Have you tried crack? Here’s why you should…


You’re probably thinking, “Well, CMQ has definitely lost his damn mind writing an article about crack!”, but keep reading and you’ll find out how ‘crack’ can be your best friend when it comes to maintaining a conversation with sexy girls, especially when you get stuck!

Here’s what I mean…

Chick ‘crack’ refers to conversation topics that women are addicted too.

Since the dawn of time women sat around and gossiped about juicy topics to them such as the following:

  • Does Betty really have a bigger cave now that she’s married to Caleb The Caveman?
  • Did their husbands really ‘go hunting’ all winter, or did they go over to the Slutty Seaside Village and bang the fisherman’s daughters?
  • And so on…

In modern-day 2016, topics could be as mundane as does Justin Bieber actually have a dick and will Hillary cough her way through 4 years? Actually, politics tends to be the opposite of chick ‘crack’ unless you’re a HIGHLY skilled player and can use it to your advantage to press the right buttons.

To dig deeper into what chick ‘crack’ really is, here’s the most basic definition:

Chick ‘crack’ is topics that girls love to talk about.

Obviously the standard ones like fashion, their favorite Twilight film and other generic topics such as these, girls love to talk about, BUT that’s not the ones you should be discussing with them. Instead you want to bring up topics when you get stuck during the conversation that gets THEM to talk, so you can talk less and let them open up to you.

Here’s 3 Fail-Safe Topics that you can bring up that will keep the conversation wheel rolling.

#3. Astrology

I’ve only met a handful of girls in thousands of interactions where they didn’t want to discuss astrology.

The key to this is brushing up on basic horoscopes and star signs.

Memorize the basics of what month equals what star sign, so next time a girl says she was born in September, you can say she’s a Virgo. If you’re a Leo, then you drop that and also mention how Virgo’s and Leo’s are great matches.

Now even if astrology is bullshit, it doesn’t matter because it’s another way of creating a ‘bubble’ with her.

Here’s some examples:

“I read my horoscope today and it said I’d meet a kind of cute girl tonight” (subtle smile)

“You’re a Scorpio? Ah damnnn” (she will get curious and ask why you act disappointed. You say because Scorpio’s are very sexual, but tend to disappear on people)

“Libra huh? How long does it take you to order from a menu?” (She’ll laugh and agree it takes her a while. Libras are known for being indecisive)

Read up on the MAIN characteristics of all the signs and create ‘lines’ for each one.

The key here is while yes, it’s a bit generic to use astrology on girls, it really doesn’t fucking matter: women LOVE it and always will.

Who the hell do you think was calling that Miss Cleo chick making her rich? Sure as hell wasn’t logical dudes.

#2. Celebrity News

In the current day and age of our celebrity obsessed culture, girls love to discuss current celebrity news.

While I could give a rat’s ass what’s going on with someone else’s life, before I go out, I’ll brush up for a couple of minutes skimming headlines on celebrity stories.

By ‘brush’ up, I mean literally skim headlines in 30 seconds flat.

It doesn’t hurt that I read fast as lightning. The point here is to just be lightly aware of what the hell is going in the world of celebrity news.

Best sites for that include TMZ and E! News.

Scroll through getting a jist for what’s going on and you can always drop

“Did you hear about Kanye telling that wheelchair kid to stand up at his concert?” type question.

(Note: that really happened ha)

She’ll respond and you’ll probably even see a spark in her eye as she rambles about current celebrity news. Drop in a few “yea it’s crazy”, and “yep” as she talks so she knows you’re listening even if it’s taking all of your will-power not to stare at her breasts.

REMEMBER: chick ‘crack’ topics are light stepping-stones, so don’t get bogged down thinking, “Well shit CMQ, how the hell am I going to talk for more than 30 seconds on Cher’s obnoxious use of ALL CAPS WHEN SHE TWEETS??”

Imagine this:

The conversation stalls, hell it happens to all of us here and there.

What do you do?

Pull out one of these chick ‘crack’ topics, ask a question, she responds, then you riff off that and it’s off to the races.

It’s merely a stepping stone to get you over a conversation drop.


#1. Experiences and Travel

People in general LOVE to discuss fun experiences they’ve had and talk about themselves.

This is not limited to just talking with girls, but when you want to get to know someone and create comfort with them, simply ask questions about themselves.

The key is to ask open-ended questions that get them talking, not simple yes/no questions.

Here’s some great questions that will help you next time you draw a blank when flirting with a cute girl.

-“What’s the craziest night you’ve had?”

-“What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?”

-“If you could be anywhere right now in this moment where would you choose? Why?”

-“What’s the craziest party you’ve ever been to?”

-“Where have you traveled? What did you love about there?”

Travel has got to be #1 with women based on my experience and from what other seasoned players have told me.

After traveling to France and Monaco this past summer, I realized women were OBSESSED with learning about my travels. It’s incredible how involved they get in a conversation when you’re discussing the French Riveria.

I’ve used that as chick ‘crack’ from the shores of LA, to the streets here in NYC. It simply works extremely well.

Point is: if you’ve traveled, then think of GREAT stories from those travels and practice telling them.

You’ll have women enthralled of your sexy stories from abroad and you can use those until the day you die.

Pro-Tip: You can also have funny ‘versions’ you can use for business dinners, etc. Just make sure they’re truthful.

No sense in lying if you’re actually out in the world living it up. I can assure you the crazy shit that happens when you’re loving and living life to the fullest will already be more than most people can handle.

These will get you started, but think of some for yourself and most importantly, start putting them into action through going out and meeting girls. You can read until you’re blue in the face, but if you don’t apply these golden techniques then it’s a waste of your time.

What’s your chick ‘crack’ of choice?

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4 Replies to “Have you tried crack? Here’s why you should…”

  1. I guess im different from most women because i do not like any of these topics. I mostly talk about the type of music i sing, the type of dancing i do and how most people are dumb as rocks. Also if a man ever instructed me on what to wear (texts skirt and heels ) i wouldn’t go. Itd be the end of it. Its not that I don’t wear those things, i just resent being treated as a child that doesn’t know how to dress herself. I like submissive nice guys because at the end of the day i know im queen.


  2. Went out last evening and the last one is true. Barely anyone showed up to dance because of politics. But getting women to talk about the selfs is fun and playful. Hell I love women.
    Thanks for a great morning read.


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