Why Elon Musk Is Being Attacked For Not Following Women On Twitter

Elon Musk is a visionary of the likes of Christopher Columbus, Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell.

He’s a man with almost manic passion to create real change in the world. It’s admirable. It’s inspirational.

So, why on God’s green earth has he been attacked for not following more women on Twitter?


Let’s get the obvious out-of-the-way:

  1. The tech industry is full of weak-kneed beta bitch boys who abhor any high value men. If there ever was a revenge of the nerds era, gentlemen, we’re smack dab in the middle of it.
  2. The PC police love to create controversy out of nothing, so they feel good about creating ‘change’ in the world, but instead of creating positive change, such as what Elon Musk is doing, they like to create waves of ‘do-gooder’ displays of social ‘justice’.

However, what is the REAL reason why they’re attacking Elon Musk?

Why are there pathetic excuses for human beings attacking our generation’s arguably greatest visionary?

You ready for this?

Elon Musk is being attacked for not following more women on Twitter for one simple reason: attention-seeking women trying to inadvertently distract him from his vision.

Look, while some of you reading this are angrily slurping on Starfucks and spitting expletives at your screen due to my ‘misogynistic’ comments, here’s a real dose of ‘wake-you-the-fuck-up’ this morning.

Women have an inherent desire to be the CENTER of attention.

I’m not mad at em. It’s in their nature. They’re hard-wired to seek out and command the attention of high value men.

What’s going on here, is that Elon is in a hyper-focused mode (and has been for some time), where he’s hell-bent on fulfilling his vision.

As men, we admire that. We respect it. We know how hard it can be to not only find one’s vision, but then to put it into action and take the necessary steps to complete it.

Elon’s vision isn’t a simple one. Elon is focused on putting us on Mars! Imagine the focus and attention that requires?

I would imagine and I’m taking the liberty of even imagining to a certain extent what goes on in Elon’s head regarding why he doesn’t follow more women on Twitter and so with these liberties, here’s what I believe the reason is:

Women can be distracting as hell.

Could it just be that Elon is so focused on his making his vision into a reality that he doesn’t want to scroll through gossip, cute cat memes and trivial tweets?

I know that’s my reasoning.

See, while my vision maybe isn’t as grand as Elon’s (scratch that, it’s not), I don’t want the distraction either.

As of the time of this article, I follow only 10 people on Twitter, all men.


Hell, before you trip on why I don’t follow any women, understand I’ve also unfollowed many men who gossip and get caught up in drama as well.

Seeing gossip and draining negative tweets isn’t something I want to DISTRACT me everyday as I scroll through my feed. So I don’t even bring it into my reality.

Have you ever noticed…

That whenever you get renewed energy to focus on your work, a school project, or anything of real value that is usually in the areas of self-improvement, ALL the women in your life will suddenly require your time and energy?

It happens.

Happens to me all the time.

Like clockwork the moment I start on a new project, or put focused intensity on the myriad of projects I have going on at any given time, the phone won’t stop ringing. The notifications blow up my phone and guess who’s it by?

My lovely women.

Like I said, I’m not mad. Never would be. That’s like getting mad at a dog because he’s trying to rip open his food bag for a late-night meal. It’s in their nature.

But, what I can do is not allow myself to be distracted, by putting up ‘barriers’ to any nonsense, drama, or draining behaviour while I’m in my zone.

Women can sense when men are about to take off. Excuse the pun, but in the same way Elon is quite literally focused on taking off from this earth, women in YOUR life can sense when you’re about to get to the Next Level of Life.

It makes them nervous.

Will they still be needed?

Will you still find them attractive?

Will you upgrade and leave them behind?

Now imagine this:

This might sound a bit out there, but can you not imagine women on earth starting to freak the fuck out that Elon is working on making it possible for us to live on Mars?

Remember the old classic book on relationships, this one:


Kind of ironic, isn’t it?

What if one day, it becomes possible to go to Mars for the mere cost of a NYC to France flight?

People can mock. They can say it’ll never happen, but they’re the same type of people who mocked Edison for working on the light bulb and Columbus for setting sail on the seas with no end in sight only for him to be bestowed with accolades upon his return.

Taking that up a notch, imagine men could actually leave this earth when their wives, girlfriends, mistresses, harem chicks, etc start nagging them?

Wouldn’t that be of concern to women?

To wrap up…

Elon is a brilliant man who knows what he’s doing when it comes to pursuing his vision.

He doesn’t want to be distracted. He doesn’t want to follow people who’re not adding to his vision on Twitter.

Makes sense. Makes good sense.

Let the man be. Let him change the world. While people are getting their arms cut off for blood diamonds in parts of Africa and Veterans are sleeping under bridges in America, could it not be that the PC police could focus their attention on social aspects that REALLY need attention?

Well, yea. We get that, but that would require them to do more than send a tweet while smugly smiling and slurping on Starfucks while simultaneously dialing a girlfriend to chat about Kim K’s ‘robbery’.

Elon, if you’re reading this: stay the course. Stay focused on your vision. It’s unfortunate you probably lost a couple of hours dealing with this PC police headache which could have been used on your vision of changing the world.

The rest of you, let this be a lesson that when you become HYPER-FOCUSED on YOUR vision, distractions WILL come.

Some of those will be women, who remember: inherently feel they need your attention at the times when you need to focus YOUR attention on the task at hand the most.

Put on the blinders.

Pursue greatness.

I can promise you, when you land back from Mars (or whatever your vision is), there’ll be plenty of women waiting for you. The ones who want a man to pursue his vision, because they know an accomplished man is a man in demand; a man who is worth being patient for.

Tune out the bullshit and turn on positivity and life-changing advice here.

3 Replies to “Why Elon Musk Is Being Attacked For Not Following Women On Twitter”

  1. Great article. I am sick of these woman BS. It is all around man, all around!
    The only way is to have a mission. Like you said, when I work on my mission I feel alive and energetic!


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