10 Observations About NYC


The verdict is in and after having officially moved here to NYC and experienced the non-stop lifestyle this city produces, I have some observations that I’m writing out now while it’s fresh on my mind.

10. NYC is a Playboy’s Paradise

Want a cigar on a Monday afternoon, or damn near any day of the week? Hit up the SoHo Cigar Bar or The Carnegie Club.

Want phenomenal Korean food at 4am? Hit up New Wonjo and stuff your face. I’ve asked for alcohol all three times I’ve gone and still can’t convince the workers to slip me some. Pro-Tip: sneak in your own.

Ready for some strippers? It isn’t Rhino in Vegas (nothing ever is), but you’ll be able to utilize stripclub game at Sapphire’s until 4am.

No matter what you want to do, or the type of girls you want to scoop, NYC has something going 24/7 to indulge in.

9. Motherfuckers ask to bum cigs 24/7

I learned real quick to never give out cigs, or pull your pack out to have a smoke while standing still. Out of nowhere you’ll get bumrushed by 3 different dudes begging for cigs. At $16 per pack, I learned to say, “Nah, last one”, or just give them a death stare and keep walking.

8. Watch out for the bike lane

At least 3 times I’ve about stiff-armed bike messengers flying at break-neck speed, because I’m looking at the car lanes as I jaywalk, not the bike lanes. I learned quick when I narrowly missed a blur of a bike messenger blowing past me missing me by a couple of inches.

7. Subways are still whack, but are good for approaching

I don’t like the subways and prefer Uber. I know they’re ‘safe’ and ‘clean’ now, but still don’t like being stuffed in a train car like a sardine in a can, or a prisoner headed to a death camp. However, as I like to see the positive in everything (most of the time), they are goldmines for approaching. I’ve utilized it only a couple of times and had good experiences, but Goldmund from GoldmundUnleashed.com is quite the master at it and has written about it extensively. I’ll write more as I put it more into use.

6. NYC isn’t as expensive as people make it out to be

Once again, ‘intel’ I’ve received online has been whack as fuck. It started with Europe and how difficult the girls in Cannes and Monaco were going to be. That was wrong. And while I’ve visited NYC multiple times, actually living here obviously produces expenses that you wouldn’t have while just visiting. The rent is higher yes and the cigs are asininely priced, but if one get’s shit on On-Lock, it’s not so bad…at all. I’m starting to wonder if everyone writing NYC data sheets are just the hostel staying types so everything seems higher to them…

Overall, while NYC is expensive, it’s not as bad as one would think. Granted, this is all relative and dependent on one’s budget.

5. Women are friendlier

Yes, compared to Los Angeles, women here are like little cupcakes ready to be devoured. They eye fuck with ‘hunger’ in their eyes and they enjoy my style of direct game.

Recently I went out to Brooklyn and that was a shitshow, but based on the local intel I received it was because of the night and the venues I went to. Apparently off-nights are better than weekends there. I’ve pulled in BK before while visiting and had a great time, so I’ll chalk that up to a fluke and give it a shot again sometime.

4. People aren’t on their phones much

This surprised me, but lo and behold at the many restaurants, clubs, lounges and bars I’ve been to, I’ve noticed that people are actually ENGAGED with each other and in the moment. Without a doubt this contributes to the magic and energy of NYC.

In Los Angeles it wouldn’t be a shock to see an entire table of girls all on their phones while the guy dropping thousands on the bottles looked like he was ready to commit suicide. Partly that’s his fault because he didn’t know the truth about bottle service, but part of it is the ‘culture’ of LA.

3. The food is incredible

Despite stuffing my face on everything from Luzzo’s Pizza, to $1 Oysters (happy hour at just about every bar in NYC seems like) in DUMBO and everything in between, I’ve managed to drop 5+ pounds from walking a couple miles per day.

In LA I drove everywhere. In NYC people walk like crazy and I’m getting used to the fast paced get-the-fuck-out-of-my-way-before-I-kick-you-into-the-street style of walking. It’s actually great once you get in the groove.

2. Cabbies are either cool as fuck, or fucking psychos

There’s no in between. Have had some I wanted to choke out and a few who had incredible stories and great attitudes. Pro-Tip: never tell them you just moved to NYC, or that you’re visiting. Act like a local. If not, they’ll drive in circles while you think you’re just stuck in traffic. I made that mistake…once.

1. There are women everywhere

I knew there was more women in Manhattan than men (check the stats), but I didn’t think it’d be THIS obvious. Women of all colors and types everywhere. It’s truly glorious.

Overall, I should have moved here sooner, but timing is everything. NYC is my home for the forseeable future and I wouldn’t have it any other way. A true Playboy’s Paradise (depending on where you live in NYC), it’s been incredible so far and I’m just getting started…

6 Replies to “10 Observations About NYC”

  1. Forgot to mention NYC is the greatest city on earth. The pinnacle of America, the home of so so so many inventions. Music genres. Fashion styles. Superheroes. Architectural structures.

    CMQ kill it brother


  2. Awesome article pretty much what I gathered after a 10 day trip earlier this summer.

    Because everyone walks, ladies have beautiful legs. Definitely my kind of gal, next to that every flavor is on the market. You got girls from every corner of life in NYC, at any given time one street will have 30 different languages being spoken (meaning babes from other countries looking for some American dick!!) while the persona may seem like they aren’t friendly, like Christian always reiterates you hit thatnopener comemoff genuinelg interested the girls will be interested.

    I was at the top man in soho purchasing a suit and I wanted to know the pretty milk chocolate lady ringing me up so I asked her if she’s from here etc. at first she looked at me like I wasn’t normal lol. I asked again and we chopped it up. She was from BK, I realized most workers are from BK or other than Manhattan unless they got buku bucks.

    I have been to LA for about a month prior to NYC, if I had to choose I would pick NYC every time the history is amazing and the city is beautiful.


  3. The women are approachable as well. It’s transient but encourages masculine ownership with frame and composure.

    For me approching and learning is very fun in NY in the financial district because I can fail and it’s still fun to get up and modify than do again. It’s an enjoyable process of rejection an learning body imaging with how to approach and see what’s welcome and what is not.
    It’s a mature playground for adults from every conceivable mindset and life experience.
    It’s where dreams go to sleep.


    1. I’ll be able to answer this after more time here. Would make for a good post.

      Couple things to keep in mind:

      -Don’t need a car in NYC. In LA I had 2.
      -Rent is more in NYC

      Based on this link: https://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/compare_cities.jsp?country1=United+States&city1=Los+Angeles%2C+CA&country2=United+States&city2=New+York%2C+NY, NYC is considered more expensive, but it’s all relative and dependent mainly on your rent/mortgage and level of lifestyle, etc.


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