Episode #70: So I got on Tinder and Bumble for 4 days and here’s what happened…


I hate online dating. That’s no secret and you’re well aware of that, but for the betterment of my readers I conducted an experiment and in Episode #70 of A Man In Demand Radio, I share exactly what happened.

For those of you who do use dating apps, you’ll find this episode packed with my tips and insight that might just help you.

Show Notes:

  • My exact bio that I used to produce a staggering match rate (feel free to use it)
  • The type of photos I used that had girls contacting ME (even though I’m not a male model, nor photogenic)
  • How I would get the girls numbers FAST without wasting time chatting back and forth
  • The exact ‘line’ I would use to get them off the app and on their phone
  • The exact ‘line’ I would use to get them off their phone and to meet in person
  • And much, much more!

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Episode #70: So I got on Tinder and Bumble for 4 days and here’s what happened…


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