Join Me In Mexico & Take Your Game To The Next Level (CMQ’s Playboy Summit)


Christmas came early this year for you as I’m announcing my Playboy Summit, in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico that only 7 lucky men can come to.

This groundbreaking exclusive retreat and seminar is bar-none incredibly badass.

Hosted by yours truly and coaching and instructing every step of the way, I’m dropping 4 (5 including the bonus seminar) sessions on Next Level Game, PLUS, we’ll be partying from the beach to the nightclubs AND if you’re up for some adventure, go on a scuba diving adventure off the coast.

You’re probably thinking this is priced out the ass, as my time is very valuable and worth a hefty price, but it’s not. Like I said earlier, Christmas came early and this is my gift BACK to you, my loyal readers and supporters, so act fast, because this will sell out QUICK.

I created this for the man who’s ready for the Next Level of Game and priced it for the everyman.

When I say I’ve pulled out ALL the stops to give you an incredible amount of VALUE, know that’s it one-hundred.

You’ll see when you visit and see all the incredible Next Level Game knowledge you’re going to learn.

To get all the details and snag your ticket before it sells out (remember: only 7 tickets are being sold), go to the link below:

Click Here====>Join Me In Mexico & Take Your Game To The Next Level (CMQ’s Playboy Summit)

P.S. This website is best viewed on a desktop or laptop, but it’s also mobile friendly.

There’s a wealth of information on it so you know exactly what you’re getting a ticket for…see you in Mexico!

2 Replies to “Join Me In Mexico & Take Your Game To The Next Level (CMQ’s Playboy Summit)”

  1. I enjoyed your report about Playa Del Carmen. Sounds like you had a great time. I was there once for short time, but have made to trips to Cancun to party. I actually dislike Cancun. It’s a real tourist trap shit-hole.


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