NYC Free Rat Pack Meetup Saturday October 22nd


Local NYCers and gents traveling through NYC this Saturday October 22nd, join me for a meetup, meet fellow like-minded men and enjoy an evening in the greatest city in the world.

The Details

When: THIS Saturday October 22nd

Time: 8:30pm-10:30pm

Where: NYC. I will tweet the EXACT location Saturday afternoon, but it will be in Manhattan and you’ll have plenty of time to get there. This is a chill, casual spot, so no need to suit up, worry about cover, or getting in. I’m keeping this meetup low-key, so no one has any issues at hard doors, lists, etc.

Dress Code: Casual

Cost: FREE and the location does NOT have a cover

Who’s Invited: cool readers of my blog and like-minded men just like You

Do I need to RSVP? No. Simply show up at 8:30p once you’ve seen the location on my Twitter. My Twitter is open so if you don’t have Twitter, all good, simply check it Saturday afternoon for the location. I’ll be tweeting the location around 6:30pm.

See you Saturday gents!

2 Replies to “NYC Free Rat Pack Meetup Saturday October 22nd”

  1. Hey Christian, it’s Vince from Saturday’s meet up, had a great time. Tried to register for the forum but keep getting a denial message saying I’m a spammer. Whenever you get a chance can you contact the admin to resolve this? Thanks.


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