When She Opens Up: What To Do?


(This post is from a thread on the free Project Playboy Forum by an esteemed member, Black Caesar. The post is so brilliant I’m re-posting it here.)

As promised, dropping some stuff that’s been percolating about in the netherworld, back recesses, type shit of my mind.

So stick with me.

You’ve been seein a chick for a minute.

Shawty is warm to you, she’s feeling the vibe, y’all are posted out smokin’ herb on the veranda of her two bedroom in the South.

Straight coasting.

You’re chopping it up, pushing her boundaries a bit about some sexual stuff. You’re talking bout how she ain’t all that.

Then she’s all:

“Well I cheated on my ex this one time”

The typical answer that I’ve seen floating around seems to be some fragile shit.

“Don’t talk to me bout that”

So you’ve supposedly laid down the line and now she knows where you stand. Maybe you throw in some shit about how you dropped this girl for looking sideways at the DJ one time.

She’s all “Oh yeah I wouldn’t do it again what a bad idea”

But she’s taking notes in her head to not tell you the real outlandish shit that she’s done.

So what’s a player to do?


Break it down.

All that talk is just another way for to qualify herself to you. She’s looking for your validation.

So of course you withhold your praise.

Maybe even relate to her shit.

At least act you’ve been there before.

Push her a little bit.

“Oh yeah it’s tough when you just run in to that one opportunity that you can’t pass up without regretting it later”

You’re always trying to probe in to what she was thinking. What made her do it.

She’s going to keep justifying herself to you.

But you’re always hungry. Asking for more.

Nothing she says is surprising to you.

And she keeps feeding you.

So when the random tryst she had isn’t enough, she turns to the time she was more depraved.

Maybe she fucked her friends man. Or she’s got sheikhs hitting her up on IG.

Now you know where her edge is.

From there you can keep working on the outskirts of her imagination, where you try some new stuff that she hasn’t thought of before.

“Oh well if you take that cash we can split it”

Sometimes, there’s a girl that really hasn’t done shit.

You’ll never know if you shut her down the first time she opens up.

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