Episode #64: The #1 Way To Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet (Elon Musk uses it)


In Episode #64 of A Man In Demand Radio, I dive into the most important topic this month: how to make 2017 your BEST year yet.

If you expect this episode to be about generic New Year’s advice like bullshit resolutions (no one keep’s em), setting goals, or “follow your dreams” feel good advice, then you’ll be surprised.

In this episode I’m sharing secrets from legendary self-made men who became millionaires and even billionaires who utilized this incredible factor propelling them to greatness.

And now, you’ll know it too.

If you’re SERIOUS about getting the fuck ahead in life in 2017, then this is a MUST-LISTEN to episode!

Show Notes:

  • How to know when to ‘prune’ your friend circle. They can be your buddies, but are they holding YOU back from achieving your potential?
  • The ‘No List’. I’ve written about it here, but in this episode I share more about WHAT to say ‘no’ to and more
  • Defining Your Priorities: What’s MOST important to you for 2017 and HOW do you accomplish it? I share inside exactly step-by-step what to do
  • The powerful #1 way to make 2017 YOUR best year yet. Used by millionaires and billionaires this is ESSENTIAL to learn in order to have your best year ever
  • And more!

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Episode #64: The #1 Way To Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet

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