Episode #69: Dealing With the Digital Age: How To Avoid Going Crazy And Instead, Profit Off The Internet


In Episode #69 of A Man In Demand Radio, I dive into the timely topic of Dealing With The Digital Age: How To Avoid Going Crazy and Instead, Profit Off The Internet.

It’s no secret that the internet has changed all of our lives.

Some bad, some good and a lot of great, BUT with the barrage of non-stop news, tweets, photos, and bullshit flying at us left and right, how does one not lose their mind?

How does one cope with the incessant non-stop fake news pouring out of mainstream media’s toxic funnel?

Is there a way to avoid the nonsense, or profit off of it at the very least?

There is and in this episode I’ll share some great ways to deal with the craziness of our internet age and how to PROFIT off of it.

Listen, you may not be able to control the world, but you can definitely make money off of it AND help some people keep their sanity too.

Show Notes:

  • The effective way to monitor your social media and keep out the BS…
  • Deleting these 3 apps helped me (and can help YOU) tremendously and I’ll tell you why inside…
  • What social media can be used for and what it shouldn’t: this tip will make you money…
  • Where the REAL money is online and how you can find it fast…
  • The advantage to the Digital Age and how you can leverage it to create your laptop lifestyle…
  • The SCARY event that’s taking place soon and why you should be concerned if you work a 9-5…
  • Who my special guest is on the NEXT episode and my recent experiment with Tinder and Bumble. Yes, I downloaded and got on those apps for 4 days to conduct an experiment to share with YOU, my loyal listener (you won’t believe what happened)…
  • And much, much more!!

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Episode #69: Dealing With the Digital Age: How To Avoid Going Crazy And Instead, Profit Off The Internet

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