The Want-To Questions


You want success and maybe you’ve even achieved a certain level of success, but are you THERE yet?

Are you ALL you can be? Have you really maxed out your perseverance, perspiration and the blood it takes to be great?

What will it take for you to get there?

What sacrifices will you have to make in order to create your dream life?

What steps need to not only be written down and mapped out, but action taken in order to achieve your dream?

Are we not capable?

Do we not have all the tools at our disposal in order to achieve greatness?

What could be holding you back, my friend?

Is it a parent, a ‘friend’, a wife, or lover?

Is it a mindset that’s been trained to tell you you’re not good enough and you simply don’t have what it takes to achieve greatness?

Is it a jealousy that washes over you when you see people living the life you only experience when you fall asleep?

What is this THING that holds a man back?

Can it be removed? I’m a living testimony that it can, but our work is never done.

A man without drive and a dream is an empty vessel merely existing until he wastes his life and dies .

Some men have figured it out.

They have rocketed into the sky and achieved more in one life-time than 1,000 men do in their lifetimes.

Why is this?

Do those men know something we don’t.

Or, is it because of their absolute obsession with getting THERE that’s taken their average abilities and catapulted them over more talented, but less motivated men.

What is your ‘THERE’?

Ponder these questions. You might just find the answer.

Your opinion is welcome...

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