My 2016 Who I’m Thankful For List

Every year on Thanksgiving whether I’m flyin’ solo for dinner, or with family, I have a tradition:

I recount who and what I’m thankful for.

I know it’s not that original and many people do it, but it’s also a method I use when feeling low to remind myself how blessed I’ve been in my life and to remember that it’s about blessing OTHERS more than anything.

This post is about who I’m thankful for on the internet.

There’s other bloggers who have inspired me, pushed me and provided motivation (even when they didn’t realize it), that I’m going to show honor and respect to right now. If you don’t follow them, or read their content, then make 2017 your best year yet and bookmark their blogs, follow their Twitters and prepare to get your life on the Next Level.

These are not ranked in any particular order.





What can I say…Goldmund is a special man, an extremely gifted writer who transports me immediately to wherever his adventure is based that he’s writing about, whose thirst for adventure is a constant reminder to me that there’s always more life to be lived and it must be lived with everything in oneself. From the streets of Los Angeles, to the super clubs of Las Vegas, to the high-end lounges and dive bars of NYC, (and next week to Mexico), Goldmund’s uplifting attitude and almost child-like curiosity about the world around him always serves as an inspiration to me. Even when we’re escaping death together. There’s very few people I’d take a bullet for, but he’s one of them. Much love brother.

Dave Perrotta



Podcast Episode with Dave: Here


Dave is a master of writing. Just check out how every single article he writes get’s hundreds of upvotes on the Reddit seduction thread. His skills as a copywriter, consistent positive attitude and travel adventures (his Instagram is great; follow it here) serves as a consistent inspiration for me to push for more and never to settle. And then there’s the time in San Francisco for the Super Bowl we wrecked that city…

Rollo Tomassi



Free Podcast Episodes with Rollo: Here and Here


There’s one word that comes to mind when reading Rollo, or when I have him on my show: genius.

Rollo’s works will go down in history as the single most influential works on The Red Pill and Masculinity.

Without Rollo, we would be blind. These are heavy words, but I’m speaking from the heart. If you haven’t read Rollo yet, then block out some time and go read his blog right now. You won’t regret it.

Ed Latimore



Free Podcast Episode with Ed: Here


Ed’s life has served as HUGE inspiration to me in that he’s pursued both boxing and school at the same damn time (while consistently Tweeting gold DAILY) and has been successful in both, while maintaining an incredible work ethic and unparalleled discipline despite facing intense odds. I have mad respect for people who come from nothing (as many are you aware) and Ed’s upbeat Can-Do attitude and enthusiasm serves as a great reminder that no matter how old you are, no matter how bad you’ve HAD it, it’s never too late: pursue your dreams, go after your vision, never quit: other people can quit, but YOU can’t.

David De Las Morenas



Podcast Episode with David: Here


Whenever I feel like skipping a workout (a lot ha!), I go on David’s Instagram and The Rock’s and get inspiration to get my ass in the gym and stop being a lazy fuck. David writes great articles on Fitness and Confidence and is a super focused and disciplined guy who I’ve seen create his brand with class. Proud to call this gent my friend. He’s also a MASTER at writing an Amazon #1 book (has done it multiple times) and you can find out HOW he does it here.

Illimitable Man



Free Podcast Episode with Illimitable Man: Here


Yes, that’s a real photo of him…

There’s men who can write and then there are men who can turn writing into an art form on the level of Aristotle’s works. Illimitable Man is one such man.

If you’re into learning on a deeper level, then you must read his blog and follow his Twitter. You will be enlightened. You will be challenged. You will grow. You will become a better, more knowledgeable man.

Tanner Guzy



YouTube: Here (Pro-Tip: watch the Connor McGregor episode)

Free Podcast Episode with Tanner: Here


Whether he’s consulting pro athletes on the best suits for their frame, or at the gun range with his wife firing off rounds, Tanner always does it with timeless style. Following his Instagram (here), gives me ideas constantly on HOW to improve my style. More than just clothes though, Tanner’s lifestyle is an inspiration to me that there are families out there raising children with traditional roles (he has an incredible family) of a mother and father and in this day and age that’s something to be celebrated.

Who else am I thankful for?


God, yes, God. You might scratch your head and say, “Well gee Christian you don’t exactly write Christian articles…” and while that’s true, God has played a massively influential part in my life (as in A-Z) and He’s not done with me yet, so credit where credit is due.

My dog. Yes, my rescue dog that a buddy of mine asked me to watch her for a month because his landlord was trippin. That was around 6 months ago. A dog’s love is on another level as fellow dog-owners know. And she’s a great wing-woman too.

My family. That extends beyond just blood relations, but my crew who are not bloggers. You know who you are from SoCal to NYC and we’ll ride till we die and ball till we fall (aka never).

And You, my readers…

Without you this blog wouldn’t exist and I’m honored and humbled that you read my articles, listen to my podcast and have supported this blog through book, courses and coaching purchases. It’s much appreciated and Thank You sincerely.

I wish you all an incredible Thanksgiving (and to the mofos bitchin’ about it being a ‘bad holiday’ cuz the Indians got screwed; I’m celebrating it and I’m 1/4 Cherokee Indian so if it’s not bothering me…) and a great time with your family, friends, hoes, or whoever you’re spending it with.

All the best,

Christian McQueen

6 Replies to “My 2016 Who I’m Thankful For List”

  1. And I’m thankful for the opportunity to hear all the thoughts from like minded men like you guys. And thankful for all the beautiful women out there thirsting for a man bold enough to approach them and make their day.


  2. Long time reader/listener, and believe it or not, this post is simple but probably one of your best. God bless.


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