10 Reasons Why America Is Still The Best Country To Live In


It’s ‘hip’ to bash America now. Look around you. Far-left wing nutters scream about how this country is ruining the world while sipping on frothy double crappicinos and tapping ‘like’ on social media apps on their new iPhones like the possessed girl from the Exorcist.

“America is terrible!”

“America oppresses other countries!”

“America is racist!”

“YOU WILL NOT DIVIDE US!” while ripping on the scarf of a young man and scratching his neck. *Cue New York’s finest to cart them away in cuffs*

Why such hate for this great country?

Here’s my 10 Reasons Why America Is Still The Best Country To Live In.

#10. Americans Spend $$$$$

Many bloggers bitch about America while eagerly accepting the money from US residents.

Fact: check your stats fellow bloggers. Odds are MOST of your sales come from USA and Canada and then the UK.

While many people bitch about consumerism; it’s not a bad thing, if you’re a PRODUCER and not just a CONSUMER. If you’re serious about making REAL money then you know the US market is incredibly important due to their disposable income and higher wages.

Why bash the very thing allowing you to live overseas and work remotely?

#9. The Competitive Nature of Americans Drives You To Be Great

Don’t enjoy competition? Maybe it’s because you’re weak.

Yes, America is competitive and it’s also why we’re rich as fuck. Don’t like money? Bye.

Would you rather live in a shitty apartment in fill-in-the-blank shitty country on $1,000 per month, because you’re not driven enough to afford a penthouse in NYC with a doorman and a maid?

Cool, then you don’t have the competitive drive in you to ever get above a certain standard of living.

While I don’t bash people for wanting to live for less in a cheaper city/country, I do have a problem with people bashing those of us who prefer to live in America in a major city because we can afford it and then some.

Why be the big fish in a little pond?

Why take the path of least resistance?

Why sell yourself short?

Are you afraid that you won’t make it here in America?

#8. Our Standard of Living Is Unparalleled

While my world-travels haven’t been as extensive as many of you, I’ve traveled enough to see that we have it pretty damn good here in America. Even if you’re ‘lower-class’, guaranteed you have clean water, food (even if it’s food stamps), a big-screen TV and even a smartphone.

Hell, the other day here in NYC a homeless man pulled out a new iPhone while asking for money.

#7. The American Dream Is Alive And Well

Grew up poor? Came here as a LEGAL immigrant and want to get a head in life?

No problem. You CAN get ahead if you get on your grind.

America has story after story of men who came here with nothing, or were born here with nothing and became GREAT.

If America is so bad, then why the hell is everyone constantly trying to come here to live?

It’s because they know OPPORTUNITY is bountiful here. If you can make it here…

I know a guy who came here from Cuba 1 year ago and has made over $300,000 online within 6 months because he HUSTLED and got on his grind. Try doing that in Cuba on shitty internet (for the people who even have it). Not happening.


#6. Easy Sex

The irony of how much people in our corner of the web bitch about slutty behavior by American women is laughable due to the amount of sluts these same people enjoy.

Don’t like sex? No problem, but don’t bash on American women while swiping right furiously on Tinder and looking for the next hookup.

One can’t take the moral high-ground unless they’re:

A. Abstinent and not fucking sluts

B. Married and raising a good family

Otherwise? Do us all a favor and shut the fuck up cuz we know you’re fucking sluts while tweeting about how bad slutty women are.

While it’s well-known that women are more feminine in many other countries, maybe we as men should work on a SOLUTION instead of running from the PROBLEM.

Maybe if more men had real Frame and Game, then they could get their women in check.

I have no issues dating feminine women here in the US, but that’s mostly due to my exceptional Game ability (that I developed and worked for over YEARS) and the fact that I only date 1st Generation or fresh newcomers to the states.

And Texans. Give me an All-American big-titted blonde Texan girl and I’m happy. Especially one who knows how to cook great BBQ.

#5. New York City

I dare you to find such a city with such incredible energy, history and culture. I won’t hold my breath. No matter how cheap you can live in fill-in-the-blank shit hole city somewhere else in the world on $1,000 per month, nothing compares to living in the greatest city in the world.

The women, food and energy alone make this a city that shits on 99.9% of other cities.

#4. Free Speech

Yes, free speech is under attack by leftist zombies, however we’re still free as fuck.

Go stand in front of Trump Tower in NYC and chant about how you don’t like him.

As long as you’re on the sidewalk and don’t interfere with the police you’ll be fine.

Try doing that at Duarte’s home in the Philippines. Oh wait, you can’t.

#3. Less Red-Tape To Start A Business

While Barry enacted multiple restrictions on small businesses it’s STILL easier to start a business here than most of the world.

Will you have to hustle? Yes. Will you have to learn social skills and meet the right people? Yes.

So what’s the problem? Lazy need not apply.

If you’re starting an internet business then you really have no issues. In many other countries payment processors can’t even accept payments in certain countries. Kind of hard to make money online if you can’t find a merchant processor to take payments. But hey…let’s hate on America more!

But, like I said, lazy need not apply.

#2. Variety Of Women

Want a Latina? Throw a rock in Los Angeles.

Want a Russian? Throw a rock in NYC.

Want an All-American Blonde? Throw a rock in the South.

Want a French girl? Throw a rock in NYC.

Want a girl next door who’s down to earth, loves her family and wants a good ole’ boy? Throw a rock in Ohio.

There’s plenty of women here in America, but the biggest problem men are facing here (who are struggling to pull/date) is that they either have weak game, or extremely low value (or both).

BOTH of those variables are well within YOUR control to improve. Get better in every facet of your life.

If you expect a Victoria Secret Model, but yet you bring nothing to the table, have average game and lifestyle, then think again.

With 42% of women voting for Trump and only 18% of women identifying as a feminist, then surely there’s many great women still here in the US.

#1. Donald Trump Is Our President And Our First Lady Has Fake Boobs


Nuff’ said.

In just 19 short days from now I’m releasing something incredible that will change your life for the better. The countdown starts now. Get ready.

5 Replies to “10 Reasons Why America Is Still The Best Country To Live In”

  1. “Want an All-American Blonde? Throw a rock in the South.”

    I disagree.

    If you’re talking Texas or Florida then sure but from my experience of having traveled the country, the midwest beats the south in that regard. It seems like the south was only good if you wanted black girls or swarthy mixed race looking white girls (a lot of whites there have significant amount of Native American blood in them) but the midwest was the place to be if you like the light haired Torrie Wilson all American type of girl.

    Go to Minnesota and Wisconsin if you want the All American blondes, plenty to go around and you don’t have to be a frat boy at a big state school in order to get them, they’re fair game well after college.


  2. This right here “Do us all a favor and shut the fuck up cuz we know you’re fucking sluts while tweeting about how bad slutty women are.”

    This is why I enjoy blogs like yours and have moved away from some of the other manosphere spots. They sit there and scream “I hate all these sluts!!!” while enjoying an unprecedented amount of easy sex we can access in this day and age. Hypocrites man. I love the sluts-send ’em my way!

    Cheers brotha!


  3. Absolutely great article, and gave me a good chuckle too! I relish the thought of a now current future of hustling my ass off under a presidency than does not design to crush my efforts for success. Keep up the good work, Christian; can’t wait for your next bit of gold to drop. Thank you.

    (By the way, with this first comment I have ever made on your site, I celebrate the completion of my marathon journey through all of your articles, from the very beginning. Truly has changed the way I perceive the world. Thank you again.)


  4. Lived on and off in Manhattan 1993 – 1996, been to South beach Miami, and LA, California beaches, New York
    is the best city in the world, I have travelled to most Northern EU countries, Asia, China, HK, Africa, South Africa, Dubai, India, and live in London.
    USA is the best country in the world, and has the most friendly women and hottest in Manhattan. It is a players playground. ENJOY it, and be glad you live in USA
    (Ex Wall Street Banker)


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