How To ‘Pipe A Girl Out’


I get this question multiple times a month:

How do you really ‘pipe’ a girl out?

You might not have heard the phrase ‘pipe a girl out’, so here’s what I’m referring to:

‘Lay pipe’ refers to fucking a girl.

But, amongst certain circles it means to really lay the pipe down aka to fuck the living shit out of a girl.

Sound good?

Listen, the reason why many men don’t get ‘repeats’ from girls (girls who after hooking up don’t come back for seconds) is because those men’s sex game is weak.

Having weak sex game is whack.

There’s no reason to not be a king in the sack. Doesn’t mean you have to be hung as a horse, just means you need to know HOW to use what you got.

And, there’s TWO parts to piping a girl out: Physical and Mental

If you’re not getting in her head during sex, then you’re missing half of the formula for getting her addicted to YOU.

If you’re on a no-fap kick, then you’ll want to not click the link below.

It’s a porn video link.

I don’t believe I’ve ever linked to a porn video, but this video is a pretty good idea of what I mean about ‘piping a girl out’. It’s not 100%, but it’s damn close. The guy alternates between aggressive fucking and some ‘tender’ positions.

The guy in it uses physical and mental techniques to get this girl literally foaming at the mouth.

You can say she’s performing, but no porn actress is that good of an actress.

Look at her eyes. She’s in heaven.

NSFW Video

(only watch it with complete privacy…unless you work at a porn company)

Click this link to watch the video

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5 Replies to “How To ‘Pipe A Girl Out’”

  1. Yup. Coming from someone who was born with a physical condition that can give me ED sometimes, I can tell you the mental part is so key. Sometimes my dong doesn’t co-operate 100 percent but I still mentally mind fuck girls by filling there head with dirty talk, fantasies and telling him how sexy they are. It always gets them to orgasm even when I’m not penetrating them that hard. I’ve found that just pounding girls without Much verbal doesn’t get them to orgasm anywhere near as much as the mental stuff. Telling a girl you are having sex with that she was the sexiest girl at the bar and that she made your d*ck super hard will blow her mind.


  2. Alright Christian. Listen up. Lay her down on her stomach. Straight legs and she can do whatever she likes with her arms. I really don’t give a damn as long as she aint trying to push herself up. Next comes the magic. You put the balls of your heels underneath each of the apex points of her pelvis. This creates a support structure that 1. Raises her ass into the air slightly and improves the angles letting you pummel her G spot. 2. Puts you in the position to make maximum use of all the length god gave you. Obviously you need significant quad strength, but this is helped by the fact that you can use her buttcheeks as bike handlebars and improve your stamina. If you have a decent sized cock, I would say that this position is the absolute best for “piping a bitch out.”


  3. This is important information.

    Every High School counselor should be telling young men that “piping a girl out” should be on his bucket list. It’s equally as important as putting money into a 401K, for example.


  4. The guy in the porn video is a porn actor named Manuel Ferrara ( French guy like me). Apparently every girl in the business loves him cuz he shows tenderness/aggression at the same time , that’s powerful if u can do that girls love that shit.


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