Episode #60: Next Level Game: Let’s Talk About Pimp Game And Turning Your Chicks Out (PART 3)


In Episode #60 of A Man In Demand Radio, I conclude the ‘Let’s Talk About Pimp Game and Turning Your Chicks Out’ Series digging deeper into the sex secrets that get a woman hooked on YOU, plus keeping your chick in line.

Sound harsh? Not at all.

Women need rules and guidelines else they’ll run amuck. How does a player keep his girls ‘in-line’? Inside this episode I reveal exactly what to do and say.

If you haven’t heard this powerful series yet, then listen to Part 1 here and Part 2 here, before checking out this one as they build on each other.

Show Notes:

  • Turning her on verbally: how to do it? What to say?
  • Sex past the physical: what are you doing BEFORE and AFTER sex to get her hooked? It’s more than just sticking your dick in her
  • “Eyes on the Pavement”: how to get your girls in-line. With hypergamy raging is it even possible to keep a chick from straying?
  • And much more as I drop a plethora of knowledge on getting a chick ‘turned out’!

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Episode #60: Let’s Talk About Pimp Game And Turning Your Chicks Out: PART THREE

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