“What are they saying?”

Forget what I have to say about SelfFlix, hear from some of our members:

Now that you’ve aware SelfFlix 2.0 has launched and the clock is literally clicking on getting in at the lowest price ever, here’s some testimonials from members of SelfFlix and the SuccessNetwork who can tell you in their own words what SelfFlix is all about:

Borja A.

“The simple truth is that SelfFlix offers a humongous value for money. It is an extremely easy to use platform.
Business, dating, mindset – it’s got it all.”

Sean R.
“SelfFlix is your one stop shop for all things personal development.
It covers everything from dating to finances to productivity and organization to health and energy. If you have a problem, odds are the folks over at SelfFlix have a course to help you solve it.”

Josh G.
“SelfFlix is an amazing membership. I’m extremely impressed with the content and got way more value than I imagined. I’ve canceled Netflix and Hulu, thanks to SelfFlix, because this is actually helping me make money with my businesses instead of wasting time watching shows and movies.”

Ryan A.
“All in all I’m really impressed. I’ve never seen anything like this and I’m confident that the courses will get me where I want to go in life. I’ve already noticed improvements in my dating life and that’s a great feeling.”

Chuck F.
“It’s like Udemy but with an All Access Pass for a monthly fee instead of per course. Freakin’ excellent stuff. At least 26 courses that will be a huge help in the businesses I’m setting up alone. Glad I signed up.”

William N.
“I just wanted to say that I am really enjoying the courses on SelfFlix and am definitely applying what I’ve learned to my daily lifestyle. I just wanted to give you a big thank you for such a useful, easily usable source of information.”

Austin G.
“SelfFlix is amazing and gives me something to do whenever I am eating or chilling out, instead of Facebook and Instagram, where not only do I feel productive, but I am actually learning skills that can enhance my life.”

Bradley S.
“This is truly groundbreaking. It only took me about a day after signing up to realize this is a no-brainer due to the amount of value this site and community provides. Thanks SelfFlix!”

If you’re serious about carving out your own successful journey in life, then consider SelfFlix to help you get there. From business to dating to mindset; we’ve got something that will help you create your dream life AND:

There’s zero risk. Try us out. Then decide. Potentially…life-changing for you. Do you want to look back with regret?

Price Alert: membership prices increase THIS Wednesday night, August 24th at midnight, so act today:

Go here to improve your life and get the success you deserve and desire===> “What are they saying?”


Christian McQueen

P.S. Did you know that all of my badass courses are inside SelfFlix? That’s right: A Man In Demand Academy, CONVERT Deep Conversion, Get Laid Tonight aka Speed Dating and DIMES: How To Attract The Most Gorgeous Women, PLUS How To Become A High Value Man: all that incredible gold is available to you along with 110+ courses, software and tools to help you achieve your goals. You”ll have instant access as soon as you sign up today!

Grab life by the damn horns and join SelfFlix today. If not now, when?

Click the gigantic ass yellow button below that says: Try It Risk Free!



Note for members of the ORIGINAL SelfFlix:

If you were a member of the original SelfFlix, then in order to stay a member of the NEW SelfFlix,

you still have to choose a plan and go through the checkout process aka pay for your membership plan.

You will NOT be double charged as your old subscription has automatically been canceled.

Since you were a member under the super-low rate, then you must act by Wednesday August 24th at 11:59pm in order to

keep the SAME monthly rate you were at. Don’t sleep in it. Act now: go here===> Sign Up For SelfFlix

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