3 Words That Will Make You A Boss In Your Girl’s Eyes


I usually write posts for hardcore players.

Men who are intent on spreading their seed world-wide enjoying the playboy lifestyle and fulfilling all their hedonistic pleasures they can muster between bouts with hangovers, hiding from Federales and burying their heads (both of em) between the ever so long legs of French models, however, this post is geared more for gents who are IN relationships, whether that’s with a girlfriend or a wife, or hell, maybe you have both.

Women love to nag.

This is no secret. Some women have turned it into a damn art form.

Others, they know what’s up. They ‘nag’, but use the grace of true femininity to woo you into doing their bidding.

Regardless of HOW your girl nags, there’s 3 words you can use that will calm her down and make you the boss in her eyes.

Before I share WHAT those words are, I’ll establish something that women need and always will.


Women are geared to find the man who can not only get their pussy as wet as Niagara Falls, but who also can make them feel safe and secure.

They are hard-wired from birth to seek this out and to constantly remind their man in different ways that they need this.

It’s natural and it’s not going to change.

Instead of fighting against nature, there’s a phrase you can use (combined with action) that will reassure her without you turning into a beta bitch boy.

Those three powerful words are:

“I’ll handle it”

The phrasing is key. The word “I’ll” takes OWNERSHIP and establishes that YOU and you ALONE will handle the problem or issue.

“handle” is a masculine way of saying you’ll take charge of the situation and essentially ‘man-handle’ the problem into SUBMISSION.

“it” is of course, referring to whatever the problem or issue is.

Here’s a simple example:

A surprise bill came in the mail and probably before the holidays it arrived. They always do.

Your wife trips, tells you this could wreck her Christmas gift plans for the kids and you can see the stress wash over her face.

You pull her close, look into her eyes and say firmly and UNEMOTIONALLY: “I’ll handle it”

You then dig into your secret stash fund she has no idea about (every man should have multiple of these no matter how warm and fuzzy your marriage is) and pay the bill.

She’s going to pry how you did it.

She’s going to wonder why it never came out of your account (provided you have a joint account).

She’s going to be INTRIGUED.

This is when you can drop another bonus powerful line that you can use when she pokes and prods for HOW you paid it: “Don’t worry about it. I handled it”

This is when Frame comes into play.

No matter how hard she pushes, you do not relinquish that you have a secret stash of cash. It’s none of her business. There was an issue (the bill), but you were a boss and a ‘handled’ it.

Problem averted. Kids will still be happy on Christmas.

What will happen is your wife will feel relief you eliminated the problem WITHOUT her help, advice, or input.

This allows her to relax and know that her MAN can handle shit without needing his hand-held.

This is the way to live. Like a boss.

It’ll also drop a spark in the marriage because now she feels more…wait for it…SECURE and it’s attributed directly to YOU, the boss of the family.

Now, that’s just a tiny hypothetical example, but if you start using this phrase, “I’ll handle it”, whenever a problem arises and actually DO handle it on your own, you’ll find your wife’s love for you will grow even stronger, she’ll feel more secure and you’ll feel MORE like a man than ever before.

Be a boss. Use Frame. Handle it.

Listen to my podcast on How To Be A Boss here.

One Reply to “3 Words That Will Make You A Boss In Your Girl’s Eyes”

  1. Thank you for this. Women wouldn’t feel like they need to nag if they could trust he would just do what she asked in the first place. Now if he says that he’ll handle it, it must actually be handled. Don’t bluff and then fail to deliver. She won’t ever trust a damn thing you say if you do.


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