Types of Men To Avoid (unless you want a loser life)

Who do you spend time with?

Do you surround yourself with men going places in life and hell-bent on creating the best life for themselves and their future seed?


Do you find yourself getting dragged down by Those Types.

You know em. Hell, you might be having a drink with one right now.

I like to call em The Crabs.

Nah, I’m not talking about that shit you can get from sticking your dick in a lot lizard on your way through Nevada. I’m talking about the crab mentality of some *ahem* most people in the world.

They love to hate and they hate on success.

You know what else they hate? Reminders of their shortcomings, lack of discipline and effort.

YOU might just be a reminder to them that working at IHOP the rest of their lives while swiping right, skipping the gym, mocking custom suits and banking on winning the lottery for their windfall probably isn’t the best life plan for a man in demand.

To summarize this list I’ve included a few types of men to avoid.

These might not seem obvious; but if you really think about it and take inventory of your ‘friends’, acquaintances and associates, you might just find that you have some Crabs who need to be smashed at the bottom of the bucket. Or, at least kicked the fuck out.

Men Who:

-Bitches about small sums of money.

Example: tipping a bouncer to skip the line, or paying for valet.

-Lets sports control their moods.

Example: Bob is a degenerate gambler. Will Bob’s mood change when he loses yet another bet? Or, Mark is a tool and gets emotional about his favorite sports player who injured his Achilles heel. Mark then proceeds to bitch to his wife on and on like a freshly neutered bitch.

-Have no game.

Example: Joe has no game, mocks those with game and tries to be a beta bitch boy in order to possibly, maybe, probably not, but entirely trying to get a handjob for NYE. Then, there’s Jack. Jack doesn’t have Game…yet, but he’s TRYING and he’s open to LEARN. See the difference?

-Sleep in.

Example: Frank works his ass off 6 days a week and on Sunday’s likes to catch a couple more hours of sleep. Cool. No problemo. Makes sense. But, then there’s Freddie who’s a piece of shit who sleeps in every day while his family suffers and his life continues to be one big example of what NOT to do. Mofos who love to sleep will never get ahead in life. Guaranteed.

-Obsessed with gossip.

Example: Johnny the Gerbil sits on online forums all day discussing how he’s going to change the world. Okay. Jeffrey is on a forum too. He’s actually a member of this one, a cool one where I actually discourage the members from sitting on it all day. Instead, drop some good advice, or a Data Sheet. Then go out into the damn world and LIVE. Men who love to chat about trivial shit and gossip behind others back are pathetic women with dicks.

-More concerned with world affairs then getting ahead themselves.

Example: Danny The Dumbass sits at home (his parents nonetheless at the ripe age of 35) complaining about the current state of affairs in US politics. Instead, Danny should be doing whatever it takes to get the fuck ahead in life, whether that’s selling water bottles to construction workers, carrying rebar to the scrap metal yard to get cash to get on his own, or hell selling a kidney in Mexico for a stack of cash. Priorities…

-Always have car problems (Credit: GManifesto).

This one might not seem obvious, but give it some thought. GManifesto is preachin’ on this one.

-Think “impossible” means “don’t” and “you can’t” means “you won’t”

Example: Brett was told by Brad that “It’s impossible to successfully start an online business and you should just quit”, so Brett doesn’t even get started and continues to trade time for money until he’s 80yo, broke and full of regrets. Jeff was told by Sally the Slut, “You can’t follow your dreams!”, so Jeff beta bitch boy’s it up and won’t pursue his calling.

This is just a sample of the many men to avoid.

What types of men do you avoid? What have they inadvertently taught you about success and life?

If you’re sick of having average game and fucking 5’s then go here.

P.S. If you’re worried about being alone, because maybe many people around you are these types, let me tell you friend: you’re better off being alone and focusing on your goals and meeting the RIGHT type of people in the world, then spending time with chodes, losers and beta bitch boys, because that will hold you the fuck back from you ever achieving your potential. Don’t let fear hold you back from taking time to yourself and building yourself up.

One Reply to “Types of Men To Avoid (unless you want a loser life)”

  1. Great post, and at no better a time, been dealing with several friends that have this crab bucket mentality. Personally I’ve found the need to avoid men who gossip which leads to problems (sometimes violent) down the road, and those who constantly and consistently blame others for their failings and mishaps rather than take any form of personal accountability.


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