Episode #56: 5 Ways Vegas Nightlife Has Drastically Changed


After a short hiatus and break due to summer travel, A Man In Demand Radio returns with Episode #56: 5 Ways Vegas Nightlife Has Drastically Changed. After a recent Get Girls In Vegas trip with a client and spending a week in Vegas, I made some observations on the nightlife and am sharing those in this episode.

This isn’t a “The Sky Is Falling And Vegas Is Bad Now” analysis. It’s based on consistently going to Vegas now for 5+ years, having lived and hosted at the top clubs in Vegas and continually going for my coaching trips. I’ve seen the evolution of Vegas and in this episode I’m presenting the FACTS and how to deal with it. I’m not acting like I have all the solutions, because nightlife in Vegas is in an evolutionary stage, so I’m figuring it out as well, BUT:

If you’re headed to Vegas and want the latest honest scoop on the nightlife, then this episode is required listening.

Show Notes:

  • What I’m seeing more of in the club and how to deal with it
  • The type of girls that are hitting the club in 2016
  • What changed in the last couple of years and how to combat the challenges
  • Are clubs still the best place to meet hot girls in Vegas?
  • The one new factor with bottle service that can get you caught up on the wrong girl
  • Bonus: How Stripclubs have changed as well and the best stripclub game tips for Vegas that work very well

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Episode #56: 5 Ways Vegas Nightlife Has Drastically Changed

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