Clearing Up The Confusion…

Have had a few emails regarding the coupon codes for the 50% OFF ALL Products Sale, so here’s what I did.

I removed all coupons and simply changed the prices to reflect the 50% Discount, so no need to enter in a coupon, thus saving you any confusion.

Coupon codes can be annoying, so I totally get it.

Prices now reflect the 50% discount; no coupon code needed.

Alright, it’s Thanksgiving, so I’ll keep this brief:

Here’s what’s still on sale as well as what has sold out.

On Sale


Click the respective links below to grab these deals before they end.

Remember: no coupon codes needed. The price on the sites reflects the 50% off discount.


Get The Ebooks (Normally $19.97 per book; now just $9.98 per book)

Get The Skype Calls (Normally $297 for 1 hour and $197 for 30 min; now just $148 for 1 hour and $98 for 30 min)

Get The Podcast (Normally $7 per month or $65 per year; now just $5 per month or $45 per year)

Book Your GetGirlsInVegas Trip (2 available. SOLD OUT!)

Get NYC Coaching (Normally packages range from $497-$29,997; now just $248-$14,999)

Get Remote Coaching  (Normally $497 per month; now just $248 per month)

A Man In Demand Academy (Normally $67 per month recurring or $397 one-time payment; now just $197 one-time payment)

Join my 2017 Inner Circle: Playerprenuer (Pre-Launch Special: normally $194 per year; now just $97 per year)


Alright gents, sale ends soon aka this Monday (maybe sooner depending on the product like coaching packages), so act now.

Have a great Thanksgiving!


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