10 Observations About Foreign Women From A Week Overseas


So, as many of you know I was in the French Riviera for the past week.

To get this off my shoulders now, I now officially have one regret in my life: not getting their sooner.

I’d been told by multiple bloggers, friends and fellow playboys how great it could be, but I will admit I didn’t believe them completely.

I was wrong.

I’m going to write more on it, but want to get this down now, while it’s fresh on my mind.

10 Observations About Foreign Women From A Week Overseas

I spent a little over half of my time in Cannes and the other half in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Both areas are known for being playgrounds for extremely wealthy playboys and the elite of the world. I can see why.

The amount of sheer wealth is staggering and puts Beverly Hills to shame, specifically Monaco. However, it’s NOT as expensive as one would think. I spent FAR less than I would on an average night out in LA. except for one night when getting bottles of Dom and a table.

But, more on that later. Here’s what I noticed about foreign girls there.

#10. Lack of Tats

The smattering of God-forsaken tattoos on American chicks I’m assuming is an American thing.

Instead of treating their bodies like canvases painted by God and not to be ruined, girls in America have chosen to reflect their inner turmoil on their skin.

This is a shame.

In Cannes, I rented a private bed on the beach. To those who know who have gone there’s private beaches and public. You have your own comfortable ‘bed’, umbrella and beach-side service with drinks and food.

The public beaches don’t look bad, but it’s a free-for-all and for less than $20 it’s a no-brainer to have your own G setup.

Also, there’s no food/drink min either. Order shit, or don’t, doesn’t matter.

This is the only way to do it and to put the money into perspective, it was only $18 euros for the day.

The girls at this specific private beach (not using names of places I went, but not hard to figure it out if you follow me in Instagram) were nothing short of stunning.

I’ll try to find some pictures that are indicative of the average level of attractiveness, but do know that chicks who think they’re stunners in LA now have me in stiches after the chicks in France/Monaco. Hilarious.

Let’s not forget that the beaches are topless. I would say the only beaches that come close are in Miami.

I NEVER get in the ocean, but that all changed in Cannes.

Had one of the most (if not most) zen ‘awakening’ moments out in the water solo. I hate to use the word magical cuz it sounds trite, but that’s truly what it was. I never made it onto a yacht, but that’s on the list for next time.

Back to Tats:

The most I would see on the girls was a SMALL tattoo on their ankle, if that, but the majority of the girls (easily 90%) did NOT have tats.

This was refreshing to say the least.

#9. Thin Chicks Everywhere

I’m not going to be one the dudes to goes overseas and paints it all rainbows and unicorns, because no where is perfect, BUT the amount of thin chicks in France/Monaco was nothing short of breath-taking.

I understand America is #2 in obesity (Mexico is #1 from my understanding), but to see such a stark contrast blew my mind.

In short, America is dangerously fat as fuck.

We become numb to it because we see it everyday but seeing the difference made me realize that it’s not normal and as men who strive to be the best we can we should never consider a fattie again, not when the world has such a diamond buffet bevy of beauties to choose from.

This didn’t just go for women: dudes there are thin. I mean really thin. Probably all the walking, food and smoking. I don’t see being really jacked as a plus there. Like soup has mentioned in NYC, girls there tend to be more into the swagger of a guy and his style. I saw the same in France/Monaco.

#8. The Way They Move

Have you ever noticed how women in US are moving more and more masculine? From the way they smoke cigs, to eat their food to hell, just walking, it’s like they’re literally becoming men.

Excuse my ignorance for being ‘sheltered’, but the women of France fucking moved akin to gliding. I chalk this up to femininity.

Monaco (1)

At the infamous Casino in Monte Carlo, Monaco

#7. Dresses

Dresses for as far as the eye can see.

Apparently dresses aren’t just something we see on women’s bathroom stick figures. They actually WEAR them in France and Monaco and when I say ‘WEAR’ I mean just that.

You cannot fake having known how to wear a dress since a young age.

Similar how I’ve worn suits since I was very young, it’s something that experience gives you, nothing more.

The kids in France were very gender specific. Boys looked like boys and the girls looked like girls. I’d never seen anything like it.

I think this carries over. Girls there wear dresses and have braids and ponytails, so when they grow up wearing a dress is NORMAL for them, thus it settles on them nicely and they rock it in a way that a girl wearing pants her whole life just can’t duplicate.

#6. Hair

This one is a con on my list.

French girls do not have the best hair. I have no idea why, could be genetics, or the damn humidity, but if you expect really luscious thick hair, then look elsewhere. Hair is big for me and this is one ‘flaw’ for sure.

They tend not to do much with their and while it’s long and flowing, it’s not really thick.

Here’s the GOOD news: I saw ONE girl with purple hair overseas and she looked American. Literally ONE girl. To not see a plumage of unnatural hair colors was refreshing as fuck and made up for them not having really great hair.

Also, the humidity was a bitch and fucked up my hair to the point I just said fuckit and let it go at one point almost looking like Pablo Escobar minus the mustache. Didn’t matter, still got compliments on it despite me thinking it looked a bit fucked.

#5. Effortlessness

French girls have it. Must be a culture thing, but you can see how it plays into how they dress (stylish, but don’t look like they spent 3 hours getting ready) and how they move.

This is probably #1 for how sexy they are.

We all know the more it appears that you just *are* and look sexy, the more attractive that is to everyone.

They have it down pat.

The only way I can think to compare them to US girls would be this:

American girls TRY to be sexy, but come across sexual aka slutty. French girls just ARE sexy, but without the ‘dirtyness’ of sexuality. It’s a much more clean, innocent type of sexiness instead of the ‘whorish’ US ‘sexiness’.

#4. Drinking

The slamming shots shit must be an American chick thing. I would see girls have maybe TWO-THREE drinks the whole night, dance like their life depended on it and be smiling and laughing the whole time.

This was refreshing as fuck.

One of the nights in Monaco I had a table with bottles of Dom.

Didn’t need em.

Chicks could have really cared less to be honest. One can roll solo and have no issues pulling at all, as I did in Cannes multiple nights. The table didn’t hurt and I still pulled, but definitely was not a factor.

I’m really burnt out on the lush-ass chicks here feeling the need to keep up with me drinking (good luck doll, let’s call the ER now so they can prep for your arrival).

#3. Being PRESENT

The other shocker and remember, this wasn’t in a third world country where chicks don’t have money. Chicks in these cities had dough, but even the more ‘normal’ local girls acted the same: they were fucking PRESENT.

I’ve NEVER seen so many girls in nightclubs NOT on their phones.

They were talking to people, actively looking around, dancing and just clearly enjoying being in the club.

Comparing this to the bullshit of how US clubs have gotten in LA specifically and even in Vegas sometimes, was an eye-opener.

No longer was I competing with the big cockblock of iPhones. Instead, girls wouldn’t reach for their iPhones for HOURS.

That’s not an exaggeration. I was on my phone more than them.

#2. Receptiveness

At one point was at a little market and was checking out and this French chick turned around just gave me a warm smile. I literally turned around and looked to see if she was smiling at someone else, that’s how surprised I was (this was first or 2nd day of trip).

Do I get smile at in America? Yes, all the time, but it was the WARMTH and SINCERITY of the smiles that threw me for a loop. Genuine could describe it.

It’s a fucking shame that should not be normal here in the US, but is what it is.

#1. Height

French chicks are tall. It’s nuts.

But, they’re all thin and not in that LA I-do-crack-and-starve-myself way, but just naturally thin.

If you like curvy Kim K types then you won’t like the girls, but I loved it.

The word would be ‘svelte’.

None of this “I squat as much as a man!” shit that’s popular here now. No, much different.

This didn’t bother me even though I’m not super tall by any means. The other shocker was that most French dudes were NOT tall, so not sure where they’re getting their height, but the majority of the girls were with guys below/same height and it wasn’t a big deal.

Additional Notes:

No place is perfect and visiting and actually living somewhere can be two different experiences. In no way do I think that’s it just heaven on earth and the girls are flawless, however, sometimes the grass really is fucking greener and in this case it was no comparison.

Chicks wear heels. None of this wearing flats bullshit.

To see a 5’10” model chick wearing heels walking to the beach is living. To bend her over is heaven.

I have more to say and will write more, but that’s just a few of my thoughts.

Special to Shout-out to: GManifesto.

Was corresponding with him pretty much the whole trip and he had great advice and insight the entire time. If anyone doubts him, I can say he’s 100% on point. Get more of his insights in this interview.

If you’re curious how you can create your dream life that you deserve and desire, then go here.

Create your dream life. Today.

17 Replies to “10 Observations About Foreign Women From A Week Overseas”

  1. Monaco is by far no place to expect a real impression on how europe is. It’s the place where rich, famous and by societies standards beautiful people gather, to see and to be seen. At least we european people know that.


  2. Hey CMQ,
    Interesting feedback on Europe.

    What would you estimate the cost of living to be where you went if you actually lived there? Over $5000/month or less?

    Since you’ve partied all over Americas hotspots and we see the current cultural decline here-would you reccomend Europe as a place for the playboy to live based on your gut instincts of this recent postive travel experience?

    Thank You For Telling It Like It Is Brother,


    1. Would have to be there longer to give you an accurate take on actual living expenses.

      I will say it wasn’t as expensive as many have made it out to be, those two areas in particular, Cannes France and Monte Carlo Monaco. This could be attriubuted to either many people being cheap, or dumb. Maybe both.

      I wouldn’t NOT recommend it. My gut at this point in my life says making a major coastal city in the US your home base is a smart move and then travel. Extended stays in Europe and other countries. That’s my plan. There’s a strong possibility I’ll be spending next summer in Cannes and then bounce around Europe here and there. But, time will tell.


  3. It’s funny how height seems to be a really big thing for some and in some cultures, but then for others, they don’t really care.


  4. Love how feminine sounding this women are overseas. Definitely lacking here for reasons you’ve already mentioned(binge drinking, tats, extreme weightlifting). Sounds like a blast bro-you’ve given me a great next travel destination idea. I’m one of those fit and thin guys they seem to like so should be fun.

    Vegas is next on my schedule-are Hakkasan and Marquee still good spots?


    1. Hakkasan is still in the top 2, Omnia is probably 1. Marquee has fallen off like a motherfucker, unfortunately, because the club setup is great for meeting girls, specifically the outdoor area. That being said, in Vegas anything is possible anywhere, so I wouldn’t say it’s a bad idea to go there, its just not what it used to be.


  5. This is a great list, and I just want to add: Nearly all of these points can be traced back to ONE thing–being FEMININE.

    All of it revolves around that. And it’s really so simple, but girls in the States are losing their ability to be feminine with each passing day. And this isn’t to say there’s not some good ones, or that it’s “hard” to get them (actually easier than ever), but there’s just SOMETHING that feels OFF.

    It’s really difficult to put into words until you list it out like you did here, and realize it all comes back to one thing…

    …just being a girl.

    Man, so glad to hear you had a great time and hopefully we’ll be crossing paths abroad sometime in the future.


  6. nice work Christian. So glad you had a ball. I’m just back from Ukraine and Romania and had an insane time. When’s your next trip!?



      1. Christian,
        It’s the rainy season in Thailand Aug thru Nov. I have been to Phuket several times and I have a buddy that lives there. Just FYI Dec. – March is much better.


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