The 5 Correct Mindsets For Success With Women


If you follow these 5 tips for being great with women, then you will see your dating success improve dramatically. Many issues that men struggle with in the dating world are negative mindsets, bad habits and beliefs that hinder their success with women.

5. You Get What You See

If you’re looking for the bad, guess what? You’ll find it.

If you believe all women are ‘bitches’, then you’ll only encounter bitchy women.

If you believe all women are flaky, then you’ll get flaked on constantly.

If you hold grudges to all women because of one ex who screwed you over, then you’ll keep getting screwed over.

Flipping the switch in your mind from negative to positive is key to not only success with women, but also in life.

Countless times I’ve helped coach clients who started the programs upset with their lack of success with women, but they only were compounding the problem by not letting go of their anger. You can’t live a good life being angry at the world and you will never find the great women by holding grudges. Let go of the past, embrace the present and get excited about your future. Your future is bright, if you’ll only believe.

4. You Are Committed To Improving Yourself

One of the common fallacies that both men and women tend believe is that the perfect partner will complete them. I’ll let you in on a ‘secret’: if you’re not a whole person right now, then you’re not ready for a relationship. A 100% dedication to improving your own life will not only help you create the life you might just dream about (for now), but will make you more attractive. Yes, the more you become the best man (or woman) you can be, the more attractive you’ll become to the opposite sex.

Don’t skimp on improving yourself. You owe it to yourself to become the best man you can be.

You’ll become more attractive and ultimately will become better relationship material because you won’t need a partner to complete you; you’ll already be complete. When two complete people team up, then the relationship is built on a solid foundation and the chances of it being more fulfilling for both parties is much higher.

3. You Are An Interesting Man

In order to be great with women you need to become interesting and interested. If you’re a lame duck, then guess what? Most people will be repelled by your behavior. If you don’t feel that you’re that interesting, then decide that you’re committing to becoming interesting.

How does one do this?

Live an interesting life. Soak up culture. Hit up an art museum. Travel the world.

Turn off reality shows and start living in reality.

The more you have going on in your life, the more you’ll experience and with that experience will come the ‘layers’ that will make you into an exciting, interesting man.

You know the beer ads with The Most Interesting Man In The World? Does he seem like a gent who sits in front of TV all day? Does he seem like the type of man who would be scared about the thought of pushing his limits and experiencing something new? No, he doesn’t. Get interested in life and you will become more interesting, thus attracting more quality women into your life.

2. You Love The Exchange

If you dread the thought of going on a date, or flirting with that cute woman barista at Starbucks, then you’ll never get real satisfaction with dating, or women.

I’ve said this before, but it’s worth saying again: if you’re not having FUN with dating, then you’re doing it wrong. Flirting, dating and experiencing life with women is a beautiful thing, but you have to find the fun in it for you.

And here’s the deal: there’s nothing wrong with taking a break from dating for a little bit too.

Perhaps you’re burned out. Perhaps you really need to focus on yourself right now. Perhaps you need to ‘unlearn’ the bad habits you might have with dating and learn the new skills that will help you discover the fun in it all.

The more you love the exchange (the mating ‘dance’), the more charismatic, flirtatious and fun you’ll be and this will amplify your attractiveness to women.

  1. You Love Women

It’s common to see men who profess to love women, but constantly bitch about them.

What does that tell me? It tells me that perhaps due to negative past experiences it may be hard for you to discover your love for women again. This is common for men who have become jaded or hurt from a previous relationship, but I will tell you that if you don’t move past that phase and rediscover your love for women you will continue down a rabbit’s hole that is unhealthy mentally.

Let go of the toxic thoughts you might have about women.

Let go of the bitterness over your ex you might still be clinging to.

The moment you let go, you will feel a burden roll off your shoulders and you can start living again. Life is too short to go through life resentful. Embrace the beauty of women, enjoy the experiences one can have with them and you’ll see your success with women skyrocket.

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3 Replies to “The 5 Correct Mindsets For Success With Women”

  1. One contradiction after the other, in one article, it’s about seeing redflags and being cautious, in this, it’s about being positive and letting go off the past. How could you be cautious and at the same time let go off the past? MY advice, you can forgive but never forget because that right there is the recipe to re experiencing heartbreak.


  2. Because I love women.
    Samurai Song
    By Robert Pinsky
    When I had no roof I made
    Audacity my roof. When I had
    No supper my eyes dined.

    When I had no eyes I listened.
    When I had no ears I thought.
    When I had no thought I waited.

    When I had no father I made
    Care my father. When I had
    No mother I embraced order.

    When I had no friend I made
    Quiet my friend. When I had no
    Enemy I opposed my body.

    When I had no temple I made
    My voice my temple. I have
    No priest, my tongue is my choir.

    When I have no means fortune
    Is my means. When I have
    Nothing, death will be my fortune.

    Need is my tactic, detachment
    Is my strategy. When I had
    No lover I courted my sleep.

    Robert Pinsky, “Samurai Song” from Jersey Rain


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