Where To Go Out In Playa Del Carmen, Mexico (and a recap of The Playboy Summit)


I recently returned from Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and when I say ‘recently’, I mean last night. After a week of extreme debauchery in that city, I have some travel tips to share with my fellow playboys that will help you if you ever go and my official verdict on whether it’s a city for a playboy to visit at the end of the post, so read it through.

I was there for Playboy Summit, a Next Level Game retreat I created for men to not only learn my game secrets, but for us to all bond as like-minded men and let me tell you, bond we did.

From crazy parties at the top clubs, to beach-side day game approaches, to late night romps through God-knows where to a crazy stripclub where I had the Dj play El Chapo by The Game as I walked around making ‘friends’ with Mexican gangsters, there was never a dull night as we MAXED out on our time together to the 9th degree.

By the last night (and attendees actually received 2 bonus nights on top of the Summit) we were all literally dying. As we walked into Blue Parrot, an ocean-side club, we spotted a guy sitting down by the bar with his head buried between his knees. He felt how we felt, but security didn’t give a fuck and we decided not to either.

Big shout out to the following instructors who without them I couldn’t have pulled this off:

Dave Perrotta from PostGradCasanova.com

David’s help was bar none, the most helpful and instrumental in helping me put this together, from recommendations on where to stay, to using his helpful Spanish to teach us how to approach chicas using the foreign language, to navigating us through the streets as we were randomly followed by a crazy Mexican guy (true story).

Goldmund from GoldmundUnleashed.com

I knew Goldmund was one crazy motherfucker, but HOW crazy I found out on this trip. My Airbnb host Whatsapped me at one point and I’ll just post the screenshot here because no one will believe it.


Besides him being my ‘mentally slow friend’ on the trip, he also went off on a late night solo swim in the ocean naked, got scraped up on a coral reef and emerged from the water to approach six 19yo Mexican girls of which he went back to their hotel room. He might write about the rest of the story if you bug him enough.

And last, but certainly not least, a BIG SHOUTOUT to ALL the Attendees, of which it was my honor to host.

When I say they were an incredible group of men, I mean it. I couldn’t have asked for a better group who were eager to learn, applied what was taught and had great attitudes the entire time despite some hiccups.

Alright, moving on to my list of where to go…

Where To Go Out In Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Here’s my list, in no particular order.

Blue Parrot (Nightclub)


Blue Parrot is a massive club beside the ocean and when it cracks, it cracks the fuck off. Some of the nights it was slow, but it’s perfect for walking around the club and approaching depending on how crowded it is and the TYPE of music they’re playing. Best best is to get a table, then swoop from the crowd back to your table.

Mandala (Nightclub)


This club is right on the main strip, where there’s about 4 (?) clubs all clumped together. However, this one has the ‘classiest’ feel, the music was extremely good and it had the best looking girls. It’s small (as almost every club is there), so you’re better off springing for a table (they’re relatively cheap compared to US prices).

CATCH (Rooftop of Thompson Hotel: Restaurant and Lounge)


The CATCH rooftop is the brother of CATCH LA and CATCH NYC and it’s truly a breathtaking view. If you want to rise above the general craziness of Playa and get a touch of class in your night, then swing up there. Note that there is a dress code, but a collared polo and some nice jeans will get you in the door. The food is quite good too as is the service as the staff speak both English and Spanish fluently.

Palazzo (Nightclub)


Palazzo had the most ‘Vegas’ feel of all the clubs I went to. We did bottles and it popped, but it’s still no XS. That being said, the vibe was off the chain, partly because our group took over every club we went too and there’s definitely girls. They’re stricter on the dress code as well, so make sure you’re rocking a collared shirt. Also, the staff will try to shake you down, so be aware and haggle the prices.

Chilly Willy’s (Stripclub)


Yes, that’s one crazy name, but this stripclub a few minutes from Playa (go if you dare), has some of the best looking strippers I’ve seen my entire life and as you are all aware, I know a thing or two about stripclubs.

Pro-Tip: when the girls want shots, say ‘no’. Each one of those shots they charge $20 and it adds up quick. The girls are definitely hustlers (no shock), but maybe you’ll get lucky. Also, I saw the same strippers out at Mandala one night on an ‘off-night’ so you may just meet them in the club. Playa is SMALL as fuck, so you’ll get to know the locals quick.


That’s it.

Yea, Playa is SMALL. There’s other clubs and bars, but these were the most my speed.

Here’s some more tips about Playa.

Pro-Tips for Players in Playa

1. Many of the girls are working. Doesn’t mean you can’t pull, just be aware.

2. Taxi cab drivers are the biggest shake-down artists. I was overpaying by $10 USD for almost the entire trip before finding out I should have only been paying $1.50. Happens, but be aware that you should only pay about 30 PESOS (depending on what the peso is at) to go just about anywhere in Playa.

3. If you look like a smug fucker aka me, expect to get ripped off. I was ripped off left and right and take it as a couple of lessons: learn some motherfucking Spanish and don’t pay the first price they quote you.

4. Playa is great for having some fun with your buddies and finding some club sluts, HOWEVER, it’s about the most classless place I’ve ever been to and makes Vegas seem like Beverly Hills. After going, it’s clear to me I don’t like spots like that. Give me Cannes, France or Monaco, or somewhere where having money doesn’t work against you. I like class and I’m too old to deal with chicks with missing toes in the club (yes, there was one, ask David). It’s fun, but it’s a one and done for me.

5. Bottle service is *cheap* compared to US clubs, if you negotiate. They put Vegas hosts to shame with upsells, bottle swaps, etc. It might look cheap on the menu, but be aware cuz these hosts are on a different level.

6. Learn Spanish, even basic. Not knowing Spanish definitely affected me in quite a few ways. You can still pull, but it’ll help tremendously, especially with LMR.

7. Some girls will love you, some will hate you and some won’t care. There’s three categories of chicks in Playa:

  1. Girls visiting from other countries. Easy.
  2. Girls visiting from other parts of Mexico. Easier.
  3. Girls who live there. Hardest due to there being some sort of stigma of them hooking up with gringos on holiday. Doesn’t mean you can’t, but it’s such a small town word gets out.

8. The ocean water smells weird. In fact, no offense to any of my readers who may live there, but there’s a scent in the city that is off. Drove me nuts after a few days.

9. It’s humid as fuck. As soon as I walked outside my apartment I’d start sweating and wouldn’t stop until I returned. The weather is no joke.

10. Dress LIGHT. I stuck with jeans (at night) and a sleeveless tank. No watch, no bracelets, nothing. It’s too damn hot for anything else.

11. The humidity fucked my hair and it might yours. I gave up doing anything to it and it didn’t matter. Women continue to love me world-wide regardless.

12. You can’t flush the toilet paper. Yes, that’s correct, you’re not supposed to flush your toilet paper after Montazuma’s Revenge hits your asshole. I did anyway.

13. You’ll be offered drugs more there than at your first college party.

14. Everyone is asking for money and jokes aside, I’ve never had kids ask me for money. It’s sad and it’s sobering. To some of you more experienced travelers maybe you’re used to that, but I’m not and I’d never want to get used to it. It’s a shame that kids anywhere are hungry and begging.

15. Stray dogs everywhere. Cute fuckers, but I wouldn’t suggest petting them.

16. Get lost at night and wonder down side streets in the dark with motherfuckers sitting in cars talking on walkie-talkies. If you emerge unscathed, congrats. Now you’re like me.

17. Federale’s ride around in trucks with their lights on not giving a fuck about anything. Real stand-up guys they are (not telling those stories in this post, but might in my memoir).

18. Many of the FIRE chicks were with legit Mexican gangsters at their tables. Approach if you like. I didn’t. Ain’t no pussy worth getting beheaded.

Overall, sure, there’s some hot chicks, but nothing I haven’t seen (or fucked) in Los Angeles. If you want smoking hot Latinas, go to Los Angeles, or the Top Dog here in the US, Miami.

Playboy Verdict


If you’re itching to try a different cheap (cough cough) city, you’re not into upper-class establishments and you just want to get your dick wet and you’re not concerned with incredible quality, then go.

But, if you’re like me and you prefer upscale and pricey for a better lifestyle experience, then skip it.

Playboy Verdict: 6/10 Thongs

If I host another Playboy Summit, it’ll definitely be in a top-class city. Everyone had a blast, the bonding alone was great and most everyone got laid (one guy pulled 5 chicks alone), but it’d be the last time I have it there.

Next stop?

More Class, Better Ass and time will tell…

Last, but not least, have you heard the banger by The Game, El Chapo?

Shit is fire and I’m glad I had the dj at Chilly Willy’s crank it as I ‘bonded’ with Mexican gangsters…memories baby, memories.

Interested in how YOU can live the Playboy Lifestyle? Go here.

Visiting NYC, or live here? Get coaching from me 1-on-1 and learn how to pull faster, hotter, girls then ever before. Go here.

6 Replies to “Where To Go Out In Playa Del Carmen, Mexico (and a recap of The Playboy Summit)”

  1. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I enjoyed your report about Playa Del Carmen. Sounds like you had a great time. I was there once for short time, but have made to trips to Cancun to party. I actually dislike Cancun. It’s a real tourist trap shit-hole.


    1. No doubt man.

      First priority was the attendees and based on the responses I’ve received everyone had one of, if not the best times of their lives.

      Mission accomplished.


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