Episode #67: The 6 Essentials For Gents New To Game


In Episode #67 of A Man In Demand Radio I take a step back from Advanced Game Techniques and lend a hand to those of you who may be new to game, or are struggling right now. If you’ve been banging your head against the wall (instead of banging her head against your headboard -consensually of course), then this episode will help you identify WHAT you’re lacking and HOW to fix it.

Gents new to Game: if you want to ELEVATE your game FAST, then this episode is REQUIRED LISTENING.

Show Notes:

  • The one factor that can speed up your progress with game and women x 1,000 literally over night!
  • The major aspect of game that so many newbies mess up on which holds them back: FIX it and make immediate progress
  • The Daily Habit that turns a daunting ‘task’ into a fun adventure AND skyrockets you to intermediate game status quick
  • Why MOST men will never conquer game because of this ONE lie holding them back: Don’t be THAT guy!
  • The 2-Part Solution for bad game. Most ignore it, you won’t
  • The #1 Cockblock that men use on themselves and why you need to eliminate it NOW so you can finally have the success you deserve
  • And much, much more!

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Episode #67: The 6 Essentials For Gents New To Game


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