Episode #61: How To Make Friends In A New City


In Episode #61 of A Man In Demand Radio, I reveal tried and true secrets showing the methods anyone can use to make new friends and create a social circle in a new city.

Imagine: you move to a NEW city and you know no one!

How do you meet people?

How do you make new friends?

How do you get status quickly in venues?

It’s not easy, right? Moving to a new city and putting yourself out there to meet movers and shakers usually causes recoil in most people.

But not you, now…

Since I’ve moved to NYC I’ve been documenting my journey of getting this city locked down and building multiple social circles. In this episode I’ll share with you what works and what I’ve used to not get just 1 city, but FOUR major cities in the US (Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and now NYC) locked the fuck down and create an extensive social circle in the process.

The great news? You can duplicate my success, because I’m showing you exactly what to do.

Sharing how to make friends and build social circles is one of my favorite topics to cover, probably more so than game. In this episode you’ll learn a ton ensuring you’re only lonely by choice when you move to a new city, because you’ll have the exact tools and methods to make new friends no matter where you are.

Show Notes:

  • The Game Plan BEFORE you move to your new city
  • Researching venues to meet like-minded people
  • Where you hang out is what you become; who you hang out with is who you emulate
  • The Celebrity Affect: identity this in people and instantly they will like you
  • The Game Plan IN your new city
  • Bringing value to your new friends lives
  • The time to talk business and the time not to
  • Linking social circles: how to do it
  • And much, much more!

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Episode #61: How To Make Friends In A New City

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