What To Do When She Tries To Bring Her Friends On A Date With You

Sexy woman in bra lying on bed write message by phone
The look she has when she texts you some bullshit…”Will he pass this shit test?”

I’ve been seeing this trend as of late and today a forum member mentioned it as well, so I’m doing a short, but POWERFUL post addressing it.

The ‘trend’ is chicks trying to turn a date into a group-date aka you suggest a spot and conversely she asks to bring her friends or even worse, for you to meet her somewhere where HER friends are.

All together now:


Meeting her with her friends is about the biggest frame fuck of all.

It’s important you’re assertive in how you nip this in the bud, but throw in some slight humor to keep it from seeming like you’re completely inflexible.

Here’s a line (99% of the time via text) that I’ve been using to GREAT affect.

Try it out.

Here’s how the interaction will sometimes go:

Me: meet me at XYZ lounge at 10p. skirt and heels sexy

Her: Okay! Btw my friends are celebrating one of our gfs birthdays at XYZ restaurant. Let’s just meet there!”

Me: No. Leave your chaperones behind. I don’t do ‘group dates’ (NOTE: the word ‘No’ is capitalized on purpose to make it a hard ‘No’ and the wording is SPECIFIC as fuck. I’ve tried variations and this one works best).

Her: Hahahahahaha! Chaperones?!!

Me: yep

Her: Okay. I’ll see you at 10p 🙂

Me: word  (alternate text is if you know she’s feeling you hard is: “word. good girl”)

Now note, the KEY WORD is: Chaperones

It’s essential you use that SPECIFIC word and wording when you text her back.

For some reason the word ‘chaperones’ hits em hard, as in ‘are you a strong and empowered independent woman who can’t meet a guy for drinks alone?’

I’ve found that works VERY well because using the specific word ‘chaperone’ is powerful because it’s literally twisting their feminist shit on them.

If you act like they’re NOT empowered and independent, then they’ll do anything in their power to PROVE they ARE.


It’s also sometimes a shit test for her to see if you’re a little bitch who will jump when she says how high. Don’t fail it.


  • Sometimes girls use this as making you the Money Man aka you go to the restaurant or bar and they expect you to pick up the tab. Nope.

This trend will no doubt continue until thirsty beta bitch boys wake the fuck up, be a fucking man and unleash their inner Sean Connery.

Imagine: Sean Connery saying, “Okay! Emoji Emoji! Sounds like fun, can’t wait and see you then!” agreeing to meeting the girls in her circle where she picked…

Bah. Never in a million fucking years.

Try it out and see for yourself.

Lastly, if she balks and says no she’s meeting her friends, then my friend, you never had a chance with her anyway and she was just looking for ‘fill time’ for her night anyway.

Screen hard. Screen fast. You’ll ‘lose’ some girls, but the ones you get will be down and down HARD.

Cheers to the motherfucking weekend. I’m currently pumping this out annoying my dog who’s trying to sleep. Oh well, she’s my bitch, she can relax.

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6 Replies to “What To Do When She Tries To Bring Her Friends On A Date With You”

  1. I’m totally screening this one cutie right now. I’m really feeling her too. I already cancelled on her suggestion to go out with her friends basically I said the same thing. Fast forward a few weeks and she invites me to meet her parents etc. which live far away from her now. I follow through; we have a good time. Prior to going back home she said she wants to meet her ex-manager @ some chill older crowd resturaunt. I gave her my blessing because technically the ex-manager she was responsible for hiring the girl I met in the first place. I introduce myself added her to my networking circle turns out she’s a dj tryna make it in vegas. But I was tired af and bored outta my mind. I got us out when I felt I had enough and we went to lay our heads and I fcked the shhhht outta her. What are your thoughts on this situation.


      1. Sorry I reread and realized I didn’t state my question. So basically, do you think that I held frame just then, was it beta, was it the right move or did I lose in that situation?


    1. She’s not LTR material.

      “she’s a DJ tryna make it in vegas”

      This chick will wind up fucking someone in power or a famous dj to get ahead.

      You can fuck her, but to think she’s worthy of a LTR would be a mistake and set you up for disappointment.

      I’ve lived in Vegas, have been in the dj/nightlife world for 12 years; I know how these type of chicks do. Hell, I once fucked an unknown Dj in LA after her audition to dj an event for me. Then her Bf picked her up after clueless she just had sex with me. And yes, I gave her the gig.


  2. Definitely agree. It’s nuts that anyone would think that inviting other people to your date is acceptable. I’d start to get really skeptical about someone who even proposed a Shit Test like that.


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