Episode #68: 6 Tips for Securing Your Financial Future


In Episode 68 of A Man In Demand Radio I dive into one of the most important topics of a man’s life (arguably the most), his finances aka money, aka investments, aka getting the hell ahead in life and creating a true life of freedom.

If you’re not born into an extremely wealthy family, or if you haven’t won the lottery (btw that’s no way to live one’s life betting on winning it), then you’ll want to tune into this episode as I share practical tips for creating a firm financial foundation right now.

Show Notes:

  • Planning on your financial future starts with what YOU want for your life: is working a 9-5 your true calling (and for many it is, i.e. doctors), or do you want a life with more freedom? Find out inside as I discuss the pros and cons.
  • Who to take financial advice from? I share 2 self-made men who are worth millions who changed my life with their insights and advice.
  • Is the Scrimp and Save Lifestyle the way to truly get ahead? You might be surprised at what I say.
  • Why the Baby Boomer’s Financial Advice doesn’t work anymore and what you should do instead
  • The #1 worst investment you can make out of H.S. or college and why you should wait on it.
  • If you choose to start a business, what’s the #1 MOST important aspect you should focus on.
  • This powerful investment in _________(find out on the episode) is what most people skip and it winds up hurting them in ways you can’t imagine their entire life.
  • An awesome announcement that will help you find the freedom you may be looking for.
  • And much more!

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Episode #68: 6 Tips for Securing Your Financial Future

2 Replies to “Episode #68: 6 Tips for Securing Your Financial Future”

  1. This such a great Episode and such an important topic for any person (man or woman), and I mainly loved your point on first finding what you want to be making money from, because what we make money from is 75% of our life so we must choose it right.

    I would like to give another idea, and it’s something that I learned from Tony Robbins… “No one will care about your money as much as you would care about it”, that is why you may want to learn how to invest and manage your money yourself….


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