2016 ‘Best Of The Playboy Lifestyle’ Awards

2016 wrap-up time. About the only time I’ve wrapped it up this year, save for a handful of times, but that’s neither here nor there.

Here’s a breakdown of my 2016 ‘Best Of The Playboy Lifestyle’ Awards ranging from nightclubs to restaurants to cities visited based on my not-so-humble opinion.

Cities I Visited/Lived In:

Los Angeles, CA

NYC, NY (current home)

Las Vegas, NV

Cannes, France (read about it here)

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico (read about it here)

San Diego, CA

The Winners


Best Food City

Cannes, France. Hands-down. I’ve yet to experience tasting food as good as in Cannes. Goes to show how much shit they’re putting in our food here in the States. The seafood is fresh as fuck. And, you can smoke while dining. Doesn’t get much better than that.


Best City for Model Girls

Cannes, France.

Hop in Baoli (learn to skip the line here) and feast your eyes. Stunning talent everywhere and friendly as well. No, it’s not because they need a Green Card, cuz they don’t; they just appreciate masculinity and playboys.

Runner-up is my new home, NYC.


Best City for Music

Vegas due to big-name DJs.


Best City for Gentleman’s Clubs


Will be visiting Montreal this coming year and have heard spectacular reviews about the strip clubs there, so interested to see how they match up to Sin City.


Best City for Nightlife


Tons of options, tons of fly girls, late last call (5am ish) and you can’t go wrong.


Best City for Business


People like to get shit done in this city. Incredible, right?

Los Angeles was TOO laid back for me and people weren’t hungry enough. Get with the hungry people and you will be fed.

NYC you can go out and make great connections with some of the most powerful people in the world. Can’t beat it.


Best City for Day Game


SoHo has to have some of the most attractive women in the world in a very condensed area.

Step sharp. No lame ‘day-game’ players apply. Models here will chew you up and spit you out.


Best City to Get A Same Night Smash


Vegas used to be top of the list, but Vegas has gone down-hill as I explain here.


Best Beach City

Cannes, France. Had a ‘spiritual’ experience in the water which I’ll never forget. The water is truly healing there.

Playa Del Carmen you would think would have the best beach, but shit, the water smelled like gasoline, so that’s a negative in my book.



The Losers


City With the Most Haters

Los Angeles. No question. If people spent more time improving their own lives then hatin’, they’d miles ahead.


Worst Dressed City

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

I didn’t know Target ‘fashion’ was the go-to look for 95% of men and women in this city. Now you know.

San Diego is right behind for runner-up. Listen, SD can be a blast, but you have to roll connected as fuck and be in a totally no-fucks-given mood.


Worst Nightlife City


LA is the prodigal son. He left and hasn’t come back. 7-9 years ago it was dynamite, then it’s progressively fallen each year. But hey, if you love 1:30am last call it might be down your alley.


Worst City for Business

Don’t have one for this, since 85% of my businesses are online. I could be anywhere in the world and ‘work’, so doesn’t really matter.


Worst Food City


Looking Ahead To 2017

Travel plans currently include:

Havana, Cuba

Montreal, Canada

Cannes, France (again, yea it was that great)

Mykonos, Greece

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Miami, FL

That’s it for now, might add some more as the year progresses.

Biggest Inspiration For Me In 2016


Conor McGregor. Swagger, confidence and a ‘can-do’ attitude personifies Conor, that’s why I did an entire podcast on his confidence and how you can have it too here. It’s infectious.

2017 is coming up quick.

Are you ready?

4 Replies to “2016 ‘Best Of The Playboy Lifestyle’ Awards”

  1. CMQ
    Do you ever think about touring the Heavyweight Euro citites for game like Moscow, Kiev, Belgrade, Riga, Warsaw, etc?


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