How Old Is Too Old? (and only 2 tickets left for Playboy Summit)


When designing this incredible game-changing experience for you gentlemen, so you can blast past stubborn barriers and frustrating roadblocks (and effin’ cockblocks), I specifically made it with a certain type of man in mind:

A man who irregardless of his age, or background he’ll come away from the trip not just having done the following:

  • Spent 4 days and 3 nights being coached by yours truly, Goldmund from (read his take on this here), and even a surprise coach (attendees will see on the trip) in beautiful Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
  • Flirted with, closed and potentially pulled some sexy spicy chicas
  • Learned every game secret and Next Level Game tactic in my Game Toolbox ranging from NLP Power Secrets (my personal favorite) to Sexual Obsession to Deep Conversion Part 2 to Pimp Harem Game and much, much more (and that’s not even taking into consideration what kind of gold Goldmund is providing you)
  • Had real adventure like SCUBA diving in the ocean and bonding with like-minded men who you can discuss life, women and your goals with without feeling like they’re looking at you like you’re an alien
  • Popped bottles in the hottest Playa Del Carmen clubs seeing how nightlife can be with the world’s greatest Nightlife Game Coach
  • Discovered Day Game techniques on the beaches of Playa with myself and Goldmund (In my personal opinion one of the best cold approach artists I’ve ever seen) like building rapport, comfort, physical escalation and much more

But to have really flipped that switch taking you from one level of game to the next in the most powerful way possible:

Live in action in the ‘field’ coaching.

You see, online courses are great. Reading game books are great.

However, IN-PERSON coaching does what none of those can do: it’s PERSONALIZED for your specific strengths and weaknesses. There is no match for in-person instruction…

And did I mention the FUN you’re going to have?

Instead of tooting my own horn on how much fun Goldmund and I are in the flesh, here’s a quote from someone who viewed a 20 minute approaching video we did sometime ago:

“This is like seeing Jordan and Pippen play together for the first time with the Chicago Bulls. Outstanding.” -Viewer’s reaction to video

Now, you can have a truly life-changing experience with the both of us helping you blast past stubborn game barriers, have incredible fun and adventure and experience life on another level…

“But, am I too old/too young to take this trip?”

Of our current attendees, their ages range from 20-to 40’s in age, respectively.

All of these men have ONE thing in common: they want to learn Next Level Game and have FUN with two men who genuinely give a fuck about your progress as a man. For that, this is priceless. As you can see, whether you’re 20yo, or 40yo, you won’t be ‘alone’ in your age bracket.

And, if you’re 70yo and want to come, I’ll make you the honorary attendee ha.

However: Right Now, as of 9am on Monday, September 5th,

there’s only TWO tickets left of the 7 that were available…

If you want to make REAL progress in your game, meet like-minded men and experience incredible adventure and fun with myself and Goldmund, then don’t hesitate.

When the videos emerge of the massive blast everyone will be having Dec 1-4, you don’t want to be kicking yourself for not getting in.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Click this link here right now: Yes, I Want My Ticket Now
  2. Click ANY of the neon Green ‘Get Your Ticket Now!’ buttons on the page. Follow the instructions and you’ll receive an email from me immediately notifying you that you made it into the ‘cool kids’ club.

Regret is a bitch and I don’t want you to miss out because you didn’t follow your gut.

Take action now and prepare for probably the best time of your life. We’re guaranteeing it. If by the second day (before the morning exclusive seminar session) you’re not feeling it, here’s what you can do:

Come up to me and say, “Christian, I’m not feeling this and I want a refund”. I’ll say, “No problem”, click some buttons on my phone and boom! your refund will be in transit. It’s that easy.

Be one of the last lucky TWO men left to get this game-changing opportunity and see you in Mexico!

P.S. For those figuring our where to stay in Mexico for the trip Dec 1-4, I HIGHLY recommend looking into The rates are laughable and you can get a great spot for hardly anything. Cheers.

Go to this link now and secure one of the last two tickets====>Yes, I Want My Ticket Now

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