Should a straight man get manicures and pedicures?


“You’re doing what?!” my buddy’s text made me laugh out loud.

I laughed loud enough to get the attention of the cute girl in the process of clipping my toenails and rubbing my feet.

“Grooming is manly motherfucker” I text back.

This particular buddy of mine and I rib each other hard as hell about everything, but what of the men out there who might be wondering:

Should a straight man get manicures and pedicures?

Is it gay?

It is feminine?

Should a straight player G get this done?

My Thoughts

  • If you have nose hair hanging out, should you trim or pluck it?
  • If you have a uni-brow, should you wax, thread or pluck it, or should you have one fucking eyebrow?
  • If you have hair growing out of your hairs resembling a Chia pet, should you trim it, or allow women’s lips to be tickled when they whisper sweet nothings in your ears?
  • If you leave the gym sweating like a whore in church, should you shower?
  • If your nails have grease and living bacteria under them, should you clean them before fingering the future mother of your children?
  • If you lie in bed at night with your new lay and she mentions how your Hobbit feet are scratching the living fuck out of her long smooth legs, should you cut your toenails?

Now, imagine this:

Imagine for less than you’d pay for a half-way decent lunch meal, you can sit in a comfortable Lazy-Boy style chair with a remote in your hand switching between massage buttons while having a girl AT YOUR FEET cutting your toenails, scraping the callouses off and giving you a foot massage…

Still sound ‘gay’?

Or, does it sound like what a king would do?


If it’s good enough for Michael Jordan…


Chicago Bulls superstar Michael Jordan recently revealed he enjoys pampering himself by getting manicures and pedicures, InStyle magazine reports.

“I get manicures every 10 days, pedicures once a month,” he recently told Instyle magazine. “Maybe 20 years ago, I would’ve thought, ‘That’s feminine.’ But men have needs as well. The trend now is Don’t be afraid to express that. When we go to a city and we’ve got that dead time in the afternoon, a lot of players can be getting manicures.”

Jordan also told the magazine that he has a passion for fashion and owns between 100 and 150 suits.”

Listen gents, if you’re getting your nails PAINTED, then yea….but to get something done you’re going to have to do anyway, then nothing wrong with it.

As a man being groomed and on-point is one of the keys to getting to another level.

There’s nothing gay about taking care of the ONLY body you’ll ever have.

If you’re spending 2 hours getting ready every morning, then maybe you’re going to an extreme (I get ready in 20 minutes TOPS from shower to walking out the door because I have it down to a science and time is money), but making yourself look good is never ‘gay’.

Just like wearing custom suits is never ‘gay’.

Rockin’ a dope hairstyle is never ‘gay’.

And pulling models in France is definitely not ‘gay’.

If you prefer nose hair hanging, bushels of hair growing out of your ears and a unibrow plastered across your face and crusty Hobbit feet, then more power to you, but don’t complain when chicks don’t want to talk to you.

Keepin’ it real as always and the truth will set you free.

Until next time.

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