Blog Update and What’s In Store for 2017

As I usually do once, sometimes twice per year, is a blog update letting you know what’s going on with this blog and what I have in store for the near future.

So what’s up with me?

I hate writing about myself, unless it’s part of a game article, or life article on what mistakes to avoid, or what’s worked for me and how it can help you, but this update will be a little ‘me focused’ so I can enlighten you on what’s going on.

The Move

As most of you know by now, I moved to NYC from Los Angeles around 5 weeks ago. Has it already been that long? NYC is incredible, but when I say time flies out here…it flies! I knew that NYC was fast-paced, but didn’t realize just how fast-paced it is.

That means it’s taken me a minute to transition from the slow laid-back West Coast lifestyle to the go-go-go-get-the-hell-outa-my-way NYC way of life.

I recently moved into my spot as I was renting an Airbnb while looking. My office furniture arrives in a day or two and with that I can get back down to business delivering great content to you.

The Podcast

The podcast has been on hiatus due to the move, but will return as soon as my office is set up in a couple of days.

At my Airbnb the noise was so bad from the street that I couldn’t even think, much less record a podcast without it sounding like I was in the middle of Time’s Square. At my new permanent spot I have sound-proof windows which will make for a much better recording environment.

In short, the podcast is returning shortly and will pick up with Parts 2 and 3 of the Episode #58: Next Level Game: Let’s Talk About Pimp Game And Turning Your Chicks Out (PART 1)

Goldmund will also be joining me on some episodes bringing back the 1-2 punch that works so well for podcasts. I also have some great upcoming guests as well.

The Coaching

As you also probably know, I launched, my NYC Coaching website. From this site you can book directly for any of my 1-on-1 in-person coaching programs here in NYC.

I will be adding some other coaching packages based on feedback I’ve received as well for those of you who are NOT located in NYC and would like a remote option.

If you’re visiting NYC, or live here, then there’s no better coaching alternative in this great city. You can check out the packages here.

The Life

I’ve been documenting many of my experiences HERE on my free forum, where I have a journal of sorts breaking down how I’m getting NYC venues On-Lock.

This is a wealth of information where you get an Insider’s Look into my process.

The Project Playboy Forum is FREE (and always will be) and simply requires you to register with a username and email. Inside the Private Lounge you can read this step-by-step breakdown of mine.

NOTE: if you sign-up and you it says you weren’t approved due to it being flagged as Spam, then email me at and I’ll get you setup.

The Periscope

Now that I’m getting settled in, I’ll be doing a weekly Periscope from NYC talking about game and life. These won’t be long, but will be a nice way for me to provide free content in a life video streaming format. I plan on doing these on Fridays so you can start the weekend strong with dope content to help you kick off your weekend the best way possible.

Follow my Periscope HERE and my Twitter HERE so you never miss an episode.

As these will be tweeted out, so that’s the best way to get updates when I’m going live.

The Blog Posts

My blog posting has been sporadic at best since the move, but that’s changing. I’ll be getting on a regular posting schedule and will keep you all updated.

Baron Society

As many of you know Baron Society launched last year (a private member’s only mastermind group) and now it’s time to open up applications again for 2017.

The new requirements and submission process will be announced this week in a dedicated post. 

In short, if you’re ready to upgrade your life and connect with like-minded successful men in a business mastermind, then you will want to submit. There are very LIMITED spots, so you’ll want to submit asap.

The Alpha Playboy Part 3 Book

I haven’t released a book in over 2 years.

2 years and 8 months I believe. Damn, almost 3 years.

The last installment of the wildly successful Alpha Playboy Series is coming very soon.

Word is it may even be out before this Thanksgiving. If you found that my books have helped you with Game, then prepare yourself, because The Alpha Playboy Part 3 book will transform your life if you apply it.

Looking Ahead to 2017

As this year comes to an end this is a perfect time to take assessment of how this year has treated you.

Have you gotten everything done you wanted? Have you reached some, or all of your goals?

It’s been one helluva year for me and I’m gearing up for an even better 2017. I have some surprises in store for you that are incredible, but that’s all I can say for now.

I’d like to take this time to thank you, my reader, for following this blog since it’s release in January 2014.

It’s much appreciated and I hope to continue bringing you great content for a very long time.

Any questions, comments, leave it below and I’ll respond.

Here’s to finishing the year STRONG and preparing for a kickass 2017!

2 Replies to “Blog Update and What’s In Store for 2017”

  1. Looking forward to your new content, Christian. Been reading your blog for a couple of years now, and I would never have had the success with girls that I’ve had if I’d never stumbled upon it. All the best – David.


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