looks too sensitive, either way, he looks less attractive to her now.

If a guy ever, ever, ever, asks a girl to tell him thanks for taking her out or asks her to pitch in on the bill (and he shouldn’t) they are most definitely finished. It’s the girls job to NOT put the guy in a no win position. He will come off looking unattractive to her and she will seem un-dateable to him.

She needs to make herself dateable.

Here is the remedies list summarized.

This list of tips is for girls who are still interested in the guy she met, or just went on a date with, and would like to see him again.

1. If he calls you, answer the phone or call him back within a few hours. Sending a text saying you can’t talk right now but will call him back soon is fine, provided you actually call him back.

2. If he calls you, whether he leaves you a voice message or not, don’t text back with intentions of having a text conversation instead of calling him.

3. If he sends you a text, request him to call you. Tell him you’d rather chat on the phone. I know most girls won’t do this cause they are too concerned they will come off looking “too interested”, but honestly, it’s just a phone call.

4. Widen your acceptance on when he calls/texts you. This means, most girls seem to lose interest or won’t respond if a guy doesn’t reach out to her before or after a certain time has passed from the time she gave him her number. That timeframe seems to be somewhere between 2 days to 3 days later. I suggest you widen your time frame to between 1 and 5 days later. Worry less about when he reached out, and focus more on that he “did” reach out.

5. Focus less on whether or not he sent a wonderful text that brings back all the great feelings when you first met. It’s nice to get that, but if you liked him in the first place, don’t give up on him just because his text wasn’t extraordinary.

6. Texting should not be a mandatory 2nd round of qualification for the guy (see tip #5) (Note: this does not include the obnoxious rude guy who texts something completely inappropriate.)

7. If he text you asking you when or if you are free or even better, suggests a specific night for you to get together, don’t wait a long time to respond. Also, Don’t ask him if you can get back to him. If you aren’t sure you are free, tell him no and give him a night you are sure you’re free.

8. If you have to cancel a date, call him and explain why, then offer him another day you are free. Texting this is not a good idea. Call him.

9. If you have to cancel, reach out to him first. Don’t wait for him to check in with you only to find out you aren’t going. It says you are inconsiderate and/or forgot about the date altogether or didn’t care enough about him to let him know.

10. Don’t cancel the date just because something better came up. But if you absolutely have something you have to cancel it for, handle it appropriately (see tip 9)


11. Be grateful that a guy took you out. You need to tell him thank you at the end of the night and mean it.


12. On the second date, offer to pick up a round of drinks.


13. On the third date, buy a round of drinks without even offering.


14. If you think these tips don’t work, ask one of your guy friends what he thinks about them and listen to what he says.


15. Be open-minded and ok with being different. If doing these tips feels awkward cause “nobody else ” does them dating in L.A., then keep doing the same thing as everyone else and expect the same results.

Agree, or Disagree? Leave a comment below with YOUR opinion.

CMQ here with some final words…

Ladies, you might be flinging your latte-double-bullshit frothy Starfucks cup across the room right now. Right into the wall of the apartment your sugar daddy pays for.

You might be distracted already by the multiple pings of endorphin’s blazing through your brain every time you get a ‘Like’ on your Instagram or SnatchChat.

You might be narrowing your eyes into beady death-stares as you read this article, but careful. Too much crinkling of the eyes and before you know it they won’t let a crows-feet chick into 1Oak.

Before you know it you’ll age. Gasp, yes I said age.

When this happens remember that all the guys who you wouldn’t date before are now wise, further ahead in life, value has gone up even more and they want nothing to do with you.

So read this article with an open mind. Consider that maybe, just maybe, we could be right. If your ego won’t let you, then I truly feel bad for you as the road ahead will be rocky full of pointless Tinder fucks and guys who will never date you.

That might seem great for a time, but then that ache is gonna hit you. No, not the ache in your pussy after getting it pounded 9 ways from Sunday. I mean that OTHER ache. The one in your heart. The void that can’t get filled now matter how many times your mouth, pussy and asshole get filled by limitless miles of cock.

Consider something else. Consider trying a different way. Consider that there are men who will date you, take you serious and not just think of you as a cum-dumpster; if you act like a woman worth pursuing.

Or not. But don’t come crying to me in a few years (or months) when you’re filled with regret.

We won’t care. We’ll be too busy dating 21 year olds who took this article to heart, adopted the tips and become great women.

Men, you aren’t off the hook either. If you’re not working on yourself, then start today. As in right now, here.

17 Replies to “An Open Letter To The Women Of Los Angeles: Why You Can’t Find A Man To Date You; Only Fuck You”

  1. Sounds like a bunch of bitter, insecure, feminine, ignorant, reactionary, ungrounded men who’ve gathered around to whimper and make excuses about not getting the girls they want all the while us real men are meeting, connecting with and dating beautiful women all over this city and having the time of our lives.

    Take some responsibility, gentlemen. Or rather, little boys. The real answers lie internally within yourself and not with the woman. Be a fuckin man and own that.


  2. Shit…i was making a comment on here and it looked like my original didn’t “take” and so I rewrote it. Anyone tell me who to delete a comment? It’s bad enough to get in here and kiss a man’s ass, but it looks worse when you’re too stupid to operate a smart phone and you end up double posting the same ass kissing.


  3. A very interesting read. I have a few thoughts to add:

    1. Texting – As a whole, humans now have more ways of communicating than ever before and yet we’ve become worse communicators. I think what it boils down to is more of issue #2 in that a girl has so many options, if she sees one thing “off script” she can just turn her attention to the 5 other people she’s texting at any given moment.

    2. Too many distractions – As a given, I would change this wording to “too many options.” The main reason for this is there’s always plenty of guys or girls throwing different options out there for any given night. While this in itself isn’t a bad thing, but the accessibility of it means that if comes between a date with you, girls night out, a party in the hills, or a friend’s cocktail party, the mood of the moment is going to dictate what happens. Add to that the flurry of beta guys (who some might be hotter psychically than you to her) hitting her up, and those 5 new Bumble matches, the competitive field just got a lot more crammed.

    3. Sense of entitlement – This I would say is a large result of our current “all things feminine are holy and unquestionable” social mantra. If we as a society keep putting the message out there that every girl is a princess and deserves all things good under the sun, it’s no surprise that we see them act upon it, especially when tools like Tinder and Instagram provide instant and overwhelming virtual social validation. There’s nothing wrong with girls getting the good thing in life when they’ve earned them…but with the rise of the fem-power movement and flurry of needy beta men, the narrative is that by virtue of just being female they inherently deserve it.

    To sum it all up, the most important thing I think this article is lacking is addressing what girls want at what phase of their life. It’s a good first step, but factors like your average 21-24 year old that just wants to party, have a good time, and hang with hot guys should be considered. There’s nothing wrong with it the wants of the 21 year old, but expecting to “date” a girl from the Eat, Pray, Love generation at this age is a long shot. The social message to girls today is “date around, have your fun, hook up with bad boys and then settle down” after getting all of that out of your system. Our society is geared on the myth that girl’s can “have it all” (dating, kids, career) without any consequences and this is what feeds issues #2 & #3 to a large degree. I don’t think the remedies are a bad idea per say, but I do not think they address the one thing they need to make them effective: A tangible incentive.

    Saying “someday you will age” is a harsh truth that falls on def ears because for girls 18-26 the social rewards and reinforcement of the opposite holds true. There is no tangible incentive to be seen until a girl enters her late 20’s and realizes that she’s no longer the youngest and hottest thing on the market, because guess what, a new crop of girls just turned 21. To be a bit crude, “there’s no pussy like new pussy” holds true in the social consciousness as the younger generations move up the ranks. The incentive only becomes tangible when new competition arrives on the seen and the dreaded approach of 30 becomes evident, at which point a noticeable amount of options begin to diminish. Making that evident to a 23 year old who can waltz into a club 100% broke and stumble out drunk at the end of night is a very tough sell. And in the dating app era, the the effect is prolonged at a girl that’s 29 can still find many virtual options that can be actualized in the real-world.

    So what incentive does dating offer and how can you make it tangible is the question I would ask. What do you want to get out of dating and what will she get out of it? Why is that a stronger pull than all the other options out there? To put it in Darwinian terms, it’s Dating Darwinism at the highest level in LA as the field of competition is so consistently high, a top tier alpha can still have 10 other alpha’s in his vicinity “nipping at his heals” so to speak. So the question is, how does one not only stand out from the competition but keep that standout competitive edge? If you’re a hugely famous person like DiCaprio, fame is the ultimate game as they say, so the incentive is very tangible. If you aren’t, then what is the unique competitive edge you have? Remember, girl are highly competitive and want the best of what they can in a place like LA where the best of the best come day in and out, it becomes that much more paramount to ensure you are the best you that you can be and continue to develop your game to the best it can be.

    As a final thought, given the greater beta-ness of the male population (I’d say 85%) that will gladly and openly reward this type of behavior, the issues listed above will continue to be enabled. If you want to “date” (which I think the concept is fundamentally flawed) you need rock solid frame and you need to know what a girl wants in life at her particular stage in it. If she’s 24 and looking to get ahead of the marriage curve you’ll find her much more open to the idea of dating than a 26 year old that still wants to go bar hopping every night. As men we tend to take rational and logical approaches to problem solving, but here the underlying natures of women and the social variables supporting these problems need to be factored in a bit more in this particular case. Not bashing the article, I just think it has a few more steps to go before a more actionable solution is formulated. The #1 problem I see is how to pull a fish out of a sea of betas that can cater to her every need and vanity (monetarily, sexually, socially, etc.) and once that’s done, keep the fish in the boat?


  4. I think this is all true, and I experience the same type of behavior in philadelpia. Many of these women have become psuedo celebrities in their own little circle because of social media, and act the part. I often encounter groups of women who are out mainly to dress in slutty attire and take pictures for social media.

    I have become much better at screening up front though, and this helps me from wasting time. I look more for the hidden gems, and not the girls who are obviously too into themselves. The ones who don’t look like they frequent every club in the city, in with some group getting bottle service etc….

    Sometimes the true beauties are the ones wearing something simple, with less makeup, and giving off a less attention whorish vibe. It might sound crazy but my new motto with my buddy is give me a 7 1/2- 8 with a nice body and a pleasant attitude. Many of the 9’s and 10’s are really just inflated ego, overly made up imposters anyway. When those club lights come on…. it can be shocking.

    Definitely strange and troubling times we live in, but i’m learning to adapt.


  5. I think #1 and #2 are problems in most major cities. My take is that TInder* – Social Media may be a major contributor to these phenomenon, Even 15 years ago, women pretty much were restricted to getting offered dates from people they knew/met in person. Now, every chump in a (insert tinder radius here) can proposition her. This creates a feel where you need to be nearly perfect via text, hit the right vibe at the right times, to get anything going. At some point, it all boils down to blind luck.

    I have not noticed #3 nearly as much- having spent most of my time in NYC and SF. Ironically, SF girls were by far and away more likely to offer up to pay for a date and be appreciative. But it was much easier to GET a date in NYC than SF.

    Circling back to my first point, and only tangentially at that- I recently watched a TED talk covering what the speaker called the “buyers paradox of choice”. When a buyer had MORE options, they often times ended up feeling less satisfied, due to the (perceived) opportunity cost of all their other options. The talk had nothing to do with dating, of course, but I think there are direct parallels to dating / game, and how Tinder has effected the market.

    * Tinder is used as the generalization for all dating apps / online dating sites.


  6. McQueen,
    Has your own experiences matched the guest posters or do you not see as much disrespect and nit picking/shit testing from these chicks as most guys?

    Are the women in Vegas (locals and even tourists looking for some fast fun) any better than to deal with than the LA woman archetype in the article above?


    1. Bryan,

      I’ll put it this way. LA say, 3-4 years ago was much better. 5-6 years ago was gravy. I don’t think this issue is just reserved for LA; it’s part of a larger society issue, however, learning to screen from the jump HARD is essential so your time isn’t wasted. Even then, it can be a toss up.

      I’ve found Vegas girls to be much more receptive in general, but it’s a town built on unbridled lust. If you want ONS’s then head to Vegas.

      The biggest contributor to LA’s downfall, in my opinion, is that the nightlife has dropped in quality considerable. This could be that less millennials go out to party LESS then past generations. It could be the explosion of Tinder.

      I do know in cities like NYC and MIA it’s not as bad as LA and the nightlife trumps LA 100 fold.

      With anything, one must adapt. Or move. As am I.


  7. Hmmm, interesting…even your solutions. Can DAMAGED women ever be Dateable?

    How can one date a woman who shows strong signs of being Histrionic (1. Texting ), Borderline/Bipolar (2. Too many distractions), Narcissistic (3. Sense of entitlement).

    The majority of American women are too mentally and emotionally damaged for a healthy STR, much less, a LTR.

    CMQ, what you neglected to cover in this brilliantly written article, is that women are fully aware of their flaws, dysfunctions and self-destructive behaviors. Their full-time job (everyday) is to trick and deceive you from knowing their truth, just long enough to get you emotionally hooked.

    Therefore, their (slutty) behavior is only a reflection of their (whorish) mentality, meaning these women know they are ONLY good for FUCKING and the man who deems her dateable will soon be forced to face his illusions (with pain).


    1. Zan, I didn’t write the article. Note it’s a guest poster.

      This is an interesting point. Yes, there are many women who feel they’re not worthy of traditional dates, thus will purposefully (or maybe subconsciously) sabotage their chances with high value men.


      1. Damn, my bad CMQ. I should’ve known better because it never had the spirit or feel of the way you normally flow.

        By the way, what are you currently working on and /or what will you be releasing soon?

        Much Respect,


      2. ahhh… yes! Very good point! it’s the old Groucho Marx joke – “I would never belong to a club that would have me as a member”. I absolutely believe this is a real thing. And it explains why so many women, especially in hollywood, only date men who treat them like shit. If you treat them with respect, then they think there is something wrong with you for respecting them because they have no respect for themselves. So twisted!


      3. “Yes, there are many women who feel they’re not worthy of traditional dates, thus will purposefully (or maybe subconsciously) sabotage their chances with high value men.”

        Holy shit….I have been reading red pill blogs and game articles for a few months trying to come to grips and understand what happened to me a couple of years ago. This one comment has articulated and galvanized what I have been trying to figure out for quite long time now.

        I have read Rollo, Roissy, Roosh, Dalrock and others, and it always felt like after reading them, I was walking around with this (conceptual) song stuck in my head, and couldn’t think of the name. Sometimes it would be right on the tip of my tongue, but I couldn’t quite get it. After all the posts, articles, ebooks, interviews, and comments sections I have slogged through, you fucking nail it right on the head with one fucking sentence.

        I am practically in tears. The emotional mix of anger, bitterness, and frustration have INSTANTLY been replaced with relief, clarity, understanding and FINALLY some fucking acceptance. Thank you. Thank you so much. Your one comment has been a catharsis for me.

        I think the reason I feel like such an emotional little bitch right now is because it was so unexpected and came out of nowhere when I wasn’t looking, after such a long search. It has figuratively knocked me in the head.

        I have already made this comment longer than intended, and I am afraid going into the details of “my story” would just make this post too long to be worth much reading. Maybe another time on a post that is actually relevant to my horrible experience. (It is a VERY long story, but so apprapo to the comment you made.)

        I was just wanting to read an article that I thought would confirm what I had already suspected and experienced with casual dating. Then, out of left field, your one comment shined the true light on what contributed to my one and only significant LTR failure, and my role of stupidity in it.

        Again, thank you so much. I’m gonna go drink a gin and tonic and reflect. I need to figure out how to recover now that my world has been rocked to its foundations.


      4. “Yes, there are many women who feel they’re not worthy of traditional dates, thus will purposefully (or maybe subconsciously) sabotage their chances with high value men.”

        Holy shit! I have been reading red pill and game stuff for quite a while now, trying to find some kind of answers as to what happened to me.

        I’ve always felt like I was walking around with a (conceptual) song stuck in my head that I just couldn’t figure out the name of.
        Ive read Rollo, Roissy, Roosh, Dalrock, etc. and I’ve always felt like it was right on the tip of my tongue, but I still wasn’t getting it. You articulated and galvanized everything I was feeling in one fucking sentence.

        I just came in here after seeing a couple of your comments on various CH posts, and thought I would read an article that would confirm my suspicions and experiences from casual dating. (Dallas though not L.A.) Instead, you have shown a light on the answer I had been looking for in regards to my one LTR failure.

        I am practically in tears. All the anger, frustration, confusion, doubt, and bitterness has INSTANTLY been replaced with clarity, understanding, and FINALLY some fucking relief. Thank you. Thank you so much.

        At the expense of sounding hyperbolic, this has been the most “Aha!” moment of my entire life. I am sorry (well, not really) if I am going on like a blubbering little bitch.
        I think the fact that this revelation came out of left field when I wasn’t looking has made its impact on my emotions too overwhelming to contain. I feel like the fish that live so deep in the ocean, their guts explode when they come to the top because of the lack of pressure. I don’t know what to do with all the new found weightlessness, now that that pressure has been relieved.

        I have already made this comment longer than I intended, so I won’t go into “my story” as it is long gone and not apprapo to this article and comment threads. I just felt like I had to say some word of thanks for changing my views. With One. Fucking. Sentence. Incredible.

        Now that my world has been rocked to its very foundations, I think I am now gonna drink a gin and tonic while reflecting on my new found knowledge.

        Once again. Thank you.


  8. Los Angeles to rural Montana. It’s the same shit man. The texting thing has gotten ridiculous. My rule is to send a text, and if it doesn’t get a reply… DONE! It may seem harsh, but it’s really the only expedient way to do things.


    1. Yea, if I text and don’t get a reply, number get’s deleted. Onwards and updwards!

      Some guys like ‘built the pipeline’ and that’s fine, to each their own, however, building a pipeline is about having hot leads, not cold as a Chitown winter ‘leads’.

      Then again, I’ve been known to get girls numbers, we text, then I ghost them due to being busy and not having the time. So there’s that.


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