Weekend Game Tip: How To Deal With Chicks With Bad Attitudes


It’s no secret that many attractive women have an attitude problem.

In fact, they don’t even have to be hot anymore to have one. A Fatty 5 will spew more attitude than a 9; just the day and age we live in because men have left women unchecked for damn near decades.

So, how’s a playboy supposed to deal with these inevitable attitudes?

In this article I’m sharing a story from the past month here in NYC about how I melted a tough attitude taking you step-by-step through exactly what I did and how it worked.

Listen, most times it’s best to smirk, shrug and walk away, but there are occasional times when it’s extremely gratifying to go ‘nuclear’ verbally on a chick and remind her that you’re not a beta bitch boy. If enough men did that everywhere she went, she’d turn into a docile dove real quick. And I’m not talking about the Big is Beautiful Dove Shampoo campaign fat chicks.

Here we go…

Frame Is The Beginning and the End

If you have weak frame in general, then fix it. You’ll get slaughtered by women, specifically women who love to throw shit tests to see if a man is alpha enough to handle her little box, if your frame is weak.

Now what do I mean by that?

Here’s an example:

I was at a bar a few weeks ago and the bartender was very attractive. I’d say a hard 8.5, but she had THAT look. You know what I’m talking about. The type of look that could slice through steel and she knew she had ‘it’.

I order a drink and she asks me to repeat myself.

Now, first off I speak loud.

Partly because I’m basically deaf in my left ear from years of being in nightclubs and partly because I was taught as a young man to speak the fuck up if you want to get shit done, so I talk loud when need be.

I PAUSED for a second and gave her a look as though I was sub-communicating “Listen bitch, calm the fuck down and open your ears” with my eyes.

Remember, eyes are your most POWERFUL player tool; don’t neglect your usage of them.

She cocked her head for a second and a flash of recognition passed over her face aka “okay, this man get’s me…maybe”.

I repeated the order speaking slowly and deliberately as though she was mentally slow.

Now, this does a couple of things:

  1. It brings her down a notch or two, because it’s very condescending to speak slow to someone who you know isn’t actually mentally slow.
  2. Secondly, it shows her that YOUR TIME is YOUR REALITY. You don’t hurry up for anyone, save maybe the police.

She turned to get my drink and when she returned with my refreshing vodka press, I gave her a long look as though ‘this shit better taste right’. I took a sip as she stood there in front of me.

Now, she had taken my order.

There were other patrons who required her attention, however, she subconsciously paused to see MY reaction to the drink because now she needed MY approval. All of this from me pausing and taking her down a couple of notches with my tone of voice.

But, it get’s better.

As I took the sip, I made a face like I was sipping on gasoline. Not the gay fucking face 95% of ‘men’ take when they drink alcohol, but the look that it wasn’t good enough.

She huffed, puffed and trotted off to help someone else.

I then let her stew for a bit and turned my attention to a gorgeous 9 (legitimately) fresh from Ireland. She was tall, blonde and had a striking face. I’m not into Irish chicks, although when I lived in Vegas I did fuck an Irish redhead for the notch and story, but most girls from Ireland leave a lot to be desired.

This one was stunning.

We’re chopping it up while thirsty beta bitch boys clutched onto their PBR’s and stood in the corners like wanna be vampires too afraid to strike.

I notice the bartender, we’ll call her Ice Queen, eyeing me talking to the gorgeous girl. Sidebar, use your peripheral  vision if you’re not already. 

Pre-selection is at work and I’m loving it. The bar isn’t super packed and there wasn’t a ton of girls in the joint, but I’m locking down the hottest one there.

So then I decide to really fuck with Ice Queen’s mind.

I get the Irish lass’s phone number and I make sure I do it when Ice Queen is on our corner of the bar (Irish Stunner is sitting at the bar with her friend, so I’m right by the bar).

I see Ice Queen whip her head hard, walk over and pour a shot for herself.



I then go to order another drink and Ice Queen trots over while pushing her tits up how chicks do when they don’t even realize you caught them doing it.

Similar to how we as men adjust our cock and balls non-stop and don’t even realize it.

I tell her my order being aloof.

She said, “Is that ALL?” with some snark.

I paused again. Remember players, the power of an effective pause.

I then said a command. “Come closer”. She obediently moved closer to me across the bar.

“You have a serious fucking attitude problem sweetheart and you need to check it. It’s unbecoming.” (Now note I said it dead serious, but in a low sexual tone)

She then smiled broadly.

Inside she was thinking, “THANK GOD SOMEONE CALLED ME ON MY SHIT!”

I then smoothly transitioned into, “What is your name?”

She responded with her name and began to melt.

We chatted for a moment and I then said, “When’s the last time you’ve had a real fucking man in this bar?”

She smiled, “It’s been a while”.

“No, it’s been never until right the fuck now with me”. I smirked.

She took a long look at me (once again testing my eye contact to see if I’d break) and then nodded her head in agreement. “Yes, you’re actually right”.

I handed her my phone. She does what chicks do when you hand them your phone.

A couple of weeks later we met up and as you players know, shit happened. She was as docile as a new-born puppy.

So here’s the deal…

By me checking her in a non-emotional, but factual manner I made her want me. I made her realize she could drop the tough girl attitude and just be a happy feminine woman.

Do I suggest always doing this?


Some women are cunts and nothing you do will change it, however, many guys give up BEFORE they really crack the tough exterior of many women today.

It’s also well-known that many pretty women will shit-test you a bit more because they want to see if you’re ‘man enough’ to handle them.

Are you?

Or do you cower under a chick’s attitude?

This weekend I advise you to have strong Frame, try checking a girl verbally (remember: no anger, just factual and assertive) who’s giving you attitude and see if they just might melt.

Good luck this weekend and be sure to catch my 2nd Live Periscope later today on Friday. I’ll be talking about how negative attitudes can cockblock the fuck out of you, if you don’t check YOURSELF. You can watch the 1st Periscope from last Friday on my Twitter (it’s pinned at the top for easy access).

Tired of fucking 5’s? Get help here.

Visiting NYC, or live here? Get 1-on-1 coaching with yours truly and crack the code to NYC girls.

2 Replies to “Weekend Game Tip: How To Deal With Chicks With Bad Attitudes”

  1. Great post. Remind me of the time I was sitting down with a girl and she wouldn’t make space for someone else to sit (there was plenty of room). She was giving the person attitude, so I lifted her up with one arm and brought her towards me to make space. You got to put these girls in check.


  2. I do know how a Bitch Shield can be dealt with. Still, if it’s really excessive, I’m too disgusted to care any more, and will look for someone worth talking to. I grade heavily on personality.


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