Weekend Game Tip: The Art of Flow


As you advance in your game, you’ll find that Next Level tips are needed to continue your progress so you don’t plateau. As a part of my desire to help you succeed, I’m dropping some knowledge right now that’s helped me tremendously, specifically in the realm of nightlife.

Have you ever approached some extremely attractive girls and then it just fizzled out?

Have you ever been out with a wingman, you both hook a couple of models, but then…nothing?

What you may be missing is the Art of Flow.

What is the Art of Flow?

The Art of Flow is the ability to hook a girl or multiple girls and then venue change multiple times until you bed them.

This requires a few factors. The good news is if you don’t have them NOW, you can definitely get them with work.

Factor 1: The Ability to Riff

Riffing is merely being able to talk about anything and everything with anyone for as long as you like.

Look, I won’t kid you and say this comes easy. It does for some people. It does for me.

However, if you don’t have that ability, then you can learn.

One way is learning the A.S.S. Formula.

A = Astrology

S = Style

S = Surroundings

If you’re talking to a girl and you run out of things to say, bring up astrology. It’s chick crack. Listen, even if you know it’s all bullshit, IT DOES NOT MATTER. Conversation at nightclubs shouldn’t be deep anyway. Women are out to meet sexy men such as yourself and getting into a conversation about how Trump crushed the election isn’t going to get you laid. Keep it LIGHT.

Let’s say you hate talking about astrology. No problem. Talk about style. Comment on the heels she’s wearing, or the coat she’s rockin’ (“You kill a polar bear to get this getup?”) and it’ll spark more conversation.

The key is to start asking Open-Ending Questions. Try to stay away from simple ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ questions.

Remember, this will take PRACTICE. I’ve spent countless thousands of hours riffing with both men and women in a variety of social situations, so even if you don’t think you’re a natural Riffer, you can be with practice.

Think about the BEST guy you know at the game.

Odds are he’s an incredible Riffer and can riff on nonsense until he literally talks the chick’s panties off.


Factor 2: Getting Venues On-Lock

Listen, I’ve harped about this until I’m blue in the face.

Hell, I even created a 3 hour ‘live’ seminar course of me talking to the camera with a magic marker board showing you step-by-step the exact formula to use to get your entire city On-Lock, or a city you’re visiting. You can take that course here.

The point of having venues On-Lock is mainly this:

  1. Social Proof
  2. Ensures your nights go smoothly
  3. Makes your nights 1,000,000 times more fun
  4. Saves you money in the long run

When you meet girls at a venue and you have it On-Lock, they immediately know:

A. You’re not a serial killer (or if you are, you’re connected so fuckit)

B. You’re RESPECTED (key for hooking the really hot girls)

C. You’re a Boss. (Also key for hooking the really hot girls, especially in major cities)

D. You have a great LIFESTYLE (extremely key for hooking really hot girls long-term)

If you’re not getting venues On-Lock, then get started.

Today. Tonight. Right the hell now.

You’re losing out on not only prime pussy, but opportunities to connect with movers and shakers, thus taking your life to another level.


Factor 3: No Obstacles

Have you ever been in this scenario?

You’re out with your buddy, you hook a couple of models and while you’re chatting at the bar, they start to look board. Not because of you, but because of the #1 Game Killer: DEAD ENERGY.

It’s your J-O-B to keep the party going and be entertaining. Now, if you hate that idea, then maybe nightclub game isn’t for you. But, if you like to have great nights out and hook prime girls, then learning this skill is paramount.

Here’s an example from last week in Playa Del Carmen.

I was at Mandala club with myself, one of the attendees and a gentlemen and close friend named King. He flew out to show support, offer advice to the attendees and to have a great time.

When I say King’s energy is infectious, let me tell you, it’s incredible.

Not only is he a master networker, but when he steps in a spot,  you can’t help but smile and instantly feel HAPPY.

Now, what happens is he’ll get the crew excited and that excitement is FELT around the club. All of a sudden people are looking over wondering ‘who the hell are THOSE men?! I want to meet THEM’, because the comparison is other guys are leaning against the bar with dead energy just HOPING something happens.

I spot a tall (legs for dayyyys) white girl (come to find out she’s born in Cannes, France, shocking I know) and her equally tall blonde friend over in the corner. They also have a shorter cute Mexican girl with them, but the two tall chicks are model hot.

I approach, chat her up for a moment and bring them over to King and the attendee. We offer shots and the party starts.

Now, you might be thinking, “Well gee Christian, offering shots is Beta!”, and my friend, you’d be wrong.

Offering shots or drinks is only beta, if you’re buying them for APPROVAL from the girls. We got shots for the mere reason that WE wanted them and we were INCLUDING the models because that’s OUR lifestyle.

The benefit is that of course they’d love shots and everyone wins. Their attitudes were cool from the jump, so it wasn’t a matter of getting taken advantage of.

We do shots, one of the attendees peels off with a girl I believe (the guy fucked 5 on the trip, complete game monster) and King and I set up court.

By Setting Up Court, I mean we’re equally talking to the girls. Neither of us are the type to get territorial because that’s a cock-block.

When your ‘wingman’ says shit like “I spotted them first, so I get first dibs!”, bitch slap him.

It’s not about who spots who first. It’s not about who approaches who first. It’s about getting the Flow going and then whoever clicks with whoever, then great, that’s the direction we’ll take it.

Closing time comes at this club and it’s time to make moves. If you wait too long and allow that DEAD ENERGY to hit, then you’ll lose your girls.

King mentions us taking them to Blue Parrot (a ocean-side club that had an all night party going on), so we start walking with the models LEADING them.

But wait!

We have a tag-along.

Some supposed Jamaican prince dude does not get the message and is literally tagging along right behind us.

We could have handled this the old-fashioned way of stating “Yo, get the fuck out of here!”, but why use a sledge-hammer, when you can use subtlety?

King has an idea.

We’re rolling up to the club, getting a table (cheap in Mexico, relatively) and we’re going to ditch this dude at the ropes. He led the way and I trail.

Pro-Tip: when taking high value girls from one venue to another and you’re single file, Point Man for the night leads the group and the wingman should be BEHIND the group.

You’re essentially corralling sheep for the ‘slaughter’.

We roll up to the club, King talks in the host’s ear (remember, ole tag-along can’t here this shit because he’s literally on my shoulder trying to get a whiff of model pussy) and we all start to roll in.

SEAMLESS. It’s all about smooth transitions.

In this case it doesn’t go as smooth, but there’s a lesson in here.

King (who’s black) tells the host the Negra guy can’t come in.

I’m wearing a black Polo Ralph Lauren Purple Label polo.

The tag-along is a BLACK guy.

Everyone sales in and me and one girl are OUTSIDE the rope and the host tells me, “No he said you can’t come in”.

I smirked and paused…

Now, before I continue the story, here’s something to remember: When you have complete TRUST in your wing, then you know they have your back no matter what. I knew King hadn’t ditched me. We’ve known each other for years and have built up trust.

I said, “Actually, you’re incorrect” to the host and at that moment King realized that the black tag-along had slipped in.

He quickly grabbed the host and told him no, the BLACK GUY, not the guy in the BLACK SHIRT aka me.

Ha, looking back it was a classic moment that was spawned literally due to the language barrier.

Boom! Wristbands on, black tag-along gets left at the rope with a sad look and we whisk in the models to our table.

And we keep the energy going…until 8am as the sun rises (video on my IG, follow if you don’t).

What’s the point?

The point is you have to be able to keep the party going no matter what.

We didn’t have to get a table, but it makes more sense to get a table sometimes then to keep doing rounds of shots. It also gives us real estate to put our chicks and a ‘throne’ from which we can operate.

We also didn’t have Bankroll Limitations. Nothing will fuck up your night more if you’re worried about being able to cover a round of shots for models.

Remember, I said this is Next Level Game.

Can you pull broke? Of course!

And I wrote about that here, but eventually you’ll hit an age where it’s time to ELEVATE everything in your life.

It’s time to master the Art of Flow and be able to have the LIFESTYLE that creates SEAMLESS nights that help you swoop top-level chicks who don’t have the patience for dudes counting change at the bar to buy Corona’s.


Actionable Plan for You

Step 1. Learn to Riff

Practice talking to everyone about anything for as long as possible. You only can last 30 seconds? That’s okay, keep practicing. Eventually you’ll be able to go 30 minutes and so on.

Step 2. Get Venues On-Lock

Nothing screams social proof more (besides celebrity), then being able to venue change with bad bitches seamlessly. The more it’s EASY, the EASIER it is to keep the party going until eventually you have them in your bed.

Step 3. No Obstacles

If money is an obstacle on your nights out and you continually find yourself shit out of luck because you can’t afford a quick hotel room for logistics, or that extra round of shots that would have pushed the girls over the edge is a strain on you, or hell, even that long-ride Lyft couldn’t be pulled off, then guess what? You’re cockblocking yourself. Don’t get it twisted: I’m not saying you need to spend money to get laid, but if you want to be able to pull the cream of the crop chicks, you have got to get your LIFESTYLE elevated and be able to roll about without any obstacles.

If a terrible cockblocking ‘wingman’ keeps holding you back, then guess what? Let him go.

Whatever YOUR obstacle is, then work on eliminating it NOW.

Have a great weekend and get these so you can get on that Next Level.

Until next week, I’m outa this bitch!

P.S. If this article rubs you the wrong way, think about this: if you find yourself wondering why celebs and rich dudes might be pulling certain types of chicks and maybe why you haven’t, think about their LIFESTYLE. Are they able to create a FUN time that attracts high-level girls?

The ultimate Next Level Game Formula is simple, but hard to get (without work, but you can get it!) Next Level Game + Lifestyle = Hottest Girls

7 Replies to “Weekend Game Tip: The Art of Flow”

  1. Great Article!
    It is also worth mentioning that making yourself well connected in clubs and bringing hot girls over could actully be an income source. Other than the free entrance and discounts, some clubs would pay you to bring the ladies and equal the usually horrible men to women ratio.
    it is differently a good investment to learn to do that.


    1. Very true. I always tell guys who have extreme approach anxiety, become a promoter; not as a career, but on the side. Gives one an excuse to approach girls and helps them practice in social situations.


  2. CMQ
    Dig this old mans lifestyle design- http://www.JimSlip.com

    This player-
    He gets to sex the kind of hot young girls most dudes truly want to bang (not 5s and 6s at the Rusty Udder in Zanesville on NFL night lol)
    He makes money getting hot girls
    His wife is cool and hot looking herself and supports him in this
    He’s not out having to grind at the bars and smoke and drink hard every night (after 2-3 nights in a row of that I’m personally burnt out,’partying hard like that’s not my bag) to keep up that kind of party lifestyle (what many of then best looking 18-25yo girls prefer)
    They probably deal with minimal social bs/drama dealing with these babes too vs. regular US chicks seeking ltrs mentality

    Maybe porn actor game is a way to be a G too. He’s got his lifestyle locked down and makes money doing it-just like you.

    And this one man-
    A fat middle aged British guy called “beefybanger” has a site where he nails young college girls-

    These redcoats get hos and paid in one swoop.


    1. Maybe. I wouldn’t knock a guy doing that. There’s more than one way to get pussy and whatever works best for a man he should do it.


  3. Stop. Giving Away. All of this Gold! Ha. This definitely is next level, but to piggyback on what you said about buying shots…first, as CMQ mentioned in his other post on Playa Del Carmen, everyone was getting after it on the beach. No drinks, no money spent, just walking around and enjoying ourselves and speaking to beautiful women when the opportunity arose. So for the guys that don’t have a lot to spend or are against it, this works just fine. However in the club, people in your group are an extension of you. When CMQ introduced me to one of the models, essentially inviting me in to the group and the girl I was introduced to only spoke Spanish (which I’m lacking on), CMQ and I both knew a universal language that everyone speaks, party. Since they were an extension of our group, of course we invited them to join us at the bar for a drink and it helped everyone relax and forget about the language barrier. If you are out partying and you can’t afford a few shots, your priorities are mixed up.

    Your pro-tip is NextLevel and it’s actually funny you wrote about it bc we actually never discussed it, we just knew to do it. That’s zipping from pt A to B through crowded streets and clubs, with no interruption or losing someone. Whenever you took the helm, I knew to be the last man following our new found friends and you did the same visa versa. People underestimate this method, but it ensures you get to your new location with everyone intended attached. If we both are in the front we might lose someone in the mix, if we are both being led, someone will spot the weakness and move in hard—now we have some el chapo chilly willy problems if you get my drift.

    Dude following us did not know what hit him haha. He actually would have been cool to stay if he played his role, relaxed, and waited. May be partially my fault—I did say everyone was single, but I also thought he’d pick up on the social dynamic, wrong. Pro-tip: If you get invited to a strangers group, either subtly talk to the women or wait until they approach you. Over doing it will have you outside the Blue Parrot caught with your pants down and…


    1. Great followup. Yea, when two players who ‘get it’ are working together it’s almost like a magic show: people are seeing an incredible display, but have no idea HOW it’s happening. That’s what great game is all about.


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