5 Ways To Make 2017 Your Best Year Ever (and an admission of guilt)

2017 is almost here.

What are you going to do with it?

365 days (or is it a leap year?), to get to another level.

8,760 hours to GET SHIT DONE.

525,600 seconds of precious LIFE that once passed, you’ll never regain.

Have you made a real PLAN for 2017?

Have you decided that New Years Resolutions are bullshit and you need to find your vision and then create actionable steps to achieve it?

I’m currently working on my 2017 Quarterly Goals. I’ve found breaking them down quarterly (much like business) keeps me on track.

I have some major milestones to hit. This coming year I’m not fucking around. It’s easy to get comfortable with some success, but being thankful doesn’t mean you rest on your laurels and forget why the fuck you were born.

It wasn’t to be average. It is to be GREAT.

Greatness comes with a price.

Most won’t pay it. I haven’t paid it enough.

I’ve done well, but true GREATNESS, well damn my friend, that’s going to take Next Level Sacrifice.

Here’s 5 ways you can join me on the quest for greatness in 2017.

#5. Eliminate Bullshit Friends

Every year I take assessment of who’s enriching my life and who might just be holding me back.

It’s time to prune.

The cliche saying of you’re the average of your 5 closest friends is oh so true.

Are you hanging out with people ABOVE you? Or are you hanging out with people BELOW you who make you feel better about where you are in life?

#4. The “No List”

What are you going to say ‘no’ to in 2017?

Are you finding yourself saying ‘yes’ too much to trivial plans and business ideas and it’s clouding your vision to see the bigger picture?

I know I’m guilty of it.

I overextended myself this year and it caused me to half-ass more projects than I’d like to admit and stretched me so thin I couldn’t really give 110% to what really matters.

Not in 2017.

I’ve created my “No List” aka things I will not do and stuff I don’t have time for in 2017 and that’s that.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say every year you have speaking engagements, but you’ve found that trading your time for money (at this point) isn’t the BEST use of your time.

Then you’d say ‘no’ to any speaking engagements in 2017 so you can focus on scalable only business ideas.

Whatever YOU need to say ‘no’ to, then do so and you’ll find 2017 is cleared up for what’s really important.


#3. Build Your Inner Circle

Recently I’ve made a concentrated effort to expand my inner circle with those who I know ‘got it’.

By ‘got it’ I mean men who are on that Next Level and who I can not only provide value to, but who I can LEARN from.

If you’re struggling to find YOUR inner circle, just put in the work.

Trust, I had NO ONE for years but plowed through and like magic the right people I needed in my life started to appear.

In the same way you should eliminate those in your life who may be holding you back (and yes, that could be your wife, girlfriend, or even family), you should also try to fill those gaps with HIGH quality people who can learn from. Don’t forget to provide value as well.

#2. Decide If She’s ‘Worth It’

Listen, I love my hoes.

Hoes are great for one-night stands, fun nights in the club and quick getaways…

But, is she really worth it?

As you’ve grown along with me on this blog (2017 marks 3 years of the blog) no doubt your game has grown with leaps and bounds.

That’s incredible and I’m truly happy as hell for you.

Maybe you’ve progressed to the point where now you feel like your time is best spent on a chick who’s an 8 or higher only…

Nothing wrong with that.

Listen, if you’re a game newbie, you have work to do. But this portion is for the advanced game dudes who have somewhat mastered the game and are looking to take their life to the Next Level. I’m with you.

I’ve fucked over 450 women in my life and I’m 32.

I love sex. I love women. I love spending time with women.

But, 2017 will be different for me. If a chick isn’t on the Next Level, then not wasting one nano second with her.

Pick your wins. What’s MOST important to you right now?

That 7 you met at the bar, or your side online gig that can help you create passive income so you can jet off to France come summer and chill with legit models on a yacht?

For me, it’s not women, it’s not getting laid, it’s getting on that Next Level personally for 2017. I’ve never made women my main priority (besides a brief time in my Blue Pill days), but in 2017, they’re going on the bottom of the list. Period.


#1. The #1 Ingredient for Mega-Success

The #1 ‘ingredient’ I’ve seen with mega-successful people (and I’ve studied the shit out of many) is this:


They are hungry to be more, get more, give more and truly make their mark.

For years I struggled wondering how people could continue to achieve so much once hitting a certain level of success (“Why didn’t they sit back and chill?”), then one day it clicked:

They never were truly ‘fed’. They didn’t stop being hungry.

I can tell you now if you’re not truly hungry, then you’ll never reach your full potential.

If you’re struggling with figuring out WHAT you should do in life, that’s okay, but take action and get around movers and shakers and all of a sudden you’ll start seeing the possibilities until something clicks for YOU.

But, take action now. Get hungry.

I’m fucking starving. More is not enough. Nothing is ever enough.

Join me. Let’s make 2017 our best fucking year yet.

P.S. Start your mornings and end your nights by looking at your WRITTEN down Quarterly Goals. Look at pictures if you have too as well because it’s a powerful visual stimulant. I like watching videos (can be short 2 minutes in the morning and before bed) portraying where I’m going in my life. This helps tremendously in keeping you on track and reminding you that your REWARD is coming soon.

Start your year right by enrolling in my 6-month program that’s changed thousands of men’s lives world-wide. Learn at YOUR own pace, from the comfort of your own home and MASTER Game, Social Skills and becoming the BEST man you can be in just 6 short months. Time will pass anyway, shouldn’t you get what you deserve? Go here now.

One Reply to “5 Ways To Make 2017 Your Best Year Ever (and an admission of guilt)”

  1. Spot on with this list Christian. Saying no feels uncomfortable at first, then you start to love it because it means more time to spend on things that you have pre planned for. Nourish that network and prune the dead ends from your tree! Backowwwww!


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